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Yeah - yeah - got your attention . . . but really where was YOUR mind going?  I was talking about AIR BEDS - of course.  Ever had one deflate on you after you left?  (One key reason why we need to check on our Staging to make sure things still look good!).  What an embarrassing call THAT is. . . ...
As a follow up to my rant on the red light district Stagers -  I thought it would be good to put this one up so that anyone reading this who wants to know what to charge - it's easy. . . just ASK.I cannot imagine a Stager established in bus...
I was reflecting back on my participation on Active Rain and the SIF Group - nine months have gone by since I posted my first blog and began to read what others were sharing. I know we don't always agree, but I was thinking about where I am today versus back then.  What I realized is I really fee...
In a private email exchange last night, another AR Stager/blogger was sharing she asked:  Are we moving away from the principles of arranging and using what a seller has in their house in the Staging process and towards becoming "rental" businesses? Is our focus on vacant homes overtaking our oth...
New Stagers frequently email or call me asking to "shadow" me for jobs.  I get calls from interior design students as well that would like to complete hours towards their education and internship - and ask to tag along.  My policy is that I use only Stagers (not decorators or designers) - because...
OK - so it's Friday before a HOLIDAY WEEK!  Yay!  Thought I'd have some fun with us all with that enticing topic title. . . and even more fun sharing the reality of the title - and the disbelief I STILL get when I go into a house and they have this type of art or sculpture or item in their house ...
When it seems so commmon sense to us - those that work in this field - isn't amazing when you come across people that STILL do not know what Home Staging is?  If you ask some Stagers they might tell you or me that "the market is saturated" - and the opportunity for expansion and more business is ...
Chalk it up to experience . . . I should know better considering how long I have doing this. . . but even I jump at the chance to bid on jobs with the trust that my information will be considered with the same care and consideration that I have put into the proposal.I was asked to bid on a $1.2 m...
I know there have been other posts on this topic, but recently I have had to do battle with some rental companies in my region and elsewhere to help dispel the myth that renting furniture is "Staging."  I have had "discussions" with large national companies on behalf of Stagers, sticking my neck ...
Do you know how to GROUP NEGOTIATE or do you keep any great deal to yourself - hoping your "competition" will not figure out what you found?  Do you understand there is power in numbers?When you go to stores or to wholesalers - do you ask about discounts for yourself? Most places will give Stager...

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