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The life of a Virtual Assistant
I was doing coaching and goal setting with some of the Realtors I work with this past week and it completely blew my mind when I told them they needed to know their break even goal before they could began to figure their profit goal and most of them didn't know what I was talking about!  How can ...
Every day in the office I am constantly hearing all of the ups and downs of the real estate business.  Daily I am learning of a new situation I've never encountered before.  It's actually is part of what makes the real estate business so intriguing.  If someone comes to me with a problem with a w...
After several realtors asking ok, what exactly do you do and how can you help me I'm finally back with my post.  I realized I made a mistake in my last blog saying the I would have this posted by Thursday ( I didn't mention which  Thursday it would actually be) So here it goes, let me know what ...
  Ok, I was  ready, I was pumped, and poof I disappear for over a week!  I know horrible huh.  But of course life managed to get right in the way of my new blogging path.  I have tons of blog subjects already thought of but have not had the time to write them.  Actually, its not that I haven't h...
So what do you guys think? Do you use them? Do you have one? If you have one, what do you have in it?  Although I should say as a sales manager everyone should have a listing presentation, I can see both sides.  There are some realtors who really don't need them and others that really should have...
Well, I'm sitting here watching Army Wives (which is an awesome show) trying to figure out what to blog about tonight and then it hit me.  Buyer's agency.  I really wonder how you guys handle it.  I must admit it is something I struggle with.  By the way, although my company is on here for being ...
I just finished reading my friend Crystal Allen's blog (http://www.activerain.com/blogs/crystalsoldit) and I was quite amused. In her entry she mentions someone who helped her to see the error of her ways in the world of blogging.  Although I'm not sure she was talking about me (although it is po...
  Guess I peaked your interest!  Thanks so much for the comments on my first blog.  I hope this help everyone to understand the virtual assistant concept.  Please keep in mind our proximity to each other is not a problem.  Living in KY, I only have clients in CA and PA so far.    A cost comparis...
Starting out with a virtual assistant business in Western KY is challenging.  Not many people are really familiar with the concept or the benefits that come with having a virtual assistant.  I plan to use my blog to help educate everyone on the services that can be offerred by a virtual assistan...

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