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Indy Mac is one of the market leaders in Alt-A Lending (stated income, low down payment, jumbo). I received an e-mail from IndyMac on Thursday:Indymac® is pleased to announce the return of our Alt A Jumbo product offering, now expanded with additional guideline flexibilities for your customers. ...
Yahoo! featured an ABC News video with a taped confession of conspiracy to defraud lending institutions yesterday.  I queried why the confessor wasn't negotiating a plea bargain with the Virginia State's Attorney General rather than receiving accolades for confessing his criminal behavior.  Now,...
Jack Guttentag is a Professor Emeritus at the well-known Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.  He is also known as "The Mortgage Professor" on the internet and the founder of the Upfront Mortgage Brokers Association. I always thought a lot of Jack until he advocated a pr...
Jumbo mortgage rates are improving. We advised home buyers to cautiously float their loans last week; nothing happened to mortgage rates.  There is still an irrational fear in the mortgage rates markets about inflation which is causing the lenders to remain stubborn about pricing.  We are changi...
Lani Anglin and I write on the acclaimed Bloodhound Blog.  We've never met but we share a whole bunch of things in common.  We've developed a "friendship" commenting on each other's weblogs these past few months.  Lani lost her brother, yesterday, in a tragic car accident, as he drove to her hom...
We're taking a little break from the online world due to demands from the offline world.We'll still be putting up some content at You can also see Brian at Long Beach Real Estate Home, NELA Live, or Bloodhound Blog. 
VantageScoreSM Solutions, LLC, is a joint venture between the three powerhouse credit scoring bureaus, Experian®, Equifax, and TransUnion®. Launched in March 2006, VantageScore has two very ambitious goals: 1) to reduce credit score inconsistencies across the three companies, and 2) to help consu...
VantageScoreSM Solutions, LLC, es una empresa conjunta entre las tres principales agencias de puntuación de crédito, Experian®, Equifax, y TransUnion®. VantageScore fue lanzado en marzo del 2006 y sus dos metas son muy ambiciosas: 1) disminuir las inconsistencias del puntaje de crédito entre las ...
"It's deja-vu..all over again."- Yogi BerraWhen you're on the wrong side of 40, you possess the luxury of having seen things before.  In many cases, it may be the third or fourth time you see them.  The recent flurry of "responsible lending posts", here on Active Rain, is no different than the cr...
Wall Street has always been ahead of the little guys and gals. They look into the future, and try to get money committed to best profit off of their forecast. If an annual ARM rate is rising above the fixed rate mortgage rate, Wall Street is trying to induce borrowers to lock up money. Why would ...

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