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America's #1 Mortgage Broker, Brian Brady. You'll never wonder where he stands when you read Brian Brady. He's not always right but he's always...OPINIONATED



Yesterday, Localism expert and recognized Queen of Long Beach , Laurie Manny, was quoted in an Inman news article along with Teresa Boardman of St Paul Real Estate Blog.The full content of the article can be found on Inman News but was republished here for those without a subscription. Real estat...
I wrote a post about the loss of jobs due to the subprime collapse and was pleased to see it featured.  I had written about this problem a few weeks before the mainstream press picked up on it because I have contacts at both securities firms (from a former life) and sub-prime lenders (from my exi...
Orange County, CA may be in trouble. The OC is home to the subprime lenders of America. The subprime mortgage market is collapsing like a bluff on a beach in a tsunami. Bubble bloggers dance on the graves of the fallen.  What I find amusing is that nobody feels bad for a collapsed lender.  I mean...
I haven't been hiding my out and out admiration for my co-contributor on Bloodhound Blog, and new Active Rainer, Michael Cook.  He writes amazing things about investing and draws from his studies as a graduate business student at Cornell and his practical experience as an investor.He's young and ...
Lenn on her "new" business strategy:So, it worked?Brian, I just “love it when a plan comes together”Were there fears or trepidations or were you confident in your strategy?There was never any doubt.  I never had any fear or trepidations because I was NOT “trying” anything.Lenn on business through...
Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry to the Carnival of The Economics of Real Estate.  We had over fifteen entries:All of the entries have a star next to then and can be read here.Notable entries from newcomers to the group include: Greg Swann with The Math of Real Estate Sales...  Michae...
Michael Cook is a multi-family investor and graduate student at the Johnson School of Business at Cornell University.He is a co-author at Bloodhound Blog and a serial winner of the Carnival of Real Estate Investing.  Greg Swann found him writing his stuff on myspace and quickly recruited him to w...

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