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I had a complete meltdown on my Twitter feed, yesterday.  Bernanke told the House that he was concerned about inflation but more concerned about a recession.  I initially reversed my float recommendation and subsequently changed it back to lock because I thought Wall Street would hate Ben's rema...
02/28/2008 announced that they will be the headline sponsor of the Bloodhound Blog UNCHAINED Social Media Marketing conference.  This from David Gibbons:In 2008 we are increasing our bet on Realtor 2.0 and I'm excited to announce that the Bloodhound Blog Unchained conference will be brought to yo...
I haven't posted much because I'm still locking all mortgage rates at application.  The market is so volatile because some on Wall Street believe that we're NOT going to have a recession and that the Fed will reverse course and start raising the Discount and Fed Funds rates. Say What?  Well, I d...
Six Simple Ways to Retire RichBy Mary Beth Franklin Retirement savings plans are undergoing an extreme makeover. After decades of trying to teach Americans how to save and invest for their own retirement -- with mixed success -- employers have come up with a simple solution: They'll do it for you...
Bombastic blogger, Kevin Tomlinson, knows how to rile up the crowds. Most of you met Kevin through the Project Blogger competition, hosted by Kevin never disappoints. He made the dramatic statement that he believed...Bloodhound Blog would be shut down by Friday.Kevin's not mean, h...
I'm ecstatic about our latest addition to the UNCHAINED faculty. Laurie Manny, host of Long Beach Real Estate Home, has signed on to discuss how to build a locally-focused real estate weblog. In one short year, Laurie has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the search engines for the competitive keyword p...
We finally sorted out the details on the venue for BloodhoundBlog Unchained. We’re going to be at The Heard Museum Event Center in Downtown Phoenix on May 18-20th, 2008. Note the slight date change; that was a wrinkle in our negotiations. The facility itself is beyond cool — a vast Phoenix mansio...
I fell in love with ARMs again, after a five month hiatus.  Hey!  It's Valentine's Day so I can tell you a love story.  This love affair has been going on since I was in my 20s.  The sexy allure of adjustable-rate  mortgages were replaced by the stability of that old battle-axe, the fixed rate l...
Welcome to world of online marketing. Everybody's doing it! I recognized that Web 2.0 had legs when I watched a model leverage a Myspace profile into a TV show. I choose to wrangle the herd by blogging.While I've had some success, it didn't come easy. Many real estate agents and mortgage originat...
Well, the Federal Reserve cut rates, 1/2%, on January 30, and the bond market didn't like it.  Global buyers of US Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities believe that Bernanke is placating a "spoiled nation of sub-prime borrowers" and intend to hammer the dollar because of it.   Here's why th...

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