baton rouge: Baton Rouge Appraisers: Camelot Home Sales 2018 Post Flood - 02/02/19 04:56 AM
Camelot Subdivision Baton Rouge 70816 2018 Home Sales
Median Sales Price: $199,500
Median Sales Price Per Sq Ft: $95/sf
Median Size Home Sold: 2,308sf
Homes sold for 97% of listing prices.
Be careful paying above $96/sf in there.
Camelot was developed between 1975 to 1977 with varying styles of homes, ranch being the most common. Home sizes range from 1,932 sq ft living area to 3,695sf, the median size home 2,288 sq ft.

This is the Camelot Subdivision Flooding August 2016 Baton Rouge map via the East Baton Rouge Flood Inundation Maps. This map appears to show 19+/- homes flooding in August 2016, … (1 comments)

baton rouge: How Baton Rouge Flood Impacted Home Prices and Changed Market - 07/16/18 04:34 AM
Greater Baton Rouge's Top Selling Zip Codes
The “Great Flood” had the impact of raising the tide of most boats so to speak when comparing pre-flood sold prices to post-flood sold prices almost 2 years after. Greater Baton Rouge is a different housing market post-flood!
Extensive commentary 
This is a study from January 1, 2017 to July 10, 2018 of Greater Baton Rouge Top Selling Zip Codes. My curiosity in this number of tables is to discover where Greater Baton Rougeons chose to settle or move since the Great Flood of August 2016. Where’s the marketing moving? Where are buyers choosing to call … (3 comments)

baton rouge: Greater Baton Rouge Home Sales Update Mid-Year 2018 - 07/14/18 09:32 AM
Greater Baton Rouge Home Sales Mid-Year 2018 in review infographic
While 2018 began on a slow note, area home sales have caught up to some extent. NOTE: They are understandably down 7 percent from the abnormal real estate investor purchases post Great Flood of August 2016 in 2017. From 08/20/2016 to approximately 06/01/2017, thousands of flood-damaged houses were sold to investors for rehab and flipping or rehab and turning them into rentals. Total dollar sold volume decreased by only 1%.  When you think about dollar sold volume only decreasing by 1 percent BUT total sales volume decreasing by 7 percent, you see just … (2 comments)

baton rouge: Broadmoor Baton Rouge Home Sales 70815 2017 - 10/12/17 03:29 AM
There are 10 total Broadmoor area subdivisions within Baton Rouge 70815 comprising 65 are detached single family home sales since 1/1/2017. 


Sellers paid buyers to buy these homes in the form of paying buyers closing cost from $0 up to $7,300. When a sales price is reported as $172,900 yet the seller had to pay $6,000 in buyer's closing cost at the closing table, the home actually sold for $166,900 … (0 comments)

baton rouge: Woodland Ridge Baton Rouge Non-Flooded Home Sales 2017 - 10/12/17 02:47 AM
In August 12-18, 2016, Greater Baton Rouge and Louisiana itself experienced "The Great Flood". 35.4 percent of East Baton Rouge homes potentially flooded, so Woodland Ridge was not alone. Greater Baton Rouge, South Louisiana in general and 62 miles of Interstate 12 from Baton Rouge to Covington Louisiana, experienced a 1000 year massive flood beginning August 12th-18th impacting 146,156 homes and displacing up to 359,619 people. Homes impacted were 68,679 in East Baton Rouge Parish, 48,827 in Livingston Parish and 16,195 in Ascension Parish.  Data Source:
Whether these Woodland Ridge homes did flood and were repaired or did not flood and were … (0 comments)

baton rouge: East Baton Rouge Home Sales Stats August 2017 Infographic - 09/12/17 07:06 PM
East Baton Rouge Home Sales Stats August 2017 Infographic

by Bill Cobb Appraiser and Accurate Valuations Group 225-293-1500.  Download this pdf at

2012: $170,000
2013: $177,000
2014: $179,900
2015: $192,000
2016: $190,000
August 2017: $187,000
532, up 19%
18, Down 50%
ACTIVE LISTINGS: 08/2016:1950 vs 08/2017: 1758, DOWN 10%

AUGUST 2016 versus AUGUST 2017 $116 vs $116
No Change
SOURCE: Data used with permission of the Greater … (3 comments)

baton rouge: Baton Rouge's Luxury Homes Market appears to be weakening 2017 - 03/12/17 03:31 AM
Baton Rouge's Luxury Market "appears" to be weakening into 2017  
Will higher mortgage rates negatively impact this market?  
And The Settlement At Willow Grove Update showing it also appears to be weakening from 2016 highs. Reporting the numbers I'm seeing and based on a luxury estate private sale home appraisal I completed this past week in the 70806/70808 market.

Trends comparison 7-12 months ago vs Current to 3 months:
Total Active Competing Listings have INCREASED from 13 to 27 or 107% 
Months of Housing Supply INCREASED from 13 to 20.2 months, a 55% increase
Median Comparable Sales Price has DECLINED from $1,397,500 to … (1 comments)

baton rouge: Settlement At Willow Grove Baton Rouge Appears To Weakening in 2017 - 03/12/17 01:22 AM
A client planning a potential purchase in The Settlement At Willow Grove requested sales trends.  So, I prepared charts, interactive charts and commentary on trends.  What the trends are communicating is prices are pulling back to prices of two years ago.  
***NOTE: There are 9 under contract homes within when closed will provided a more clear trends direction for 2017.  While it's important to report "What Happened", it's as important to report on the "Market In Play" or what is taking place right now. 
Baton Rouge's Luxury Market appears to be softening, becoming weaker. 
Outside of Settlement within Baton Rouge's 70806, 70808, 70809 … (0 comments)

baton rouge: Greater Baton Rouge Cities 2016 Interactive Home Sales Charts - 02/28/17 03:45 AM
Greater Baton Rouge Cities 2016 Home Sales Charts - An INTERACTIVE Visual Page by Bill Cobb Appraiser 225-293-1500
 The Greater Baton Rouge Cities covered below include: City of Baton Rouge, Zachary Louisiana Central Community Baker Louisiana Prairieville Louisiana Gonzales Louisiana Denham Springs Louisiana.
 TIP: Best when viewed on a PC, Laptop, Tablet or iPad, not necessarily your phone. If on a phone, turn it horizontal. To MAXIMIZE the view, click on bottom right UP arrow. Click on different points of the data below and watch it change. Shift … (1 comments)

baton rouge: Greater Baton Rouge 2016 Interactive Home Sales Charts - 02/24/17 10:06 AM
Greater Baton Rouge 2016 Home Sales Charts - An INTERACTIVE Visual Page by Bill Cobb Appraiser 225-293-1500
Greater Baton Rouge includes the Parishes or Counties of: East Baton Rouge Parish Ascension Parish Livingston Parish and West Baton Rouge Parish
 TIP: Best when viewed on a PC, Laptop, Tablet or iPad, not necessarily your phone. If on a phone, turn it horizontal. To MAXIMIZE the view, click on bottom right UP arrow.
 Click on different points of the data below and watch it change. Shift “SOLD DATE” at top left from … (12 comments)

baton rouge: Baton Rouge Appraiser Bill Cobb Attends Common Errors Continuing Ed - 10/18/16 08:37 PM
Bill Cobb Appraiser, of Greater Baton Rouge, recently attended the 7 hour continuing education "Common Appraisal Errors" taught by Appraiser and Educator, Melissa Bond of  I always highly recommend taking CE from Melissa because she's still a "boots on the ground Appraiser", unlike some CE Instructors who haven't appraised a home in well over 20 years.  And, several others told me that's the exact reason Melissa is their favorite instructor. 

This class was a review of: 
Focus on minimizing common errors noted by FHA, VA, USDA and Fannie Mae
GSE (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac) requirements for accuracy and accountability
USPAP compliancy (Uniform Standards of Professional … (0 comments)

baton rouge: Monhegan City of Central Baker Home Sales Update 2016 Pre-Flood - 08/08/16 12:36 PM
City of Central's Monhegan Subdivision Home Sales Report 70714.  Bill Cobb Appraiser
is performing a City of Central home purchase appraisal.

Comment on Monhegan:
Monhegan itself has Stable Prices (is not increasing and does not generally share in Central's overall increasing prices). This is why the very best comparable sales for homes in Monhegan are other homes in Monhegan, even if they're older sales. There are enough homes in Monhegan not properly kept up well that it does have an impact on values. And, the location in flood zone AE at ftont of subdivision as well as in the rear is also a factor in … (0 comments)

baton rouge: Green Trails At Shenandoah Baton Rouge Home Sales 2013 to 2016 - 03/23/16 05:02 PM
Green Trails At Shenandoah Subdivision Baton Rouge Home Sales 2013 to 2016 YTD Zip Code 70817 by Bill Cobb Appraiser 225-293-1500

To answer a question about if a new home is worth the asking price in Green Trails, I searched from 1600sf to 2200sf, there's been 3 sales and 3 current listings. Three solds from $295,300 to $316,000, 1842sf to 2059sf, median size 2004sf, median sales price $148/sf, median days on market 122 days and median listing to sales price ratio 99%.
Two active listings from $288,400 to $289,900, 1876sf to 1981sf, median size 1928sf, median listing price $150/sf, median days on market … (2 comments)

baton rouge: January 2016 Greater Baton Rouge Home Sales Facts Bill Cobb Appraiser - 03/03/16 05:07 PM
Originally published here on 
Greater Baton Rouge Home Sales January 2016 Update by Bill Cobb Appraiser

It used to be in Baton Rouge Real Estate January and February were slower months for home sales.  However, January 2016 was a very busy start to our new year. A couple of local REALTORS said they sold more homes in January 2016 than they did in their busiest months in 2015. 
Here is this month's look at Greater Baton Rouge home sales for detached and attached homes: East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, Ascension and Livingston. I'm comparing January 2015 vs January 2016 statistics. DO KNOW we're … (0 comments)

baton rouge: Greater Baton Rouge 2015 Home Sales $475,000 Plus List by Subdivision - 01/22/16 09:49 PM
Greater Baton Rouge 2015 Home Sales $475,000 Plus List by Subdivision
Since 01/01/2015, there’s been 428 luxury home sales $475,000 to $6,000,000. Low sales price per sq. ft. was $45/sf to a high of $455/sf, averaging $182/sf. Luxury home sold from 1 to 1,180 days on the market, averaging 152 days. Executive homes sold from 50% of listing price to 120%, averaging 96%. It appears Bocage market is showing some weakness selling at 88% to 89% of listing prices. Average size luxury home sold was 3,853 sq. ft..

The most sales took place NOT in subdivisions but rather on Rural Tracts, 43 sales. … (1 comments)

baton rouge: Garden District | Baton Rouge Real Estate - 01/17/16 09:25 PM
A very well meticulously written description of Baton Rouge's romantic Garden District, an older neighborhood in 70806 and 70808 where pier & beam cottage style homes have personality as opposed to say Shenandoah Estates 70817 where personality and looks was obviously not the goal.  
My definition is Baton Rouge Garden District home appraisals extends from Park Blvd to the west, Government St North, Lobdell Ave East and the meandering lines below.  In my opinion, there's no way to say Roseland Terrace is the Garden District and Old Goodwood is not. Same with Steele Place, Glenmore Place or Westdale, to say these … (0 comments)

baton rouge: Ascension Parish Economic News: 2 Plants To Invest 1 Billion in 2016 - 01/05/16 03:02 AM
More Good News For Ascension Parish: Shell Chemical Expansion of $717,000 Million and Honeywell To Build $300 Million Plant equals over 1 Billion Dollars into 2016.  This could mean more good news for North Ascension Parish (or County) housing market.  
There are currently 33 new residential developments under construction to meet the demand of buyers, making it feel like 2005 after Hurricane Katrina all over again.  PLUS, Greater Baton Rouge was ranked in the Top 10 Hottest Housing Markets of 2016 nationally. 

There’s been more than a dozen good economic news reports for Ascension Parish in 2015 and here’s the second for 2016: … (0 comments)

baton rouge: Virtual Reality Home Viewing Coming To Some 2016 Baton Rouge Listings - 01/03/16 10:31 PM

Virtual Reality Home Viewing
Technology has always fascinated me! Technology applied to visual marketing or visual presentation within residential real estate, whether via amateur photos or Fotosold quality photos, Animoto style photo slideshow videos or real video tours, illustrated sketch images or animated floor plans, the standard or bar in presentation keeps being raised by those willing to go First and making deep pocket investments into technology.
Last week during my time off and while perusing Facebook, I saw where Darren James Real Estate Experts shared and stated, "Darren James Real Estate Experts...Bringing Virtual Reality to Home Viewing in 2016! The … (0 comments)

baton rouge: Baton Rouge Home Prices in Zip Code 70810 Increase 5 Percent in 2015 - 12/03/15 02:09 PM
This is a Baton Rouge Housing Market Study of Zip Code 70810 from 2014 versus 2015 YTD, from $0 to $500,000 in order to eliminate any $1,000,000 high dollar sales and  the Pennington $6,000,000 sale within these neighborhood boundaries. While I stated above a 5 percent increase, median sales price was up 6.6%, average sales price was up 5.3% and average sold price per sq. ft. was up 3.4%.  When rounded, this is closest to a 5% increase. 

Median Sales Price: + $15,950 or + +6.6%
$243,000 in 2014 vs. $258,950 in 2015

Average Sales Price: + $12,975 or +5.3%
$246,280 in 2014 vs. $259,255 in … (0 comments)

baton rouge: University Club Plantation Baton Rouge Home Prices Charts 2015 - 11/28/15 10:13 AM
I recently completed a Baton Rouge Pre-Listing Home Appraisal in Baton Rouge's Executive Luxury Subdivision, University Club Plantation. The following is my report on the existing home sales trends from January 2015 to November 28, 2015.  Why the focus on just existing home sales?  Because the home I'm appraising is approximately 10 years old now and the contrast between new home sold prices and existing home prices is of no comparison.  The average sales price per sq. ft. of existing homes in 2015 was $166 vs. $186/sf for new construction.  Why the focus on median sales price?  Because median sales price … (1 comments)

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