talking rock creek: Talking Rock Creek Resorts New listing - 05/24/11 09:58 AM
We have the following new listing in Talking Rock Creek Resorts. It is a great clean Manufactured 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home on a permanent foundation.
The home is on over an acre and could be used as a great summer getaway or a full time residence here in our mountains.

This home has a fire place in the living room and has hardwood floors. It truly is an exceptional manufactured home . It is on over an acre. It has something else great to offer. A great long range mountain view

The price is a very attractive 84,800 … (1 comments)

talking rock creek: Mountain Real Estate report - 11/05/09 07:57 AM
This week on the Mountain real estate report we talk about the difference in flipping and investing. We also talk about investing models. We feature the gated community of talking rock creek. The mountain real estate report is heard every Thursday on WYYZ in Jasper Georgia. … (2 comments)

talking rock creek: Temperature drops, leaves drop , day light drops, Fall is here - 10/16/09 08:44 AM
Fall has really roared in in our North Georgia Mountains. If you are thinking about a trip up this weekend to leaf peep bring some warm clothes. We expect temperature to start the day in the low 40's and not get much out of the low 60's.
If you are coming to leaf peep I think you are about a week away from full foliage. With the strange wet weather we have had it may be a wacky season. But I think in another week you will be fine.
The Ellijay Apple Festival is in it's last weekend. This is a … (2 comments)

talking rock creek: Two totally unrealted events of today - 08/29/09 10:00 AM
Event 1 . I keep my camera in my car for photo opportunities. When I got in my wife said, "too bad you took the camera. There was a bear in the yard and guess what he was doing?' That's right he was Sh&&^^&^&ing in the woods. I missed a golden opportunity to have this photo to post. I would have been able to document beyond a doubt the answer to the age old question, Does a Bear  S@#$@t in the woods.
Event 2. Because I have been nagged to death by far flung relations Yesterday I joined face book. Almost … (6 comments)

talking rock creek: Jasper Georgia Real Estate and Radio WYYZ - 07/30/09 06:23 AM
WYYZ radio in Jasper is the epitome of a local business. They broadcast Gospel as well as talk radio. They have won numerous awards and in fact this year alone they one 4 merit awards from the Georgia Association of Broadcasting.
We present the " Mountain Real Estate Report" on Wyyz weekly. But that is only part of the story. The folks on WYYZ have been featured by the New York Times. I was honored when they asked me to help interview U.S. Senator Isakson about his housing bill. Wyyz also cover events in the mountains. You can get local events … (4 comments)

talking rock creek: You never really know ! Photo - 07/28/09 10:01 AM
This morning I had some early appointments so as I crossed Lake Petit Dam I was able to take this photo
This is the sun rise over Lake Petit. It was a great warming wonderful sight. If you notice there is not a cloud in the sky.
As I sit and write this post it is pouring rain and thunder is rumbling. I have already responded to one call about a potential lightening strike. Fortunately no damage. But from this sunrise to a tumultuous afternoon. goes to show you never really know what a day will bring.
Enjoy and may all … (14 comments)

talking rock creek: Where are we in our market ? - 07/24/09 08:39 AM
Every Market is different but in different areas I am hearing the same thing. Yes there are buyers out there. Yes there are loans out there. However buyers are coming in with really low prices and negotiations are tough.
Some of you are lucky in that your market has not gone through the pain that others have gone through. The pain is different from location to location and varies in severity. But the market here at least and from what my friends in Atlanta tell me is still out of balance. You can buy an existing home for less than it … (3 comments)

talking rock creek: Anticipation - 07/15/09 12:46 AM
The gathering of storm clouds in the mountains is really the definition of Anticipation. You await what is to come. The storm brings violence and the threat of fire through lightening. It is also noisy as windows shake to the sound of thunder. But at the same time the storm brings rain. Rain water is life to plants, animals,and us. After the rain the earth says thank you with green and growing things. The smell of the earth in the woods after a rain is one of life too. The process shows natures duality.


talking rock creek: Next time grab the camera! - 07/05/09 09:57 AM
Linda Carrig, who is an ActiveRain member, heard a big noise on her deck. She has a Boxer and a Great Dane and they were barking up a storm. She opened her back door and both flew outside. The source of their concern was a Bear on Linda's back deck pulling at a bird feeder.
Now Linda's back deck is a good 2 1/2 stories off the ground. The bear shimmied up a couple of deck posts and was outside the deck railing reaching for the feeder. The dogs went after the bear. The bear swiped at the dogs. Linda grabbed … (2 comments)

talking rock creek: The Mountain Real Estate Report - 06/24/09 07:26 AM
Well the Mountain Real Estate report did not win a GABBY. But heck we were submitted and nominated so we are very happy. Also thanks to those who sent us answers either in response to my blog or emailed directly about ideas for the show. You can hear the report tomorrow around noon EST on our web site at Just click current show when you get to the radio show page. 
Your  ideas got us thinking outside the box so we went with a show talking about things to do in the mountains here in North Georgia and just a … (0 comments)

talking rock creek: Launch me Father not NASA Style Photo - 06/21/09 02:35 AM
This photo was taken 15 years ago. My hair was dark then. My son and I went to a wedding of one of my cousins. It was his first time in a suit and his mother was not there. So we made a deal. In Feb in South Carolina we went to the pool so he could swim and burn of energy. Along the way I ended up burning off energy too. My Mother caught this photo of us.
The boy got dressed wore a suit and tie and even would not take his jacket off at the reception. Every body … (3 comments)

talking rock creek: Market mobility - 06/19/09 01:33 AM
One of the driving forces behind our housing market is market /people mobility. In some markets this is a greater factor than in others. People move. Jobs move. People are relocated. People sell to retire.
A factor in this market that has a drag is the immobility that exists today. People can't sell so they can't move. Companies are laying off and closing and not relocating folks. If they do relocate you they are saying here is your new job location. The home buy out days are going the ay of the company car.
So in this market we must change … (8 comments)

talking rock creek: Do you have more than one camera ? - 06/14/09 02:47 AM
I need more than one Camera. The other day when a mother Turkey and her chicks walked across the road and I did not have my camera I vowed to keep my camera in my car. That worked well as I was able to post Bear photos earlier this month. But then a fawn walked across my yard and the camera was in the car ARRGGGHHHH.
I need more than one camera to show you all the great things going on in the North Georgia Mountains

talking rock creek: Interest rates Creep up - 05/28/09 12:40 PM
If you are dealing with buyers on a budget you will have noticed that interest rates have crept up this week. Why ? The Federal Reserve is selling off some of their securities and buying mortgage backed securities.  This is another effort to rid us of the toxic mess we are currently in thanks to Wall Street finance people. Now when you sell securities you have to increase the yield on the securities to get people to buy. Right!  Over supply means higher interest rate. It is the old supply and demand thing. The Fed is walking the economic high wire … (4 comments)

talking rock creek: Wordless Wed. Well almost Wordless - 05/28/09 07:14 AM
Recently a pretty 3 acre lot sold in our mountains. It was wooded and had a stream behind it. It also had a nice flat building site. As lots go it was a good one as it is on a paved road and had county water. The price it went for was 80,000. But what made this lot special was the view:
Looking across the country road from the lot this is what you would see from your front porch
Looking to the left, or on your side porch you would see the barn more green great horses and the stream … (11 comments)

talking rock creek: Is it an alien? - 04/21/09 08:56 AM

Yes first there was a strange noise and then with Camera in hand i ran out the door. I was not looking up at the sky but down at the ground. This big Tom Turkey was moving through my yard and I managed to snap him going through.He looked to be about 20 pounds. which is big for a wild guy.
Ben Franklin wanted to make it our native bird due to its beauty and intelligence. Red Foxx joked about it. But when you think of gated communities do you think of this? If not think again . Beautiful Big … (5 comments)

talking rock creek: Spring in Big Canoe - 04/15/09 07:45 AM
Spring is coming to the Mountains. One of the Mountain Beauties are the Native Azaleas. Here is a picture of a rarer golden one that is in Bloom. They also have a great scent. This is one of the natural mountain treasures. Get your hiking boots on and come visit us in beautiful, affordable Big Canoe. And when you do call the Experts at All Mountain Realty to help you find that great mountain home or land.

talking rock creek: I love the Mountains. I love my horses. I want Both Waaah !!!! - 08/02/08 01:49 PM
  People often ask , How can I own or have horses in the Mountains The terrain in North Georgia ia varied . Above is a lovely barn
Here above is the pasture Associated with the Barn. The horses were not there when I drove by and took these Pictures. But this setting is indeed pretty and green
Now here is the real kicker. This view is less than 4 minutes away from the farm above. This view and these Mountians and this protected green space is less than an hour from Atlanta. North Georgia is Beautiful ,green and full … (5 comments)

talking rock creek: Birthdays in the Mountains - 07/18/08 03:49 AM
Last night we all gathered for a birthday party on Lake Petit. There were 2 birthday girls and one birthday boy. So we went out on a party boat to celebrate. The picture below tells you more than any words I could write why I love living in the mountains. Come experience the beautiful North Georgia Mountains for yourself and relax and simplify your soul

talking rock creek: Great Lot Listings in Talking Rock Creek Resorts - 06/28/08 08:45 AM
These 2 lots in Talking Rock Creek resorts will have great views when the vista clearing that is done with home building happens. The pictures are my attempt to show these views. These lots are 7200 each. You could buy the pair at 68,000 each . Each lot is close to an acre and 1/2. This is a mountain dream location  for your home . 
These lots are both on Rebakah Ridge you can see the mountains thru the trees. The view will be year round and long range … (1 comments)

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