report: What is a CAIVRS Report and Can It Cause My FHA Loan to be Denied? - 07/16/12 06:40 AM
In short a CAIVRS Report is a report to see if you ever defaulted on any previous government loans.  CAIVRS stands for Credit Alert Verification Report System.  You must have a clear CAIVRS Report to get a new government loan, such as a FHA, VA  or USDA Loan.  This report will show if you have defaulted on any past Government Mortgages or even Government Student loans such as Sallie Mae Student loans.  This report is pulled when you loan is getting ready for or in underwriting. 
If you do not pass the CAIVRS Report you must address the account that … (0 comments)

report: 6 Reasons you NEED a Realtor when buying a Home - 11/03/11 07:02 AM
As you can tell by my title, I am not a Realtor.  But as a Mortgage Banker I can say I have worked with enough buyers to see why you need to work with a realtor.  Of course there are great Realtors out there and maybe not so great, but this is true of any industry.  So when buying a home you want to work with a GREAT Realtor.   Here are my 6 reasons on why you need to work with a Great Realtor:
1.     Inspection Report- When buying a home, it is always a good idea to get … (2 comments)

report: How to Read Your Appraisal Report, Houston Texas - 12/01/10 03:41 AM
I recently came a cross a great video by Choice Point Appraisals.  It goes over all pages of a general appraisal.  If you are not familiar with appraisal reports, this is a great step by step video.   Keep in mind there are different types of appraisals, for information on the different types check out Appraisal Types. Please call or email me with any questions. 

report: Do you need a Fairy to help fix your Credit? - 10/20/10 03:23 AM
I was watching TV lately and this commercial came up(see below).  Like any great commercial it did it's job and got my attention, it is very funny.  So I went and checked out  As we all know having, having great credit will save you money.  It allows you to have a lower interest rate and get approved for a mortgage.  And the same goes for getting a car loan.  If you do not have great credit, don't worry.  The great thing about credit is you can always improve it.  And this website is a GREAT place to start.  Here are … (0 comments)

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