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About a month ago, while in the hospital with my wife, someone from the Washington Post called and interviewed me about a problem she was researching. She said my remarks would appear in a Washington Post article in the next few weeks. She found my website and blog posts by putting key words into...
I have the tendency to notice things about a house I am to inspect when I am driving up to it.  When pulling up to this seven year old house I noticed even before I got into the driveway that the front porch roof seems to incline toward the house.  Looking closer I determined that it did! That i...
That's what the voice in the phone call said.  It was an elderly lady who has puddles show up on the floor in her breakfast room after rains. Four years ago she had a bay window put in.  Beautiful job.  It overlooks the golf course and was a very nice addition.  But it began leaking recently.  Sh...
I am not a termite inspector.  There may be some, but personally I don't know any home inspectors in Virginia who are.  The home inspection and termite inspections are usually done at different times in Virginia, by two different companies. If I see evidence of termites I mention it in the report...
If you ever go into the attic space of an old farm house, get to the top of the creaky stair case, and look around to decide where to go, but see a spot in front of you, between the floor joists, that appears to have been stepped into before, and you feel glad that it wasn't you, but wonder what...
Can I further bring to light what one of my favorite home inspectors has recently taught:One qualification I make sure to mention to potential energy audit customers is my being a licensed Connecticut home inspector. Energy audits are by definition, at least in Connecticut, home inspections. The ...
There are ways to do things that are less noticeable. For example, Monticello has air conditioning.  It was not put in by Mr. Jefferson, obviously, but some time later.  It is composed of very small duct work, and small holes, about 3" in diameter, in the corners of ceilings which are hardly ther...
There are two interesting developments in the ongoing Chinese Drywall problem, and make no mistake, this is a BIG and growing problem. The first is a new complaint center that has been started.  The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center wants to hear from homeowners who have had multiple air condition...
Anytime you have to find a hiding water heater, there are going to be other hidden surprises. Here is one. When I can’t see wiring, and other things I have seen around a house that give me pause, if not fright, I wonder about them, and want to know. I’m like that. So when I saw this cable duck un...
The water heater was no where to be found.  There was this fine laundry room, beside the fine "bathroom" (door to the right).  That bath could be a story in itself, but I digress. The laundry room was special in its own right.  You can see the water connection on the wall.  And there was no drain...

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