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These calls come in a lot - "I'm calling because I'm not sure this is OK..." Then she followed by telling me how all three realtors in town she called told her to call me that she could trust me.  She looked me up on a couple of consumer sites (which I never check) and said that my reputation is ...
And that is true - condos have fire protection between units for a reason. Arriving at a condo development, with many small buildings, each building with two levels and housing 10 or 12 units, I was met by the buyer (who already lived in a different building) and the seller. They were talking abo...
"I'm putting in a double receptacle with its own 20amp circuit.  This is the front desk and they will probably need the extra coverage.  And I want them to feel like they are getting a little more for their money than they expected." The Electrician Guy A doctor friend of mine asked me to stop by...
I saw it from the street and then the driveway when I pulled in - and thought ... Uh, oh.  New roof.  New flashing.  And sagging.  And the flashing isn't done right, it's really high, it covers the old flashing. THIS IS A PATCH JOB! The shingles had been jammed under the siding so hard it was ben...
It sounds like such the tired statement - when a flipped house boasts new windows, beware - and look closely!  If these windows are new (they are wood VERY POORLY covered on the outside with new aluminum wrapping) it is obvious they were not installed properly or professionally. Just gorgeous. In...
Coming around to the back of the house and seeing a mish mash of porch and deck, I saw what the downspout is doing to the deck stairs and thought that if you want to slap up a deck, at least redirect the downspout water!  Downspout water hitting anything over a long period of time will damage it....
This is brand new construction, never lived in, and I got there early enough to see the roaches. I'm glad I did.  Nobody would have believed me without a photo to prove it! This is the upstairs unit of a four-floor condo building of fourteen units.  Each unit has two floors.  We did the pre-drywa...
“I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth will I apply ALL my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy. ” Og Mandino (1923 - 1996)From The Greatest Salesman In the...
An agent called me recently to complain about my report and among other things she said, "I have never heard other inspectors say to replace old smoke detectors."  It was actually more than that.  She actually said she had been on many, many home inspections and had never heard a home inspector s...
"Completely Remodeled - Must See Inside!!" - and the first thing I find is crawl space water, trapped more ways than one. This is a remodeled older house, and advertised all over with signs. The clients had not arrived yet, so I was making a little whoopi around the house.  Discovering a crawl s...

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