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If you've been anywhere in North Carolina this year, you know we're in a drought (again).  We've had lots of forest fires and really hot days in the eastern half of the state recently.  So it's been both hot AND dry.  Awesome.   And our back yard creek, Dunn Creek, has shown the effects.  You can...
The Town of Wake Forest just announced that this Friday (7/29) Holding Park Pool will be open for FREE admission! I assume this is primarily because of the forecast for a near all-time record high temperature that day.  We're forecast to see a high of 104 degrees that day! The all-time record is ...
Some of you may already be aware of this, and some of you may not be aware that dwarft planet Pluto has 3 moons already, much less any! Earlier in June astronomers were looking at Pluto with the Hubble telescope, trying to see if they could locate rings around Pluto.  They have theorized there ma...
So we missed late June and early July as originally projected by the NCDOT.  But the good news is according to the Town of Wake Forest's website the bridges and road section at Jones Dairy Road in Wake Forest is scheduled to open TODAY after 1pm.     Great news for all you local drivers that have...
Everyone knows you have to maintain your house.  Well, most everyone.  Some folks don't believe you do, or at least don't plan to (i.e. setting aside money to do so!). According to the blog of Valerie Zinger, your home, if left completely unkempt, will only last 40 years.  I say that's longer tha...
If you've been reading my blog previously, you know that I've had reports from other members of my family that they have seen at least 2 different American eels in our creek (Dunn Creek).  But yesterday I got to SEE an eel! Weird and crazy (and kinda creepy)!                               So abov...
I hope all of you enjoyed today and were able to celebrate Independence Day with family & friends.  And those of you in Canada, I hope you had a good Canada Day a few days back! I got to walk in the local Children's Parade here in Wake Forest, and it was fun!  Kinda like a traffic jam of people i...
This is a re-blog and follow up from yesterday's reblog.  Phillip Bradrick is a local energy consulting contractor that has some excellent posts.  His company is Energeyes and can help with any energy consulting needs (i.e. energy efficiency, insulation, drafty windows/doors/attic stairs). Please...
  This is a Re-Blog from one of my ActiveRain invitees, a local energy audit specialist Phillip Bradrick.  He has a an informative post about bonus rooms.  We all know they tend to get hotter in the summer, and cooler in the winter when compared with the rest of the house.  But why? Visit his blo...

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