What a blast it is getting to talk with members face-to-face and also educating newbies on the power of ActiveRain.  There is a ton of fresh meat here in the 'Rain so please welcome them when you see them posting and commenting. We stayed at Gaylord Opryland and let me tell you....each time I ven...
Here we are, spreading the wonderful word about AR and it's one-of-a-kind, needle in a haystack, gem of a Community!!!!
This week's Keeping it Fresh is brought to you by Mitchell Hall.   How long have you been in business?11 years.What outfit do you own that makes you feel invincible? Anything that fits. My style has evolved since I'm older and wiser. My confidence comes from within not from an outfit. If I'm com...
Yuan Spa is about to celebrate their one year anniversary.  My fiance and I visited Yuan Spa last night and have already booked future appointments. Spa Week had two options this go around, $50 treatments at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa as well as Yuan Spa. Last time we tried out Red Door and I w...
ActiveRain will be in Nashville next week for the Exit Realty Convention.  I couldn't be more excited to get new folks involved with ActiveRain and all it has to offer.  While we're there spreading the AR joy, we would love to meet up and hang out with any 'Rainers in the area.  Let us pick your ...
I cannot wait for the recipes to start rolling in and get 'cooking' on this book!  Gene's idea is a fabulous one and I can just see you guys breaking out the cookbook, year after year, whipping up delicious delights.   Whoo Hoo!    YOU and ActiveRain have the Perfect Recipe for Helping Others Enj...
This week's Keeping it Fresh is brought to you by Leilani Souza How long have you been in business?                                      I got my real estate license 13 1/2 years ago and have been a broker since February 2002.  What outfit do you own that makes you feel invincible? I don't have ...
Don't worry, I wasn't "Britney-spearsing" my nephew, the car wasn't on.  Oh and GO YANKEES!!!!
Nobody...and I mean nobody has this shirt yet. They're so fresh the fold lines are still there! AR's new Fall line is out and I want you to have one! Three lucky winners will win a new AR shirt simply by posting on our Facebook page this weekend, Saturday or Sunday, and tell us about a recent AR ...

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