green cay wetlands: Green Cay Wetlands-Boynton Beach-Not Everything is Big! - 04/30/14 08:47 PM
Green Cay Wetlands-Boynton Beach- Not Everything is Big!

Green Cay Wetlands is still a favorite of ours and we often include a late afternoon walk there after our daily beach walk.  You may be accustomed to seeing my photos of the large creature that everyone coming to the boardwalk wants to see…. the alligator.  

As a matter of fact, we have our eyes on one very large gator who might just be getting ready to build her nest there.

However, not everything at Green Cay is big and scary.  
 Hope you enjoyed the tour of some of … (27 comments)

green cay wetlands: Green Cay Wetlands-Boynton Beach-She's Ba-a-a-c-k! (Mama Gator??) - 04/01/14 08:38 PM
Green Cay Wetlands-Boynton Beach- She’s Ba-a-a-c-k!
(Mama Gator??)
We’ve been spending a lot of time walking at Delray Beach latelybut that doesn’t mean we have forgotten about Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach.

While on a walk this weekend, we went back to the “Gator Hole”in Green Cay.  You may remember that  almost 3 years ago, we came upon a once in a lifetime event…. watching Mama Gator and the birth of about 24 or more little babies.

We have continued to watch the area for signs of a nest each year, but there has been nothing.
This gator may … (27 comments)

green cay wetlands: Happy 2nd Birthday, Baby Green Cay Alligators! See How They've Grown! - 08/26/13 09:01 PM
Happy 2nd  Birthday, Baby Green Cay Alligators!  See How They’ve Grown!
Two years ago many of us at Green Cay were treated to a once in a lifetime show…..the birth of baby alligators.   In the spring of 2011, we spotted the gator nests out at Green Cay.  For those of you non-gator observers, one way you know there’s a nest nearby is the presence of Mama Gator.  From the time she lays her eggs, she is always waiting in the nearby water… watching for predators, such as snakes, birds, raccoons, and even other gators.
Mama Gator listens for the … (19 comments)

green cay wetlands: Silent Saturday- More of My Green Cay Friends! - 08/16/13 09:27 PM
A Not So Silent Saturday at Green Cay- Meet Some  More of My Friends.
Everyday is a new day Green Cay, and I never get tired of walking along the boardwalk and seeing my friends.  In August, we’re all keeping our eyes open for the baby alligators that have either hatched or will hatch soon.

Green Cay isn’t just about birds and gators.  If you keep your eyes open you’ll see colorful flowers just like this one.  Some of our photographers have the equipment and skills to catch even the smallest of … (60 comments)

green cay wetlands: Palm Beach County Nature- You've Got to Love Those Camera Phones! - 07/19/13 08:57 PM
Palm Beach County Nature-You’ve Got to Love Those Camera Phones!
When they first began putting cameras in cell phones (remember those.... before smartphones), I scoffed and thought it was just a gimmick.  Boy, was I wrong.  Most of us don’t even carry our small point and shoot cameras anymore.

While I’ll take my “big boy” camera when going for something specific, when I’m just out and about, it’s just my iPhone and me.  
Take a look:
I used Google’s AutoAwesome and my iPhone for “Crooked Jaw”, our very familiar Green Cay alligator playing with his food.  Note to … (21 comments)

green cay wetlands: Green Cay Wetlands-Boynton Beach, FL-Things to Do in Palm Beach County - 06/28/13 08:52 PM
Green Cay Wetlands- Boynton Beach FL -Things to Do in Palm Beach County.
You don’t have to go far to find some of the most interesting wildlife in Palm Beach County.  Green Cay Wetlands is located just west of Delray and Boynton Beach on Hagen Ranch Road.  
There are 100 acres built on former farmland with a 1.5 mile elevated boardwalk that is open to the public daily from 7am to sunset.

I think the best time to go is early in the morning, just as the birds are waking up.  This can be when they’re the most active.  There … (25 comments)

green cay wetlands: Silent Saturday at Green Cay Wetlands- Alligator + Turtle= Crunch! - 05/11/13 04:31 AM
Silent Saturday at Green Cay Wetlands (This is for you Barbara Todaro!)

We were out at Green Cay the other day and just happened to see this alligator sliding up to the bank.  We know him as Slack Jaw or Crooked Jaw.  I have no idea how his jaw got that way, but I have an idea.

He looked like he had something in his mouth, but you just never know.  

A closer look revealed a small turtle.  We often see an alligator and turtle (usually larger) playing together.  I'm assuming they're at play … (20 comments)

green cay wetlands: The Plants of Green Cay Wetlands-It's More Than Gators & Birds! - 10/23/12 09:35 PM
The  Plants of Green Cay Wetlands- It’s More than Gators & Birds. One of the many things I love about Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach is that every day is a new day there.   It’s more than gators and birds... there are the plants of Green Cay.  
However because those interesting alligators tend to take center stage, it is very easy to overlook the plant and flowers that provide  shelter and food for our birds such as the American Moorhens, black bellied whistling ducks, red-winged blackbirds, egrets and many others.  

Take a look at some of the … (27 comments)

green cay wetlands: Black Bellied Whistling Ducks- A Family Portrait! - 09/11/12 09:31 PM
Black Bellied Whistling Ducks- A Family PortraitOne of my favorite birds at Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach is the Black Bellied Whistling Duck.   I’d never heard of them until my husband spotted them a few years ago while we were on one of our walks.  
They cannot be missed as they fly overhead with their beautiful whistling sound.   When you see them standing watch over their little babies they appear stately, just like a very proud parent.  
What I find amazing about the black bellied whistling duck is the change in their appearance as they mature....from little spotted … (17 comments)

green cay wetlands: Green Cay Alligator Babies - One Year Old! - 09/06/12 09:01 PM
Green Cay Alligator Babies - One Year Old!Every creature deserves to have a birthday celebration and our baby gators at Green Cay Wetlands recently celebrated theirs.
Last year we all were treated to a once-in-a- lifetime event... watching the birth of several (about 2 dozen) baby alligators. It began sometime in June 2011 when we noticed a mother alligator beginning to build her nest.  Appropriately, she chose an area of Green Cay known as the Alligator Hole.

So every day for over 2 months the regular walkers at Green Cay went by the alligator hole to check on the progress.  Once … (30 comments)

green cay wetlands: Green Cay Wetlands-Even These Guys Have Predators! - 07/24/12 08:43 PM
Green Cay Wetlands- Even These Guys have Predators.

Just when you think you're invincible, Mother Nature reminds us that we're all part of a food chain.   I'm used to sharing my photos from Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach and some of my favorites are of the alligators.  Last year we were so very fortunate to be there for the birth (hatching?) of about 2 dozen baby alligators.  
We've been searching this year for gator nests and while some have been spotted, they're still not easy to see.  We did see a nest … (23 comments)

green cay wetlands: Before & After -Mother Nature's Way- Almost Speechless Sunday! - 06/24/12 03:36 AM

We Home Stagers can’t hold a candle to what Mother Nature can do when it comes to Before and After pictures.    The Purple Gallinule is one of my favorite birds at Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach.  That cute fuzzy little “peep” on the left is a baby Purple Gallinule.  (Look at the feet!)  Now look at the gorgeous adult Purple Gallinule on the right.  
Eat your greens children so you can grow up and look like this!
The Gallinule is not much of a flyer but with those feet, you should see them climb to the end of … (25 comments)

green cay wetlands: Green Cay Wetlands-Who's the Most Important Person There? - 06/13/12 08:55 PM
Green Cay Wetlands---Who’s The Most Important Person There ?Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach FL is one of Palm Beach County’s true treasures and a gift to the community.    On any morning you can find the boardwalk full of walkers and photographers, most of whom are regulars.   We walk the 1.5 mile loop 2,3, and sometimes much more than that not just for the exercise but for the experience.  

But there is someone very special at Green Cay who doesn’t go unnoticed... his name is Carlos Padilla.   With 1.5 miles of boardwalk and various members of God’s wonderful creatures … (32 comments)

green cay wetlands: The Tricolored Heron-Green Cay Wetlands. - 05/10/12 08:49 PM
The TriColored Heron-Green Cay WetlandsThe first bird I had contact with at Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach was the Tricolored Heron.   I was walking along the boardwalk and there was one on the railing.  When I pass a bird that’s hanging out there, I try very hard to give them their space.   It’s not that I’m afraid of them but I feel like this is their home and they deserve not to be disturbed.

That’s what I was doing when I had my first (almost) encounter.  Most birds that “hang out” will either fly away before you approach or … (23 comments)

green cay wetlands: Green Cay Baby Alligators.... A Follow Up! - 04/20/12 08:59 PM
Green Cay Baby Alligators.... A Follow Up!About 9 months ago Larry and I were lucky enough to be present when the alligator nest we’d been watching for months at Green Cay  finally came to life.  That was August 23, 2011 and we were in for the treat of our lives.  Standing on the boardwalk for more than 2 hours I was definitely glad I had my camera with me.  April and May are mating season for alligators; the eggs are laid sometime in June, and then 65-75 days later they hatch.  Mama alligator stays near the nest the whole time and … (28 comments)

green cay wetlands: Spring Has Sprung in Green Cay! - 04/06/12 09:50 PM
Spring Has Sprung in Green Cay!While I love walking year round at Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach, spring is my favorite time of year there.
Take a Look!

It’s not just about the walking..... but about the hunt!   No... no guns or bows and arrows.... the hunt for nests.   The signs have been there for weeks.  Red-Winged Blackbirds have been seen flying with long blades of grass or twigs in their beaks.  To find the nest, all you have to do is follow their path with your eyes.  If you’re lucky, the nest will be close … (15 comments)

green cay wetlands: Green Cay Sushi Anyone?? Hey... Birds Have to Eat Too! - 03/30/12 08:19 PM
Green Cay Sushi Anyone?? Hey Birds Have to Eat Too!Warmer weather has increased the activity out at Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach!   This was a little early for me to even think about sushi but this Anhinga didn’t seem to mind!

The Anhinga, which is also called the Snakebird or Water Turkey,  has a long snake -like neck and besides the Alligator tends to command quite a bit of attention from first time visitors when he is mistaken for some kind of snake in the water.  I remember the first time I was fooled!  
Unlike a duck, the … (21 comments)

green cay wetlands: After a Tough Week Everyone Needs Some Play Time. - 01/14/12 11:15 PM
It’s Been a Tough Week...Everyone Needs Some Play Time.   You’ve met most of my friends out at Green Cay but this little guy is very shy so it isn’t often that I get to see him or share a photo of him.  Raccoons are more active at night but when you’re on the board walk and with eyes and ears open and mouths shut you might catch them at play.We saw them last year in the spring and they couldn’t have been very old.  Mom and the babies were still living in their tree.  But just a few weeks ago … (21 comments)

green cay wetlands: Wordless Wednesday- From My friends at Green Cay! - 12/20/11 10:41 PM


green cay wetlands: E.T. Found at Green Cay! Who Knew? - 12/17/11 10:41 PM
E.T. has actually been around at Green Cay for some time but it wasn’t until a few days ago that I looked at this tree and Stangler Fig in a different light.   Maybe it was my mindset... maybe I was thinking of the movie but I can’t help but see E.T. in it.   The Strangler Fig begins when seeds germinate in the trunks and crevices of other trees.  In the heavy cover of a tropical canopy, plants must compete for sunlight and  finding a “host” may be a way for a tree to survive.   If you get a chance, Google … (17 comments)

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