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My first time home buyers are whooping it up. Why not? The popular first time home buyer tax credit that was set to expire end of November 2009 may be extended through end of June 2010. I have buyers who have been looking for months but are getting outbid so many times, or are running out of time...
Market observers think that the bottom of the market was three months ago. In Oakland CA, this may be the case. GET THE PICTURE! Months supply of inventory Some seasoned real estate professionals and observers say that when the months inventory is less than six (6) months, it is a seller's market...
RANT! RANT! RANT! As if researching suitable properties isn't enough of a challenge, now we have to deal with listing agents who don't bother posting at least one photo to show us what the property looks like. While going through a list of properties using certain criteria, I identified 127 that ...
The first lender, Countrywide, insisted on a short sale price of $625K, although the first loan with them is less, at $588K. Countrywide said that because of the missed payments, etc., the monies owed are now around $610K. HUH? The second lender agreed to a payoff of only $9K. And usually, it's t...
Yes, it's not Friday yet, but I couldn't wait for Funny Fridays. I needed a good laugh, and researched a video that had me rolling on the floor laughing the first time I saw it. Everyone has seen the laughing baby videos. But have your seen this one? Hyuk! Hyuk! Hyuk!
To illustrate a point about the value of using a comparative market analysis by a REALTOR, I pulled up the information on two of the most popular places where people go. To say that the difference is startling would be an understatement! This house in Los Angeles is owned by my client who is deba...
These are troubled times, true. But does that mean we will value our time any less? When is a prospective buyer NOT a client? SCENARIOS WE WANT TO SEE A PROPERTY NOW. Prospect calls at 1 pm, and want you to show a property in a few minutes because they're standing in front of a property they'd li...
Today, while reading through some questions posted online, I came across this one: "What is the status of the CA Foreclosure Moratorium that went into effect in June 2009? Are lenders still required to try a loan mod with the borrower for 90 days?" I wondered if this REALTOR was trying to stimula...
MY DEAR SELLERS During a short sale, our mutual goal is to get an offer accepted as quickly as possible by your lender  to prevent a foreclosure. And as you already know, the effects of a short sale are far less damaging than a foreclosure or a bankruptcy. REMEMBER YOUR GOAL:  SELL THE PROPERTY! ...
As much as I bemoan the length of time and the hoops I go through to do short sales transactions, I am taking this opportunity to say, "THANK GOODNESS FOR SHORT SALES!" Why? ...Because it's a way to guide our sellers who have found themselves in dire situations  and may not know their options. .....

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