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Salida Colorado is one of a handful of Colorado River Towns that we serve. Other towns in Salida's Down Valley include Howard, Coaldale, Cotopaxi, and Texas Creek. Don't Forget Poncha Springs, Nathrop Buena Vista and Fairplay. Come explore the area with us!



  Thankful Thursday: Our Car was Totalled but we are all Fine Viewing an event is often a matter of perspective. On the way to a family wedding my 26 year old son Taylor, Micheal and I ran into an "unavoidable road hazard", according to the state patrol who saw it happen. We crested a hill on the...
4th Quarter Business Ramp Up -- With a Little Help from Some of the Real Estate Greats In election years, real estate business 4th quarters levels off in many places in the country. Salida Colorado is no exception. This is a great time to supercharge my business. Luckily, I do not have to recreat...
Two secrets for Real Estate Success:Trust your Gut & Expect the Best In a litigious society such as ours, my two secrets are going to seem ludicrous to some. But others will resonate with them.  I developed my abilities in these two areas when I was a teacher and they are as important now as real...
Fabulous list of TO DO's for a seller. For those who live out of town, I would add some weed eating near the house and minimizing the outdoor tractors, horse trailers, etc so they are all in one area and parked neatly.  When you de-personalize, be sure to take all the magnets/photos etc off the f...
Salida Colorado Market Activity: July 2012 The summer market in south central colorado is steady sailing. The following charts will show the average prices, number of homes on the market, days on the market, and more. I will lead you through a visual tour of what is going on in Salida Colorado Re...
Salida Colorado Chaffee County Fair and Rodeo The first week of August is time for our annual fair and rodeo. Colorado has deep roots in agriculture and ranching -- the heart of the fair and rodeo. Straw hats in town sell out, the fairgrounds fill up and folks find a variety of ways to enjoy the...
Do you ever get the feeling the lender is lying to you? I am reposting this blog because nothing is more important than communicating to our buyers that a GOOD lender is key...someone they did not just find on the internet but someone their realtor knows and trusts. It can save them money and gri...

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