khrt radio: Heather Leirer talks about supporting the Addicted & Incarcerated. - 06/13/19 05:53 AM

Embrace ND was started as a FaceBook group just 3 years ago but has grown to now include weekly meetings as well as weekly Ward County Jail visits. The meeting at Eagles Wings is every Monday at 7;00 pm. The location is 101 16th Street SW Minot ND 58701. You can also find them on FaceBook at
Founder Heather Leirer shares the full story and purpose of Embrace ND on this radio broadcast of Minot today.
Minot Today is broadcast over the air on two Minot radio stations every Friday. You can find it on 106.9 FM at 12:15 (Noonish) and … (3 comments)

khrt radio: What's a Sheriff do? - 06/07/19 11:30 AM
Just what does a Sheriff and the Sheriff's office do? My guest today is Ward County Sheriff Robert (Bob) Roed and he does a great job of filling us in. Had I heard this interview when I was a young man I just may have made being a Deputy or the Sheriff my career choice.
Minot Today is broadcast over the air on two Minot radio stations every Friday. You can find it on 106.9 FM at 12:15 (Noonish) and again at 4:45 on 1320 AM. Of course I always post the broadcast as a Podcast here as well as my Podcast … (15 comments)

khrt radio: Just WHAT does the Trinity Health Foundation do? - 05/30/19 07:55 AM
The TRINITY HEALTH FOUNDATION is an amazing organization that gives so much to the region surrounding the Greater Minot ND area.
Al Evon,foundation director, shares many of the aspects of the foundation with us in this brief 14 minute interview.
Last year the foundation approved 101 proposals for funding various projects in the area granting $523,285.81 to those projects.In addition to those various proposals funded through out the region expended $823,509.03 to improve health and wellness. Another $300,223.22 was used to directly fund other programs and services.
I learned so much from Al's visit and the Trinity Health Foundation Annual Report … (7 comments)

khrt radio: Pieces & Stems - 05/26/19 10:49 AM
The past two weeks have been very busy and I've neglected blogging even though it's one of the things I enjoy most in life. In no particular order here is what has kept me to busy.
Spring weather. I've put a lot of hours into lawn care and gardening lately but both are looking great today so I should be able to slack off on that a little.
Outdoor fun. I'm back on the bike and taking daily walks again enjoying the park and neighborhood. Timmothy and I are improving at tennis and we bought a set of lawn darts that have already earned … (14 comments)

khrt radio: Val Stadick, Minot Entrepreneur, Main Street Books - 05/17/19 07:06 AM
If you were to ask me who is Minot's most enterprising woman it would be an impossible task but Val Stadick would be right at the top of the list. Val started Main Street Books with some used books,a loan from her husband, and a lot of determination. Today Main Street books is one of the most popular stores in the City of Minot and I dare say even a draw to Minot ND. Val is an inspiration to anyone who has nothing but a dream and the determination to make that dream come true.
Minot Today is broadcast over the air … (12 comments)

khrt radio: Dr. Steven Shirley, MSU Commencement 2019 - 05/09/19 12:38 PM
Welcome to an interview recorded a couple of days before TODAY'S commencement with MSU President Dr. Steven Shirley Ph. D. Every interview I have had with Dr. Shirley has been fun, light, and lively so I have no doubt you will enjoy this one as well.
Welcome to Minot State University! Please explore our website and learn about all that MSU has to offer.
Minot State University remains as committed as ever to our core values devoted to teaching and learning with excellence, integrity, and engagement; serving students and others respectfully and responsibly; following high ethical and moral principles; and supporting the values … (1 comments)

khrt radio: A Great Resource for ND Service Members, Vets, & Families - 05/02/19 10:51 AM
It took a while for me to catch on to what ND Cares is all about but even from the beginning I knew this was a great organization and service for our Service Members, Veterans, Families, and Survivors. Please take 14 minutes to listen in to Executive Director Darcie Handt of ND Cares as he explains what this program/service is all about.
Contact information for ND Cares can be found at:
ND Cares
P.O. Box 5511
Bismarck, ND 58506-5511
Minot Today is broadcast over two radio stations every Friday. You can find it on 106.9 FM at 12:15 (Noonish) and … (8 comments)

khrt radio: Low Rates & Builders Looking for Work. Time to Pull the Trigger! - 04/18/19 11:07 AM
Incredibly low interest rates and builders who have had two slow years in a row means this is the perfect time to build, renovate, or refi!
Chad Vogel, Regional Manager, Sr. Mortgage Banker for Bremer Bank in Minot gives us the BIG picture about todays super low rates.
Minot Today is broadcast over two radio stations every Friday. You can find it on 106.9 FM at 12:15 (Noonish) and again at 4:45 on 1320 AM. Of course I always post the broadcast as a Podcast here as well as my Podcast site at Pod-O-Matic.

khrt radio: My non-Real Estate Market Report - 04/11/19 11:49 AM
One of the "Hats" I wear is Account Executive for KHRT Radio and now is the perfect time to give you a market update. Our niche in the radio broadcasting market is that we are a family friendly Christian radio station. You can't get much more "niche" then that these days.
Now because we just completed our Spring Sharathon, a fundraiser designed to assist KHRT AM and FM in meeting it's financial obligations. We have less advertisers then most radio stations because we will not run ads that promote alcohol, tobacco, or gambling. We are a Christian, family friendly radio station.
As you can … (21 comments)

khrt radio: Meet Savanna Young, Sometimes known as Ace! - 04/04/19 12:52 PM
Talk about FUN! That's exactly what Savanna and I do (we talk about fun). Just talking to Savanna was a lot of fun. I think it's great that Collegiate Baseball is back in Minot for another year. As a neighbor to Corbett Field I can tell you that it used to be that I'd see about 20 people in the seats at Corbett field UNTIL The Sabre Dogs showed up. Now when the dogs play it's not unusual to see 1,000 people in the stands. What a thrill to see our Historic ball park come back to life! This is the … (7 comments)

khrt radio: Call Me! - 04/03/19 01:23 PM
Today is the day I start a week answering the phone for our Spring fundraiser to help keep Christian radio on the air. Most of you know it's truly a labor of love for me to do this. If you want to make a one time pledge of $10.00 or more to help out give me a call (701) 852-3789.
So WHY do we have a Spring and Fall Sharathon? We are a FAMILY friendly radio station and as such we do not accept advertising from liquor or gambling establishments. If we did accept advertising from those sources we could increase our … (8 comments)

khrt radio: Spring Sharathon Starts Wednesday - 04/01/19 06:24 AM
Twice a year I have the privilege of helping raise funds to keep Christian radio alive in the greater Minot area. That opportunity starts on Wednesday April 3rd this Spring. I owe my eternal life to Christian radio so every time I answer the phone during a Sharathon it's an opportunity for me to thank someone for the part they have played in saving my soul as well as many others like me.
That 1st day is often a little slow so if you wish to help out I will be answering phones April 3rd from 2PM to 6PM. Keep in mind that saving … (12 comments)

khrt radio: Rock Art is NOT Velvet Elvis or Album Covers - 03/28/19 08:36 AM
If you think rock art is Velvet Elvis or weird album covers you need a little educating from Linda Olson, Professor of Studio Arts at Minot State University. I could not believe how fast the time went on this subject.
Linda tells us about some local (ND rock) at and more. BTW the proper names for rock art are petroglyph (art carved into rock), pictograph (art painted unto rock), and petroform or geoglyph (art made from rock). We also talk about fiber arts. Again, just to clarify, fiber arts involve fiber... not fiber optics.

khrt radio: My visit with Professor of Studio Arts, Linda Olson at MSU - 03/19/19 11:32 AM

Here I am, doing another Arts interview. Why? Because I love the Arts. As I've said before: Artists have an eye for God's beautiful creation and each in their own individual way want to highlight or imitate Linda Olson has a GREAT eye for art and loves to teach art to students of all ages. She is close to retiring as a professor at Minot State University but even when she does retire she won't be giving up her favorite art, the ceramic arts, or teaching (as she has just built a beautiful studio off of her home so she can … (4 comments)

khrt radio: KHRT Radio has a GREAT website. - 03/05/19 09:21 AM
KHRT radio has a very consumer friendly website. This is the 1st in a series about it. Two area's of the site I want to visit about today are the FREE Classified Ads page and the Business Directory.
The free classifieds ads page is very underused so if you have anything you would like to sell it will get NOTICED, not buried like other free advertising pages. These ads also get mentioned on the "Trade- E_-O" show at 9:30 Friday on the AM Radio side. All ads are approved prior to appearing on the website and no commercial ads are accepted. … (4 comments)

khrt radio: Corporate Farming and North Dakota - 02/14/19 05:35 PM
Michael Ward with Martin Law of Minot visits with us on Minot Today about North Dakota's hotly contested Corporate Farming bill and we also spend a couple of minutes discussing industrial hemp.
Minot Today is broadcast over two radio stations every Friday. You can find it on 106.9 FM at 12:15 (Noonish) and again at 4:45 on 1320 AM. Of course I always post the broadcast as a Podcast here as well as my Podcast site at Pod-O-Matic.

khrt radio: Minot's Downtown Business & Professional Association - 02/13/19 07:38 AM
This morning I attended my first meeting of the Minot Downtown Business & Professional Association. I was very pleasantly surprised.
There were many familiar faces, several business leaders that I know and several that I did not know.
I did not know what to expect because when I visited the website it was very disappointing with old information of events already past and who knows how old the membership list is.
Again, I was pleasantly surprised! The five banquet tables were completely full and the discussion was up beat and positive. I was particularly pleased that someone said the website is ready to be upgraded and the hang-up … (6 comments)

khrt radio: The Move Is Nearly Final - 01/08/19 02:21 PM
I'm finally on the "home stretch" of moving. I'm out of the model home my last office was in but I still have stuff in the garage and I need to go back and clean.
I'm about 3/4 of the way into my new office with the walls painted, desks and computers set up, and almost everything set up (my stereo sounds awesome in this smaller place).
The last feature to set up is that I have an alcove type of entrance and I'm really excited to set it up but I need to add a security gate (on order from Menard's) so the … (24 comments)

khrt radio: Meet Minot's Most Famous Artist, Walter Piehl - 01/04/19 07:30 AM
Today's radio broadcast features Walter Piehl, Minot's most well known artist. Walter Piehl gives us some background history of his career as a professional artist and art teacher at Minot State University. We also talked about what Walter Piehl is doing today. To see Walter Piehl's website click HERE. 
Minot Today is broadcast over the air every Friday by two Minot radio stations. You can listen in live on 106.9 FM at 12:10 (over the lunch hour) and on 1320 AM at 4:45 PM. Of course if you miss the over the air episodes you will find the podcast version right here. If you … (19 comments)

khrt radio: gen·er·os·i·ty the quality of being kind and generous - 11/07/18 06:27 PM
I am thankful for 
Genuine generosity comes from the heart not by obligation, mandate or by taxes. 
There have been many times in my adult life that genuine generosity has been shown to me but never had I seen it like I did during the flooding of the Mouse River when it swept through our home the Summer of 2011. 
Genuine generosity looks like a pastor and his family helping you load the clothes washer and dryer out of your basement and into his pickup truck to take to someones home for safe keeping before the flood. (it wasn't our pastor and we did not … (35 comments)

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