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I NEED your help to buy a home! I put in an offer at an open house

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This shows a good example of why you should not purchase from the same agent who is listing the property.  This is especially true when it is a builder.

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Some calls we look forward to but some infamous words we never want to hear from Buyers we are working with. "I found a home- I need your help with the purchase" the caller boasts. What comes next is that sinking feeling as the buyer states "We put an offer in at their open house." You did what? I ask.... "We stopped by the open house on that home you gave us, the agent was more than happy to take our offer."


If you are looking to buy a home, and you are working with a Real Estate Agent, then that agent should accompany you to your viewings. If you are a buyer and you drive by an open house and just have to stop. You can indeed tell the agent conducting the open house that you are working with an agent. The Open House agent should at least be asking the question "Are you working with an agent?" before proceeding with their tour.


With my particular case the had bought and sold homes before with me before. We were supposed to meet Monday to sign the Buyer borker agreement and complete the pre-approval process. They said they were convinced by the Open house agent to make an offer right then and their as there is only so many new home sleft in this community. They said they were given the hard sell. They paid full price and got zero free uppgrades, no amenities and are paying for add ons that others have gotten included with the base price.


The Buyer? They rushed into something without thinking, they signed without reading and now are in a contract. For the legal aspect they will need to pay a lawyer.

The Open House Agent? Well maybe, This is the 2nd buyer I have heard the same story from being pressured to make an offer right then and there. this is not a time share folks. This sort of pressure should not be applied. Further more why isn't this agentg asking Buyers if they are working with someone? Isn't that Real Estate 101?

ME? I wonder.. did I not give them the "talk" that if they see anything they want to see i can get them in. Yes, i did that... Did I speak to them about representation and who represnets who? Yes I did that too...  

IN CONCLUSION Listing Agents represent the Seller and are looking out for the sellers best interest. A Buyers Broker is looking out for the Buyer. In new construction not every agent may be experienced with the process. A Buyer should have an agent who is well experienced in new Construction. Having grown up in the world of New Homes, I list and sell alot of new homes. This gives my Buyers an advantage in negotiating when I am representing them buying in other new home communities. This buyer in their haste paid too much, will wait too long for their house to be built and will pay retail for every add on, extra and upgrade they want to add. Fighting for a commission is for another day.

Mr. Buyer unfortanately you entered into a contract without me. This means you can not pepper me with question after question on this purchase as you choose to purchase without my reprsentation.

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