Who Has Ever Heard Of, The Himalayan Salt Lamp?

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So, what is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Well, it is a lamp that is inside a block of salt.  The heat from the light creates, what it does to the air.  What does the salt lamp create?  The salt lamp creates negative ions, that create indoor air particles to clump together and fall to the floor of the home. Either on the carpet or the hard surface floor.  The weight of the floor causes them to fall to the floor and then you easily vacuum up these particles.  Things like smoke, chemical odors, carbon monoxide, and other things like viruses, bacterial, and Mold.  Mold Removal to the rescue.  Mold Removal Charlotte or any other city or town that you live in.  They are great for respiratory issues or ailments as well as headaches and infections.  By the way, I have 3 in my home and they work wonders.  They are also good for bathrooms and odor and people who have issues passing gas.  So, if you know of anyone who passes gas, buy them a salt lamp.  Do yourself a favor as well as the person who has issues with gas.  Got Gas? Got Mold? Got Indoor Odor Issues?

To clean the salt lamp, do not put water on it or it will start to dissolve.  Do not put it underwater or emerse water unless you are trying to reduce the size of the salt block.  You will also need to change the light bulb when it burns out.  

I have had my salt lamps for years and if you take care of the lamp, they will last you for years.  They create IONS and IONS are compounds that carry a charge because they have an unbalanced number of protons or electrons.  Have you ever noticed the smell or odor when it rains or when there is a flash of lightning or a thunderstorm?  

Some of the ways, they have helped me are the following ways.

Air Quality

Mood Booster

Ambient Light and very romantic

Excellent night light or backup lighting

The light is very sexy.

I do not sell these lamps but you can pick them up for under $50.00 as of Sept. 2021.

My name is David Snell and I am the owner and operator of Executive Restoration and my passion is WATER DAMAGE and what it can create.  Welcome to Mold Country, if you do not get your water damage dried out properly.

This message is endorsed by David Snell who loves to write articles to educate others as well as inform on what works for me and what has helped me and so I relay what works or what has worked for me.  I am here to also, play show and tell. Who remembers the show and tell,  growing up in first grade or kindergarten?


Odor and Mold Issues For The Home. Mold Removal and MoreWho has ever heard of the Himalayan Salt Lamp?

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Interesting. I never heard of a salt lamp but it does sound as though it would be a useful device to have.

Thanks for sharing.

Sep 29, 2021 05:44 AM