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The wonderful world of a real estate agent.Each day is different, we never repeat the very same day.  New clients, new situations. A different house, sometimes we're the seller, sometimes we're the buyer... occasionally we're both.Nice clients, nice houses, bad clients worse houses... rain, sun, ...
My mother's Alzheimer's causes her to have a very short attention span.  I'd say that she behaves like a child, but it's really more like a puppy, distracted by every sound, every leaf and every shiny thing. One of the things she seems obsessed with lately is reading everything.  Not books or new...
My clients were having a difficult time finding a property that suited them.We'd looked at most of the listings that were popping up on the MLS, and went out viewing some of them.. and nothing was hitting us just right.I knew about a For-Sale-by-Owner that had recently come on the market.  It was...
If you're here long enough, you're going to run across the occasional rude, aggressive or abrasive comment.There has been much discussion as to how to handle those comments, especially on consumer facing posts.I've had my share of those in my years here on Active Rain (maybe more than my share).....
We have a mandatory staff meeting each Monday.  About two-thirds of the agents in my office show up to hear about new listings, listen to new offerings from our agency, and just network in general.It's nice to see everyone.Afterward, we have a tight group of agents who usually join each other for...
A few days ago we had a very blustery day, here in Chicagoland.  The chairs on my balcony were blown about, all around town, screens were torn, trash cans toppled, and garbage strewn about.It was quite a windstorm.Today, as I was showing property on a lovely street, in Evanston, with very mature ...
"My seller has decided to reject your offer."Okay... that happens all the time.  Our initial offer was rejected... but no counter??"So", I asked "Has your client sold to someone else?""No".uh... akward pause"Does your client have a counter for us?""Oh.... are we allowed to do that?""Allowed?   Wh...
Don't let anyone tell you that the market is slow.My weekend has been a marathon.  Friday was a full-full day. It started at 7:30, and it went moment to moment... showing to showing... a written offer, to an accepted offer.  Multiple calls from the Interwebs or Information Super bypass... and new...
As with many of us, I fell into this business almost by accident. It's rare that "real estate agent" is a first career, fresh out of school.  We often come to be a real estate agent as a second (or third) career.I was working as a graphic designer, during the time that computers were proliferatin...
One of the nice things about the houses, in my hometown of Evanston, for Realtors and residents alike, is that the homes are unique.  One house is not like the next.  Ain't no ticky-tacky here.  We have real houses...  Here are just a few.How about this one?   The mansion has a first name... it's...

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