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There seems to be a proliferation of well-known deaths on Facebook.  I'm not sure I understand.The most recent I've seen was this one right here... Joe Frazier's death at the age of 67.  It's one of those things that really tugs at the heartstrings... since you can see Muhammed Ali on the mat, ri...
You don't often think of Evanston, IL when you think of sinkholes.  You usually think of Florida, or Texas... but Illinois??But that's exactly what we had here in Evanston today.The photo you see to the right is an image of an SUV with it's front wheel stuck in a sinkhole.And interestingly enough...
Allright... let's all admit it, this guy... Punxatawny Phil... who is considered a prognosticator of the onset of Spring... this guy couldn't find his nose on his own face using both paws.And we Americans are willing, granted a little tongue-in-cheek, to accept this oversized rodent, as a weather...
Dear Mr. Realtor KnowledgeyI hear all of my friends, and people on the television talking about Caucusing... Caucus this, and Caucus that... what exactly is a Caucus??Dear FriendlessWell, the Caucasus Mountains are a system in Eurasia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea in the Caucasus moun...
A while back I was showing properties down in the city.  This was a buyer whose funds were limited, and we were looking at proprieties in marginal neighbourhoods that needed a fair amount of fixing up.He was riding with me in my car, as we hopscotched across the city, feeding parking meters as I ...
Well, first of all, MLS an acronym that stands for Multiple Listing Service, and there are lots of individual services all over the country.  There are over 700 multiple listing services that are administered by over 1400 local Realtor boards.So, what is it?A multiple listing service (or system) ...
Parties often carry over into the new year... I found myself at one over the weekend. Personally, I'm not a "party guy", but in this case it was an open house being thrown by buyers of mine... so I felt obligated to attend... but also felt they were nice people, and who know... it might be fun.So...
I'm seeing posts on Facebook that show snowfalls on the east coast of 28", 32", 40" and more.And of course it makes one think about how much snow was the most snow you ever had?This photo is a Chicago Tribune photo of Lake Shore Drive in 1967... the 67 Blizzard that's still spoken about in hushed...
Two agents went in for the very same listing (and, no.. I wasn't one of them).  They both offered similar marketing programs, they both offered similar pricing, and similar commission rates.The sellers knew both agents, personally.  Both agents were well known in the community and both were known...
In today's Chicagoland market, it's cheaper to own, than it is to rent.With that knowledge there's a Chicago developer who has offered to buy an iconic 448-unit condo called River City for $86 million dollars, and wants to de-convert the building to rentals.Mark Realty Capital has sent an offer t...

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