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This has nothing to do with real estate, but I feel compelled to promulgate this brave young woman's message to her attacker.  It's long, but I highly recommend taking the time to read through her impressive and poignant letter directed at her assailant. This is the same story that's been in the ...
Well I'm not braggin' babe so don't put me downBut I've got the fastest set of wheels in townWhen something comes up to me he don't even tryCause if I had a set of wings man I know she could flyShe's my little deuce coupeYou don't know what I got(My little deuce coupe)(You don't know what I got) ...
"Yes, I know there are a bunch of lockboxes there...  Mine is the one with my business card on the back".I get that call all the time.  Which one is yours?  Well, it says in the showing instructions that mine has my business card on the back.  Also, my combination is a four digit code, and the ot...
I just received a call from a gentleman who writes a real-estate associated column for a well-known newspaper.  He wanted to discuss a recent comment I'd made on a Q&A here on Active Rain.He introduced himself, as a columnist and member of Active Rain.  His name was not one that I knew, as I hadn...
The offer is accepted, we clear a number of hurdles, attorney review, inspection, appraisal. And then, the buyer has a change of heart.  We're back on the market.Another offer appears and is accepted, before attorney review and inspection are clear, the buyer has a change of heart (deja vu?)... a...
It's one of those perennial issues.  Consumers do not understand how our business works.  They don't understand what we do, how we get paid, nor how we get business.They don't understand that we're subcontractors and we don't get paid less'n we sell a property... (and sometimes not even then... d...
I have a few rental listings right now.  And they're causing my email, and cell phone to buzz pretty constantly.I don't typically handle rentals.  They're a lot of work, and they don't pay that well.Whenever I have rentals listings... my phone rings a lot.  With calls from individuals, calls from...
We all know that there are times when we want to punch another agent right in the kisser.Well, my managing broker, Chris Stephens, had an opportunity to live out that dream, at the Park West, last night.He spent 4.5 minutes in heaven (wait a minute... that's something else... ) I mean 4.5 minute...
What's with this new trend?I keep getting text messages, with the very simple message: "Call me".I'm getting them from fellow agents, from sellers, from buyers... it's just a short message.Aside from seeming a touch "bossy" seems somewhat inefficient.In order to send me that text... they hav...
Seems to work for me.

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