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Tesla. It seems to be the car of the 'moment", and has been in the news lately talking about their auto-pilot-ed cars.They seem to be on the edge of figuring this all out, in fact there are currently Tesla self-driving vehicles on the road (granted, these are "manned" cars... just in case), perha...
As Realtors, we work with many people.  Some of them we enjoy, others, not so much.  But regardless, they tend to drift in and out of our lives with some frequency.Colleagues, who work alongside us, for days, weeks and certainly years.  Some of those colleagues we thoroughly enjoy, lunching, part...
Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine, let's call him Jeff.  He was a voiceover personality, and a fairly successful one, whose voice you probably have heard on radio and television over the years.He was called back to the sound studio... his agent had told him that he "had" the campaign...
There's no earthly way of knowing, which direction they are going, or which way the river's flowing, is it raining, is it snowing, Is a hurricane a-blowing? The best sing-songy quote of Gene Wilder's, in my memory.  C'mon, you can all hear it in your mind's eye.... er, mind's ear.Gene Wilder had ...
The phone rang.... not an uncommon occurrence in the life of this Realtor.  But the ring was a slightly different ring, and it wasn't clear who the caller was.The symbol that showed was a circle with a lightning bolt inside.  It looked somewhat familiar, but I wasn't sure."I'll bet", I thought "...
For those of you, who are not among the 190,000 people who've already viewed this video, by brand new 4th grade Skokie teacher Dwayne Reed, I'm re-posting this video.  He produced and acted in this introductory video to his incoming students.I would imagine that his rapping and Barack Obama impre...
"Never, ever, ever remove that thing.  It brings the protection of the Gods!" the inspector explained to the first-time-home buyer.This is not the first time I'd heard that said about the exotic thing hanging on the front-door's jamb.What the heck is that thing on the doorpost anyway?  It's not e...
Jay Thompson was kind enough to point me toward a really good article written by Joe Manna entitled Millenial's guide to buying your first home.  It's a fairly long article, and Lord knows that in today's internet world, we don't have the patience to read through a lengthy piece, but the article ...
In this business of real estate we tend to measure ourselves against others and against ourselves.We measure success in sales volume of dollars... We measure success in number of transactions... we measure success in number of listings... We measure success in number of purchases.Others measure o...
In a recent post (which, of course, got featured!), Bob Stewart gave us a part of the recipe for the secret sauce that the Feature Fairies use, when deciding to attach a gold star to your post.There has been a lot of concern over what goes into that decision... who makes that determination... and...

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