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So far, we have over 1100 posts for the Hyper Local Challenge. The most common question at this point is: "How are you going to get through all these posts?" My answer: I have no idea!! It's going to be a group effort. Kerrie, Amber and Sarah don't know yet, but they will be helping. It's probabl...
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Had to shut down the second post, too many great posts being written and it's starting to load slow....... (Read what is written below please) If you are writing posts about specific listings, places of interest, or anything other than a place to live, please go back and read both of my previous ...
We recently brought on 3 new servers to handle the rash of proxy errors that have been occurring on the site. We are very aware of the issues that these errors present and the challenges associated with having to deal with them. No one is more concerned by the errors than our team, as we highly v...
(three posts in two days for me.....I don't know how some of you do it, you're like machines. I'm thoroughly impressed!!!) Brad and I were going to do a webinar Thursday March 25th at 10am Pacific time and go through some ActiveRain basics. We just switched it up. Thursday at ActiveRain Universit...
Clarification about Hyper Local Blog Challenge I had to shut the comments down in the other post as it gets a little hard to load after we reach about 300. So this is a continuation of the hyper local challenge where you can earn 7000 points in two weeks for writing content about a specific area ...
Last summer I did a contest where our members could write 7 blog posts in 7 days and get 1000 points for every post they wrote. I'm sure many of you reading were able to take advantage of that contest then. Well guess what...... It's back! (although this time I'm going to give you 14 days to writ...
In my last post, my fiance and I were racing to 1000 Facebook friends and I shared with you a tip of how to easily connect with your database, sphere or email contacts. (I won, but even after a sneaky trick to get there, she is back on my the end, she will win as she is much prettier...
My fiance and I have had a little competition going for the last couple of months. Who can get to 1000 Facebook friends the fastest. (It's worth noting that both of us are a DISTANT second to her mother, who is approaching 2300 friends) I'd very rarely gone out and tried to collect Facebook frien...

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