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A contingency in a contract means something has to happen for the contract to move forward. Some are financial, appraisal related, and some have to do with factors outside the actual contracted property. For instance, maybe your offer on a new home is contingent on selling your current home. Make...
I own a condo in the Smyrna area, just to the west of Atlanta. Its a nice 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath condo that my younger daughter is living in while finishing up her degree in college. Come May (Hopefully) she will graduate and move to wherever life takes her. This is all great, but what do I do with...
A Short Sale is when a home is sold for less than the amount to cover the existing loan. Why would a bank allow such a thing to occur? It is usually less expensive to do this than for the bank to foreclose on the property and market it for sale.There are some interesting twists in the Short Sale ...
The next 36 hours will be a test for most people's patience who live on the east coast. There is a large storm spinning up the coast that will bring lots of snow and ice. My wife works for Georgia Power and is spending at least the next day or two hunkered down in the storm center helping get cre...
The housing market changes quickly. Sometimes hour to hour. I have a client looking for a home where it will be tough to find something based on his needs and ability to buy. Not impossible, but tough.During our first conversation we discussed what he was looking for, got him pre-approved by a le...
I was asked yesterday by some good friends how my business was and I casually mentioned that January is typically one of my slowest months. They asked, what do you do when it is slow, as if I might just be sitting around doing nothing but twiddling my thumbs.Well, I said, I have 4 buyers looking ...
One of the many things I like about the South is that we have 4 seasons, with winter generally one of the shorter ones! This morning I woke up to 19 degree weather and decided Winter has arrived.Normally, we see below freezing weather every Winter. We even occasionally get an inch or two of snow ...
I like this time of year. Especially this year. We have had temps in the 70's most of December when it is normally in the low 50's. With all this warm weather came a bunch of rain as well, it just doesn't seem like December 31, 2015 to me.Maybe its because I started my new year last month. When y...
Gibbs Gardens is located in the Ball Ground area of North Atlanta. It was developed by a local owner of a landscape company. It is known for many things such as the Spring Daffodils and the Fall Japanese Maples. It truly is beautiful year round. If you are planning to visit Gibbs Gardens, bring a...
There have been some situations in the past where a repair or job at a home being sold will not be completed before the closing date. Years ago, we would have the seller write a check to the vendor of the buyer's choice for the work to be done. This check would be given to the buyer at closing. I...

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