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Located in the Bridgemill subdivision in Canton Ga., this custom home has it all. From the moment you walk through the leaded glass front door until the time you sit down to enjoy the outdoor fireplace, you are surrounded by elegance. Located on a quiet cul-de-sac, this home is a one of a kind. A...
In the 60 & 70’s we all “Enjoyed” our avocado green and harvest gold appliances.  We all knew someone, or maybe it was us, that had a great shag carpet. Luxurious! And remember the wallpapers that included fuzzy areas? These design trends mostly ran their course, thankfully.I believe the next des...
It is getting closer. What is? That time when many people decide that it is time to sell their homes and move on to something bigger, smaller, different, etc. It usually begins around here in late February and extends to June. Folks are trying to move after the kids get out of school for the Summ...
I have a home under contract and the buyers did their home inspection. They asked for 2 items to be dealt with which we agreed to, but made a slight change in the request. We initialed the change and sent the amendment back to the buyers agent to get his clients to initial the change. They never ...
  I often get asked this time of year when the best time to list in the Spring is. The chart above gives good answers to that question. You can plainly see that new listings for the Woodstock zip code peak in April after rising every month from January. My suggestion is to always get the home lis...
I love hearing the old saw about anytime being a great time to sell. I think what this old saying is trying to tell us is that agents would like a paycheck anytime. Well, if you truly have the best interests of your client in mind, it may not always be the best time to sell.I have had several rec...
I like to look at the above graphic. It looks like a race car dashboard to me. And what it says is interesting. Some metrics are racing ahead like median sales price, and others are lagging behind, like active listings.A quick summary of the above shows us that in the Woodstock zip code area 3018...
We have all heard the saying that patience is a virtue. In Real Estate, this is especially true. I currently have a listing where the potential Buyer is trying everyone's patience, including his own agent's. He has been pushing my Seller very hard in the negotiations, which on the surface is fine...
Coming soon! This 3 bedroom 2 bath split level home has been recently updated and is ready for the next owner to love! Located in the Towne Lake community of Woodstock Georgia, this home is but a 2 minute walk from the largest public park in the county, Hobgood Park Video. Also within a minutes w...
1 Bedroom, no bath. Free air conditioning. Fixer upper. Enter at you own risk. Why buy this home? The view of course! You can see for a bazillion miles!Respectfully submitted to the November Photo contest under the exterior picture category.This little house was found on the way in to see Great D...

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