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That was until the gentlemen from JSA showed up. You see, my front steps and porch were beginning to settle. If left alone, they would have pulled away from the house and left a gap. I have visited many homes in our area where I have seen this. From cracks just starting to form, to 2-4 inch crack...
Have you heard the old saw, You don't want to own the most expensive home in the neighborhood? Well, there is a lot of truth to this. When you go to sell this home all the comps will be lower priced, from smaller, less desirable homes. All these conditions will need to be adjusted for by the appr...
As a consumer looking for a home to buy, do you realize that some of the descriptions in the MLS that the listing agent has written might actually be in code? That's right. We agents are part of a secret society and we communicate by code!Ok, not really, but there are some words that an agent wil...
I have heard of people being in a rut. They tend to do the same things every day. Day in...and day out. The same job, the same routine, the same everything. It is my hope that most of you reading this post are not in this category. How wonderful it is to do something different every day! Yet some...
I'm not sure, but I think my Great-Grandmother would be about 130 years old. I'm also sure that she did not hear me say hello. Yesterday I was going through a cardboard box full of old pictures and saw her there for the first time ever! The picture was in really good shape as well.In these days o...
Somehow, before this week started, I was reasonably sure I would never utter these two words in the same sentence, Mud Jacking. Well, I have learned all about this process this week.Have you ever noticed that sometimes front brick step seem to settle and pull away from the house foundation? I see...
The Cherokee Photo Club meets twice per month in downtown Canton Ga., Usually the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month. The first meeting is our competition meeting where members submit photos to be judged. I love going to these meetings just to see the beautiful work done by our members.We will all ...
So, you want to sell your home. You made an appointment with your agent and you are looking forward to your meeting. He/She gets to your home right on time. You walk through the house making small talk and then you all sit down to talk seriously about your home.This is where the conversations can...
Websites. These are the golden geese that just keep laying golden eggs. They are the massive fishing nets used to troll theĀ Internet and dredge up tons of new leads. They are the magnets that attract all kinds of new business, right? What, you disagree?I remember years ago having leads call me be...
This has been a really good year for people in the Real Estate business. Sales are up and everyone is happy...almost. I have noticed recently that there are certain areas where homes are not selling as well as their neighboring subdivisions. I wonder why?In some cases whole neighborhoods are just...

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