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You are almost there! The home that you are about to purchase, the one with the white picket fence, is almost yours. You have negotiated a good and fair price and the seller has agreed to fix up a few things that your home inspector found. You are now ready to go to the closing table, right? Not ...
Ihave decided to sell a rental property I have owned for about 3 years. The timing for the sale is right. My wife and I bought it for our daughter to live in while she was in school. The interesting part for me now is I am going through what I tell my selling clients to do.So, we power washed the...
Some of the things that tend to get under my skin are negotiations that get down to the nickles and dimes. For instance, a Buyer and Seller arguing over a $50 rug, or a small $100 mirror, or who gets an ancient DVD player. Ugh.I get that a dollar in your pocket is better than a dollar in someone ...
In case you have not heard, the south has been pummeled by storms recently. Texas and Louisiana dealt with Harvy and Florida and Georgia got tossed around by Irma. Millions of people are still without power and are suffering great losses. My heart goes out to them. But I am not blogging about the...
Many neighborhoods in this area have what we call detention or retention ponds. They help deal with the rain water runoff from the storm drains. Usually they are set aside in the back of the subdivision, silently doing their important work. Occasionally they happen to be next door to a home. Do y...
Paint. By far the easiest thing to do to spruce up your home and the best bang for your buck. I was in a home this weekend and every wall corner had been scraped clean of paint. I guess kids dragged their hands around the corners or something, but this could have been fixed with a bit of paint.I ...
Rugs. We are not discussing the type that sit on ones head today. We are looking at the type that sit on the floor. The occasional rugs scattered around the house. The runners down the hallway. The nice rug at the front door or under the dining room table or in the master bath.When I show homes w...
For years the conventional wisdom has been for Sellers to take down and pack away all their family pictures. The thought was that this would help enable potential Buyers "Picture" themselves living in the home without the distraction of someone else's stuff. To this day I get asked by Sellers whe...
Your front door. Have you looked at it recently? Does it get baked by the sun and pounded by the weather? I will bet you that it does. Go take a look right now...I can wait.You back? What did you think? Yep, pretty nasty. Front doors are the gateway into your home. I don't think anyone ever used ...
I just came in from watching the Eclipse. Here is the Atlanta area, we were treated to about a 97% totality. The picture to the left was taken by my daughter out in Oregon at a spot were they were 100% totality. Very cool right?Even neater are the little shadow crescents that form during the even...

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