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Ok, so you keep hearing there is a raging seller's market going on, nice! This means you can place your home on the market at any price and people will be throwing cash offers at you, right? Not so fast. There are multiple reasons this may not be the case.The biggest I can think of is that in dea...
I recently sat down with my CPA for our mid year correction meeting. We try to do this every year to make sure my withholding is correct and to discuss tax stuff. I know, sounds like fun right? Well, this year, while discussing my rental property, he says, you need to sell your rental. What? Just...
I have a client that I helped rent his home 5 years ago. I do not manage the home, it is owner managed. Unfortunately for my out-of-town landlord, he has not been able to check on the house. He recently asked me to check on the house for him as the long term tenant was moving out. I checked last ...
I have a client looking for a home out and away from the Atlanta Metro area. He sent me 7 homes that he would like to see this Saturday. No problem, I said. So I started setting up our appointments. I called the first agent and she said, nope we are under contract as of today. Rats. So on to the ...
Sometimes we agents get so focused that we can knock out huge projects with a single bound. We stand upon tall buildings with our capes blowing in the wind, moving from crisis to crisis, resolving them as we go to raucous applause. Yes we own the Real estate world!Then there are the other times. ...
Just in case you have not heard...there are not enough homes for sale in this area to meet buyers needs, and its making for some really weird deals. Sometimes I just drop my jaw and look like the guy above.I have sellers that have their home listed at a very reasonable price. Yet every agent that...
First off, let me explain that I am all about getting my clients the best deal, whether buying or selling a home. With that said, what I don't like are agents that play games with their clients lives. I am finding that some agents prefer the thrill of the "game" more than helping their clients ac...
Wow. I suffered my first bout of Vertigo ever last week. I could not even get out of bed. If I lay still on my back I was OK. Otherwise the room started to spin. Definitely not a fun ailment. So, today I am about 95% back to what most people around me would call normal. Thank goodness. So as I wa...
Listed and sold in 6 days. Unsold in 10 more. Recently we offered a home in a neighborhood where homes don't last long on the market. We priced it right and had multiple offers within days. The sellers decided to go with a cash offer, large earnest money deposit. Things were looking good.Unfortun...
This is not a rant, I promise. Just an observation. During our Spring market every year, we see an increase in multiple offers for homes that are priced right. This year is no exception. However, we are still dealing with a very low inventory issue. There just are not enough homes on the market t...

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