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We have all heard the saying that patience is a virtue. In Real Estate, this is especially true. I currently have a listing where the potential Buyer is trying everyone's patience, including his own agent's. He has been pushing my Seller very hard in the negotiations, which on the surface is fine...
Coming soon! This 3 bedroom 2 bath split level home has been recently updated and is ready for the next owner to love! Located in the Towne Lake community of Woodstock Georgia, this home is but a 2 minute walk from the largest public park in the county, Hobgood Park Video. Also within a minutes w...
1 Bedroom, no bath. Free air conditioning. Fixer upper. Enter at you own risk. Why buy this home? The view of course! You can see for a bazillion miles!Respectfully submitted to the November Photo contest under the exterior picture category.This little house was found on the way in to see Great D...
This guy was hiding in a small barn by the side of a road until he saw several of us photographers walking by. He came running out looking like he was ready to play!  Yet another photo I took in Colorado a month ago respectfully submitted to the November photo contest on AR.I also had many shots ...
I was traveling recently in Colorado with a photo club and we were taking pictures of the Elk. One of the others had turned around and seen this sight developing and yelled at us to turn around. It did not last long but it left me spellbound at how beautiful this country is.I am respectfully subm...
I see many people moving within the area. They sell one home and move to another. This sets up several unique problems. Timing issues arise because if the seller sells their home before they can move into a new home, they can end up living with mom and dad for a while. If they don't sell fast eno...
I recently had the pleasure of driving with my younger daughter from Atlanta to San Jose Ca. She is starting her first job out of college in the Silicon Valley area. We had been out there 2 weeks earlier to scout out a place to live for her. Wow, there are big differences in housing costs. We wer...
I have always thought that selling a home is a bit like fishing. You have all your fishing equipment that is designed to make short work of those fish. You stop on the way to your favorite fishing hole and buy a container of big fat worms, then set up and drop a line. Here is where some fishing p...
Hats. The word can be used as a euphemism for a job. As in, I wear a bunch of hats at my work. Well, I just got a new hat. Estate sale and clean out guru. No, I don't actually do these jobs, but I have recently needed to employ these services for my clients. I first began understanding the proces...
Den Boer Homes just sent out the second in a series of monthly mailers. Like the first one (Simpler Times) and all the rest to come, we featured the same photographer. These mail pieces are supposed to offer the recipients a cute picture that they might wish to hang on to, put up on their refrige...

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