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 In today's economy, especially in Michigan, seller's have to pull out all the stops to sell their home.  Staging has become an important piece of that puzzle.  I don't believe that it is the magic key  because there are other factors that come into play when selling a home.  The key factors alwa...
What Some REALTORS Advise.  Is it Right or Wrong?Just know that I'm not putting down REALTOR advice.  We give advice to help you sell your home.  The conflict comes in with knowing what the buyers are looking for.  For instance, let's look at the dilemma with white walls vs. color walls.  Some RE...
One of my favorite things to write about is What's HOT on the market.  Most of my What's HOT came from the REALTOR magazine, but just know I wouldn't have decided to write about it, if I didn't believe it myself from what I've seen in the marketplace.  So whether or not you are just curious, are ...
      As I make all my New Year's Resolutions, I have to think about 2007.  The other day, I was going through the year and realized that it went by so fast.  (Thank goodness for my old articles so that  I don't have to rely on my memory!) And thank goodness for a new year.  Last year, I remember...
Market trends show that the West Michigan marketplace was very similar to the 2006 stats.  However, last year did see a big increase in short sales and foreclosures in the marketplace.  Here's the information and best guess estimates from our local MLS board (Grand Rapids Association of Realtors)...

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