earthquakes ut: Perhaps our world is resting - 05/28/12 11:00 AM
Perhaps our world is resting In the time that I have been observing earthquake occurrences for the Intermountain Corridor I have looked at intervals of 168 hours (one week), expecting 30 to 50 events for each interval - normal earth movement.

This week I can only report nine events, with a top one of 2.7, near Boulder UT. It is as though our earth is resting - all quiet. But then again, a week is but a flicker in earth time.
Today I have included two of the documents along with the familiar map I read during my observations. Wherever you … (2 comments)

earthquakes ut: Earthquakes in my life - 05/20/12 10:37 AM
Earthquakes in my life  
My readers: you will realize that I may have a strange hobby for a Real Estate Agent. I like to observe earth movements (earthquakes) in my locality. Here I have chosen to look at the whole of Utah and include places north to Yellowstone, conveniently labeled “The Intermountain Corridor” by the US Seismic Service.
The maps that I observe indicate earthquake locations and intensity for the last week. This time 34 events are recorded.

Draw an X on a map corner to corner, and at the overlap you have my … (6 comments)

earthquakes ut: Things that go "bump" in the Rockies - 04/26/11 12:07 PM

Things that go "bump" in the Rockies When I was a boy (seems so long ago, but compared to the age of a rock, not so far back) I got to know a machine in the Post Office building in my home town. It had an inked arm that was meant to wave when it was shaken. No matter how hard I jumped up and down, I could not get the needle to move. But move it did, because its tracks showed on the contained drum. Sometimes I was rewarded with wild swings, sometimes just blotchy inertia - such … (10 comments)

earthquakes ut: Intermountain West - Shaken or stirred. - 04/10/11 02:58 PM

Intermountain West - Shaken or stirred.
For my readers who have been with me for a few months at least, you will recognize my updated map to the right which my records my hobby activity of "bumps" in my region. the  Intermountain Corridor - Utah to Yellowsone
You must realize that my interest is informative NOT alarmist in nature, and results from a lifetime of similar interest and education.
How often do earthquakes occur in Utah? About 700 earthquakes (including aftershocks) are located in the Utah region each year. Approximately 2% of the earthquakes are felt. An average of … (3 comments)

earthquakes ut: Rockin' in the Rockies UT - 02/14/11 10:49 AM

Rockin' in the Rockies UT
My early training in Archeology included Climatology, Geology and Geomorphology. Hence I have a greater than normal interest in things that go "bump" (mostly in the night).
When University of Utah Seismograph Stations reported an occurrence in Lehi UT (sigh of relief: it's 25 miles south of Sandy UT, my home) I viewed the map.
A micro earthquake occurred at 6:09:43 PM (MST) on Sunday, February 13, 2011.The magnitude 2.8 event occurred 6 km (4 miles) WSW of Lehi, UT.The hypocentral depth is 5 km ( 3 miles).
It seems that the Lehi had three … (4 comments)