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Ice is out of the lakes in most of Minnesota.In North  Branch area the ice is GONE!Now is a great time to see what the beaches look like on homes for sale.The water is as clear as it will be all year.  Now is the time to see what the swim area is like.Is it nice and sandy or is it muddy.The needs...
Yes, today I find out the damages and how far into my pocket Uncle Sam will go.I have all my numbers together and will visit my accountant this evening.He not only does my taxes but gives me some sound tax advice for the coming year.Now, If I could just rid myself of my uncle I would be doing ver...
It was a great Easter and this morning was a great  reminder of what the day before was all about.I got up just a s the sun was coming up over the horizon.The is the veiw I got and it was a great reminder of what "God" did for us.This sunrise reaffirmed to me that God is there and loves us all.
Fertilizing your lawn in North Branch, Minnesota is not all cut and dry.There are many thinks to keep in mind.Temp of the ground.Is the grass growing yet.Have you done your leaf cleanup. And then there is the..What kind and quality should I use.Do you have a lot of weeds to get rid of.what is you...
It is spring and time to trim the trees.But, if yo live in North Branch Minnesota you have about a week to safely do it.After that time you are in much more danger of disease infecting your trees, especially fruit and ornamental trees.Not sure if your area is safe to trim, call the DNR or any ag ...
I was given this picture some years ago.I try and share it every 2-3 years.I do not recall just when I did share it last, so I am sharing it today.Look closely and see the life of Christ in on photo.Easter is in the morning..May God's Sacrifice lead us down the right path.  
A few relatives have always complained about the egg coloring segment of easter.The kids make a mess...(So what)The time needed to plan the event.Well, I really enjoy the way I have done it.Although it may be hard for you city folk to do this.Take a look and see what I mean...   Piece of cake!!1
Yes, we have drafted and teams are starting to tweak their rosters.Major League Baseball starts with a couple of games on the 3rd of April with all teams playing on the 4th.Before that time I will highlight our teams and give my predictions as to placing.I invite our teams to take the same challe...
If only the old houses could talk.I be the tales it could tell.Tales of hardshiplovefamilyfriendsand so much more.But for now it is just an old house to be torn down.  If it is lucky, some of the siding will go for some old home that needs just some repair.Yes, if only it could talk.  
If you are looking to buy a home, Be ready!There are a lot of buyers and not many homes.You need to be ready to make the offer and follow through to the end.You need to:Get Pre-approved.Research the area you are looking in.Consider an agent to work with.Be prepared to ask the right questions.You ...

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