personal development: Get Motivated to Finish the Year Right - 09/28/18 04:25 PM
Only three months left of 2018: Are you on track to achieve your goals? Here are several Buffini & Company events that are sure to motivate you to surpass your 2018 goals and start thinking about your 2019 goals.
Mining for diamonds in Monterey
Brian Buffini’s Success Tour™ is off to Monterey, CA on October 24th and 25th for two days of strategy and motivation at the Monterey Conference Center. Join Brian Buffini, Joe Niego, Dave McGhee and J’aime Nowak as they share timeless tips and strategies to increase production and build a business that lasts. Special guest Nick Vujicic, the president and … (1 comments)

personal development: Don’t Miss an Opportunity for Personal Development in September - 09/04/18 08:23 AM
Mark your calendars: Brian Buffini’s Success Tour™ and Buffini & Company’s GameChangers™ are on the agenda this month.
Find Your Acre of Diamonds in Dallas
The Success Tour will be in Dallas, Texas next week—September 5th & 6th—at the Renaissance Dallas Addison Hotel. You won’t want to miss two days of strategy and networking intended to help you stay motivated to achieve your goals this year. Brian, Joe Niego, Dave McGhee and J’aime Nowak share their knowledge and experience navigating the changing real estate landscape. Award-winning author Connie Podesta will inspire you to get motivated. Click here to register for the live event. … (1 comments)

personal development: Opportunities for Learning Are on the Horizon - 08/02/18 08:18 AM
The key to success is continuous learning and development. Luckily, we have several one- and two-day seminars planned to help you boost your skills and keep you motivated as you head into the autumn months.
Beat the August heat in Northern Virginia
Buffini & Company’s GameChangers™ heads to Northern Virginia on August 20th for a full day of timeless real estate strategies to help you thrive in your market. Joe Niego, J’aime Nowak, Kevin Buffini and Dave McGhee will give you the tools you need to offer your clients top-notch service and surpass your competition. Network with other high-performing professionals over a free … (1 comments)

personal development: 3 Tips for Building a Business that Lasts - 07/26/18 09:25 AM
People get into real estate for many reasons. One of the most common is they wish to go into business for themselves and have the freedom of being their own boss. Being an entrepreneur is a mindset. You want to bet on yourself, believe in yourself and you have the desire to bring a product or service into the marketplace in a way that’s better, different, cheaper or faster than someone else. However, not every business makes it. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 20 percent of businesses fail in the first year and half fail by their … (0 comments)

personal development: What Do You Believe About Yourself? - 07/18/18 11:22 AM
What do you believe deep-down about yourself? According to the Max Maltz, the best-selling author of the book, Psycho-Cybernetics, “Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your handbrake on.” The beliefs we have about ourselves and our abilities have immense power. Positive beliefs motivate us to achieve our goals and nurture lasting success. On the other hand, negative beliefs not only hinder us from creating the lives we desire, they may also provide the excuses we rely upon to explain why we didn’t achieve our goals or didn’t try at all. Beliefs like, “I’m not smart enough” or “I wasn’t … (1 comments)

personal development: Beat the Mid-Summer Slump - 07/05/18 08:12 AM
The dog days of summer are nearly upon us. While you’re escaping the heat, be sure to take some time for personal growth and development. It’ll keep you focused at a time when it’s too easy to drift.
Buffini & Company’s GameChangers™ Heads to Northern Virginia in August
After a successful event in Toronto in June, the Buffini & Company GameChangers crew is back and excited to head to Northern Virginia on August 20th. Want to learn from the best? We have a full lineup, including Joe Niego, J’aime Nowak, Kevin Buffini, and Dave McGhee, to offer their best tips and strategies to … (1 comments)

personal development: Get Ready for Your Best Year Ever - 01/08/18 04:47 PM
It’s a new year—what better time to put your goals into action and have your best year ever? It’s not enough to declare it and wish with all of your might, though. In order to have your best year, it’s essential to include these four things in your overall plan:
Prepare to succeed. Preparation is essential to help you handle the unexpected things that occur in your day. When you’re prepared, you’ll be more comfortable to deal with it without getting anxious or letting it distract you from the priorities on your to-do list. What’s the best preparation? Practice. Practice your dialogs … (4 comments)

personal development: How to Become a More Effective Leader in 2018 - 01/02/18 07:48 AM
What makes a leader great? Is it their vision or magnetic personality? Is it their experience and learned wisdom? While all of these contribute to making a leader, one thing that sets a leader apart is their willingness to be all in.
Many leaders share their vision with their teams, and then ask them to commit to it without being fully committed to it themselves. It’s unfair to ask your team to commit to your vision, mission and goals if you’re not committed to them. The most effective leaders lead by example, modeling the behavior they expect from their teams and showing … (2 comments)

personal development: How to Make Lasting Changes in Your Life and Business - 11/28/17 07:49 AM
We live at a time where change occurs at a rapid pace. The number one reason people change is because it’s too painful not to. Often, people don’t change until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of the change. John Maxwell said, “People don’t change because they see the light; they change because they feel the heat.” This type of change occurs to us and causes us to go into a reactionary mode.
Other times, we want to change, but we tend to go back to our old habits after a while because we haven’t fully transformed … (1 comments)

personal development: Change Up Your Game in 2018 - 11/21/17 07:27 AM
by Joe Niego
Do you have a game plan for 2018? If you’re like most agents, you may not begin to think about it until January 1. However, if you want to be successful, don’t wait; now is the time to not only outline your plan, but also begin to put the pieces into action. Here are five strategies that are sure to help you change up your game and plan for a successful 2018.
Change your mindset. Your mindset often determines your success. Adopt the givers-gain mindset and you’ll shower the clients in your database with attention, especially your top referring … (1 comments)

personal development: How to Be More Effective in the Coming Year - 11/14/17 08:23 AM
Is one of you goals to become even more successful in 2018? Now is when many agents and brokers begin to think about what they’d like to achieve in the coming year. Whether or not you’ll succeed in achieving those goals depends on the habits you’ve developed over your career. Your habits do more than help you succeed; they also decide how effective and efficient you are as an agent. If you want to improve, look at your habits first.
1. Wake up earlier. One of the things the most successful people have in common is they wake up early each morning. … (3 comments)

personal development: 3 Steps to Maintain High Performance - 09/25/17 12:24 PM
by Brian Buffini
Whether you want to become a high performer or maintain a state of high performance, there are steps you can take to help you stay on track.
Get a mentor.A mentor is someone who’s taken the path you want to take and achieved success. They can offer advice and guidance to you on your journey and suggest tools and resources you can use to help you avoid the challenges they faced. Utilize teachers, presenters and successful professionals in your network who you admire. If it’s difficult to get face-to-face with the mentor, use other resources, such as email, personal notes … (1 comments)

personal development: Make Time for Learning - 08/30/16 01:16 AM
Kids aren’t the only ones going back to school. If you want to improve your skills, it’s important commit to learning, whether it’s reading a book or taking a class or workshop. However, if you’re like many agents and brokers, you may say, “I’d love to learn more, but I just don’t have the time.” When you’re busy closing deals, generating leads and trying to build a business it can be difficult to carve out time to take classes and learn. But, it’s a double-edged sword: If you don’t take the time to learn and improve your skills, you’ll be less … (1 comments)

personal development: 6 Influential Books that Have Guided Me on the Path to Success - 08/24/16 08:34 AM

By: Brian Buffini
Learning is essential to success; and one of the best ways to gain new information and perspective is in a book. I’ve always been a voracious reader. And, like many people, there are books that have had such a profound impact on me that I’ve read them several times and learn something new every time.
Here is a list of books I go to again and again. If you haven’t read them before, dig in and take notes. If you have already read them, pick them up again and see what you get from them this time around.
The Richest Man … (34 comments)

personal development: 7 Ways to Boost Your Productivity and Become a Top Producer - 04/21/16 01:48 AM

By Joe Niego
Many people ask me, “Joe, how can I become a top producer?” Being a top real estate producer takes time, hard work and dedication. I’ve been a top producer in the business for well over two decades, and in that time I’ve learned a thing or two about boosting production and generating more income. The first thing is you need a system that helps you work smarter, one like the work by referral system, which earns our agents and lenders up to eight times the national average.
The second thing you need is support to help you stay on track … (8 comments)

personal development: How to Manage Yourself & Get More Done! - 02/03/16 08:43 AM
Many of us became real estate professionals because we wanted to be our own bosses. However, the downside of being your own boss is that you may become the most difficult person to manage. Your success becomes dependent upon the choices you make each day, and if you make the wrong choices or foster the wrong habits, it can impede your progress. Here are three ways to make managing yourself easier.
“The key to success is the choices that we make.”
-Brian Buffini
What are your strengths? We’re all good at something. The key is to find what you’re good at and nurture it. Many … (38 comments)

personal development: 5 Ways to Develop Better Habits - 02/03/16 08:33 AM
Identifying bad habits is the easy part. The hard part is developing good habits to replace them. After all, it takes time and practice to develop a habit, whereas it doesn’t take much to create a bad one. Make this the year you revamp your habits with these tips:
1. Make a plan. If you want to change your life with better habits, it’s essential to create a plan.
• Visualize the life you want to lead and don’t leave out a detail.
• Write down what you see, and what you must do to make it a reality.
• Write down the steps you need to take. … (2 comments)

personal development: Let’s get After it! - 01/08/16 07:52 AM

By J'aime Nowak, Director of Corporate Development for Buffini & Company
Welcome 2016! There is nothing like a brand new year to get me focused on my specific intentions, priorities and goals for myself, my family and my work life. How about you? In December, I always take time to reflect on where I’ve been, what we’ve done and how I want to grow in the future. It’s always a shocking list when I stop to take an inventory. Looking at what success we’ve had and what obstacles we’ve overcome in the frenzy of a full life gives us hope and confidence to … (1 comments)

personal development: Embrace your happiness - 12/15/15 01:17 AM
By Brian Buffini
One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that happiness is somehow for other people. How many times have you been envious of something or thought that it was unattainable for yourself? Truth is, every time we’re envious of another person’s success and happiness, we give ourselves an excuse that prevents us from fulfilling our own potential.
If you’ve been a client of Buffini & Company for a while or have been to an event like our Success Tour, you’ve likely heard me tell the story about when I got into a horrible motorcycle accident and was stuck with several … (28 comments)

personal development: Rethinking Success: Finding Balance in All Areas of Life - 11/24/15 03:09 AM

Gloria Yu had always been successful in real estate; unfortunately, it took a toll on her personal life. “I did well because my life was consumed by real estate,” she says. “I didn’t have a life.” Relying on conventional methods of lead-generation since she began her career in 1991, she built a large database of over a thousand people, mainly through cold-calling. “I’d call a thousand people each week,” she says. Although her business was thriving, she was working alone with no connections to other agents, no structure and no system in place.
“The buffini system has helped me uncover my true … (13 comments)