big canoe homes: The Godfather, Avian style photos - 06/01/09 04:22 AM
Geese are great animals. Like in the Godfather, family is everything. A Gander will face down an SUV when his family is crossing the road. These shots were taken near a mountain lake as a family prepared to cross the road. This shot is of the geese preparing to cross. In the shot below the Gander is taking offense at me as I have stopped in his path and he wants to get his family across the road. i moved along after this shot as he made me an offer I couldn't refuse


big canoe homes: Peek-A-Bear - 05/30/09 02:34 AM
Driving through our neighborhood I noticed a Big Rock on the road. I thought I need to stop and move this before some one comes around a turn and hits it. As I was about to get out of my car my wife stopped me and pointed up into the woods,
I looked up and it was Peek-a Bear!!!! This young Bear was peeking out from behind a tree. He and his sibling were playing rolling rocks down the hill. Perhaps he would have sprung out and said the Bear equivalent of Surprise! At that point I would have had the … (10 comments)

big canoe homes: In the Mountains photo - 05/29/09 05:14 AM
About a week ago I posted photos of the all marble Tate house. There are many scenes in the mountains:
Grizzles country store and many like it are fixtures in our mountains. usually they open about now and carry fresh produce and ice tea. So you may be  headed to Amicoloa Falls , about 2 miles west of Grizzles, and one of the the longest falls East of the Mississippi. You could be headed east to Dahlonega about 10 miles from Grizzles, the site of the first Gold rush in the US in the 1820's. You could be hauling a horse … (3 comments)

big canoe homes: Wordless Wed. Well almost Wordless - 05/28/09 07:14 AM
Recently a pretty 3 acre lot sold in our mountains. It was wooded and had a stream behind it. It also had a nice flat building site. As lots go it was a good one as it is on a paved road and had county water. The price it went for was 80,000. But what made this lot special was the view:
Looking across the country road from the lot this is what you would see from your front porch
Looking to the left, or on your side porch you would see the barn more green great horses and the stream … (11 comments)

big canoe homes: The Tate House, History in the "Pink" - 05/21/09 12:52 AM
North Georgia is the Marble Capital for the U.S. Many of the public buildings around the country and even in Europe have Georgia Marble in them . One of the prominent families in the marble business, which is still active today is the Tate Family. In fact in the mountains the town of Tate is a pretty little village. You can even buy homes made by Sears in the 1920's. Sitting in the village is the Tate House.
Front of the Tate house features pretty columns and gardens. Of course the home is made of marble. In fact a vein of … (9 comments)

big canoe homes: Shaun Johnson Wins Dancing with the Stars ...So what? - 05/20/09 01:10 AM
Olympic gymnast Shaun Johnson won the Dancing with the Stars trophy last night. So what ? Here is what
 Shaun is 17 and the youngest competitor to win. She is not a long legged model. She is a strong gymnast. So for her this did not come easy. She did not have a dancers build for sure. Nor was she very comfortable with her male partner at first. But what she did was show that a young lady who does not have a dancers body or training could overcome obstacles with hard work. She also showed that all the touching etc … (2 comments)

big canoe homes: A diiferent look at Reverse mortgages - 05/19/09 03:17 AM
Most of us understand in some degree or another the value of a reverse mortgage. Let me describe a real situation that is maybe not so apparent.
An older buyer calls me and wants to relocate here. They are selling their home and are going to get about 175,000 for it. They own the home clear as they have been in it for 30 years. Factoring in moving expenses and new furniture they tell me they do not want to spend more than 150,000 for a home. They want to pay all cash so they live mortgage free.
Now they have … (6 comments)

big canoe homes: 9 Million - 05/18/09 01:08 AM
Over the next couple of weeks armed with my camera I will be doing photos of the area. I have concentrated on Big Canoe and now will branch out. But let me set the table a bit in this post. Georgia in the last census was 9 million strong. Now think about other states 9 million just about covers a metropolitan area !!! We are about the size of New York State. The greater Atlanta area has 4 million of the 9. So what this means is there are some great open spaces in this state. In the mountains where i … (5 comments)

big canoe homes: New ways to Juggle - 05/15/09 06:39 AM
In this market many of the old ways used to sell a home or for that matter to entice a person to buy are not working. In a way the "short sale" is our innovation aimed at keeping people out of foreclosure. The government local and national has cash incentives. There are some other things we are using. You may find some of these ideas helpful and maybe share some of your own.
1 SWAP. Got a seller who is looking to move?  Consider making an alliance with a Realtor in the area your seller is looking to move to. A … (1 comments)

big canoe homes: Big Canoe Photos III - 05/08/09 12:12 AM
I am featuring a community in these photos that I have been posting lately. I am going to feature, in the future, many areas here in our Mountains. You may be looking at this first photo and thinking you are in Pennsylvania Dutch country. Let me assure you this is the North Georgia MountainsWhen you first enter Big Canoe you go through the woods under this wonderful covered Bridge. This is one of a few in the community. Now when you go home to your subdivision at night is this what greets you ? If you take blood pressure medicine you … (5 comments)

big canoe homes: Talking Rock Creek Cabin - 05/04/09 03:04 AM
This cabin is a great new listing in Talking Rock Creek . The community is literally across the street from Carters lake. Carters lake is a 3100 acre Lake and very pristine. The home is in the gated community of Talking Rock Creek. Association fees are 500 per year. The home is 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom and sits on over 1 1/2 acres. It is a beautiful Mountain Get-a-way. FMLS # 3896018 Price 177,800 built 2006

This is the front of this beautiful log home. The community is gated so you have another set of locks protecting your weekend get-a-way … (9 comments)

big canoe homes: Georgia Lake Levels - 05/03/09 11:54 PM
Georgia Lake levels are really going up. I blogged about this a few months ago. At the time we were seeing an increase in the water levels. A lot of rain and conservation has really helped. I think if you are looking to boat and fish or just sit by the water and Veg you will not be disappointed this summer. I have been posting pictures of lakes and will go take some shots of the big ones to post in the near future
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big canoe homes: The week is over - 04/25/09 09:43 AM
This was a great week. Great because the sun came out. We have had some bad weather. So for us in North Georgia real estate is now starting to get busier. Here is hoping that we can help folks buy , who are first timers, sell who need to sell , and invest for their future. All Mountain Realty provides a number of great services  to help you  enjoy mountain living. Read our posts and see that we are the mountain experts.Give us a call at 706 579 1098. You will be glad you did. 

big canoe homes: Big Canoe Fire Department , or how to spend a Saturday - 04/25/09 09:34 AM
This Saturday I continued to work on my volunteer fire fighting. Yes I took a day off from Real Estate. When buying in the mountains insurance prices are influenced greatly based on fire coverage. Some communities like Big Canoe have their own fire Department. And while you do pay monthly fees in the end your insurance is down. I am one of the volunteers and spent this Saturday Training. So I could not help including this photo.
What did I learn? NEVER stand in front of a fire hydrant when it is being bled!!!


big canoe homes: The small things - 04/22/09 12:20 AM

Your walking along in the woods. Maybe you see a stream. You are looking at the birds and the trees. In the summer the woods can be dark and cool. Fun to walk in and then you see it. Take a closer look (below). The mushroom is this small intricate thing that springs out of the ground. It is life. It has it's own birth, death, and reproduction. So we post great landscapes and all kind of pictures. I know I do. But along the way we need to see the beauty in the small and understated. It helps us … (10 comments)

big canoe homes: Doing the Opposite - 04/14/09 12:29 AM
When we formed all Mountain Realty in Sept of 07 we set out goals. I laugh about the one I tell folks , We want to get in at the bottom. (Achieved). Some tell me at least you didn't have to go through the pain of scaling back.
One of the goals was to go after buyers. That has been a strategy. Contrary to the mantra you need sellers, and you do, we focused on buyers instead. Why , we figured that is who has the money. Kind of Willie Suttonish.
Now in ths big buyers market we are shifting our … (4 comments)

big canoe homes: Jasper Georgia Real Estate - 04/09/09 12:31 AM
I was searching for information and came across some interesting statistics about our market. Over the last 8 years housing prices are up. Over the last 2 years they are relatively flat. In terms of numbers of sales this is where we see the greatest swing. As numbers of units sold over the last 2 years are down.
What this means , and I believe it is true all over the mountains not just in Jasper is that since mountain property is the second most sought after  behind water front, our values are holding. So if you are looking to buy … (3 comments)

big canoe homes: Big Canoe Caravan - 03/31/09 06:43 AM
Every other Tuesday the Big Canoe community has a multi agent multi-firm caravan. Even though some times it is tough to get there , it is well worth it.  You get to see new listings in person. You get to network with other Realtors.
You get 15 -20 depending on the turn out price opinions on a property. You also get to talk about what you are looking for or hear that some one might be looking for something you just have listed.
The Big Canoe Caravan is so successful that now the Benttree community has one too. Agents working together … (3 comments)

big canoe homes: Big Canoe Real Estate Update - 03/27/09 12:06 AM
Big Canoe remains one of the best communities to be in in the mountains period full stop.  However real estate sales are sluggish. This is due to price points home owner fees and dues. In this tight economy folks are looking to cut corners. The question remains how is the value for the money ?
In Big Canoe the value is high but the money is, while not high , not low either. If you are looking in the mountains for a second home or a great first home consider Big Canoe.
Prices here have come down and it is a … (1 comments)

big canoe homes: Mountain Real Estate Report - 03/25/09 11:50 PM
The Mountain Real Estate report heard every Thursday on WYYZ radio in Jasper is being Submitted for a GABBY award. Linda Carrig and I are really excited about this. A GABBY is a Georgia Radio award given in many categories for best show in State. The submission is only step one. BUt being recognized for the value we provide as Realtors is very heartening. You can listen to the show on our web site or listen live at 1490 AM here in the North Georgia Mountains.
I feel like I am in an episode of Frasier. Wish us luck !!

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