activerain: Treading Water on ActiveRain: Changes - 05/11/13 06:54 AM
Treading Water on ActiveRain is posting a post so I hang onto my RainMakerhood on ActiveRain.
Or maybe not... perhaps things have changed.  
I believe my old content will still stay public even if I do not post a new post every 90 days or less on ActiveRain... or pay $50.00 (?)  a month for a RainMaker account.
Has the 90 days changed?
Cha Cha Changes on ActiveRain 2013
After this weeks announcement that Trulia bought Market Leader which owns ActiveRain I read a few posts about whether things would change or stay the same on ActiveRain.  I read some of … (24 comments)

activerain: What is asdfasdfasdf? - 12/15/12 12:35 AM
What is asdfasdfasdf on ActiveRain?

I came back into ActiveRain from Google onto the page for Union County, Ohio and noticed  asdfasdfasdf there... I saw it above one of my recent posts so I thought it was something I did. Then I noticed all the content there has asdfasdfasdf.. or most do.  Featured content does not have asdfasdfasdf on County pages.
I looked at Franklin County, Ohio and it has asdfasdfasdf.  Delaware County, Ohio has asdfasdfasdf too.  
I expanded my search to south-west Ohio...  Green County and Montgomery County have asdfasdfasdf too.  
I went to check on … (21 comments)

activerain: Is this NEW on ActiveRain? - 12/12/12 09:37 PM
Have you posted content to ActiveRain recently?  Is this NEW?
I noticed it this morning.  I have not posted to AR in a couple of days.  Is this NEW? 

The "This is not my content but I have permission to repost it" checkbox is NOT new. That has been there a long time.   The place for members to provide the Original URL content" is new? 
Or has the Original URL content box been there and I am just not paying attention? 
The ?  pop up seems to have not changed. 
No points Symbol Mine may … (21 comments)

activerain: IMSD Secret: Two Places to BLOG Real Estate - 11/28/12 02:10 AM
IMSD secret: 2 places to blog* real estate...
pssst here's TOP secret information from an IMSD webinar (that is Internet Marketing Specialist designation)   IMSD information about where to blog? The word "blog*" is a verb in that sentence.

Two places to BLOG real estate
1. Your site
2. ActiveRain*
IMSD is the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation. IMSD is a sister company to ActiveRain. Perhaps IMSD has a bias toward ActiveRain.   I took the IMSD blogging webinar yesterday.  I have been blogging since 2005 but I still got a lot out of the blogging webinar.
You are cordially invited**

activerain: Jon Zolsky: Он может более подробно обсудить с Вами эти вопросы - 11/19/12 10:17 PM
Yes, you read that right. "Он может более подробно обсудить с Вами эти вопросы."
That says "he can discuss these issues with you in more details."

Jon Zolsky said so.  Jon Zolsky translated the sentence for me. 

Jon Zolsky a Daytona Beach, Florida real estate agent commented on  a post about a blog post with 452 spam comments.
John is from Russia, that must be Russian.
I was worried about what "Он может более подробно обсудить с Вами эти вопросы." translated to. 
Jon reassured it me it was not about sex or drugs.  Or at least that line was … (13 comments)

activerain: Outside Blogs Got Buttons - 06/06/12 11:40 PM
Button, button, who's got the button...
ActiveRain Outside Blogs got buttons...
My ActiveRain Outside blog sprouted buttons yesterday!  The Facebook "Like" button, a Twitter button, a button to share the post on LinkedIn, a button for the content to be shared on Google+ are suddenly there. 

Cha Cha Changes... 
Hey it is on ActiveRain too.  I was not able to see that last night when I noticed this on Outside Blogs...
Do you see the changes? What do you think?
Share opens to the four social media buttons.
The previous posts are... Collapsed? Concise?  Smaller?  You click the "more" link … (2 comments)

activerain: Cha Cha Changes? Did I miss the update? - 06/03/12 07:04 PM
Changes to Channels and Topics on ActiveRain? Did I miss the post telling us about the changes?

The thing that says it is NEW is old.  Channels were added to ActiveRain years ago.  Changes to the choice of Topics happened this past month.
The Cha Cha Changes happened before May 10, 2012.  Can someone point me to the post from ActiveRain telling us about changes to Channels and Topics on ActiveRain. Please.  I thought I was paying attention but maybe I missed the post explaining the changes to Channels / Topics.  I posted all of my market reports in May … (19 comments)

activerain: Does Copyright Confuse You? - 05/19/12 01:57 AM
Should you worry about Copyright online? Does Copyright confuse you? 
On your blog?  Your website? Your newsletter? On ActiveRain?  Social media? 

The Professional Standards Committee of the National Association of REALTORS  wants to help you with any confusion about copyright.  Or maybe I should say "us."  I admit there are times I am very confused about Copyright...
I said I was confused on a post about Pinterest.  Or that I worry about Copyright:
"It is so confusing... I worried about Copyright right away.  An SEO expert, WordPress blog seller on ActiveRain  paraphrased me on ActiveRain as saying "Pinterest is stealing."  … (10 comments)

activerain: The Largest Real Estate Network Daily - 05/05/12 06:06 AM

Did your ActiveRain post make "The Largest Real Estate Network Daily" today? 
The largest real estate network?  ActiveRain.  I believe that link will always show the current edition... of the "Daily"
"The Largest Real Estate Network Daily" is a made up of only ActiveRain posts that are tweeted.  The picks the posts up because of ActiveRain being in the url.  Unfamiliar with ? It takes no effort to do a  It is automated.
My titled "Not Necessarily Real Estate News" is curated from a list of people in the mortgage and real estate industry (some … (2 comments)

activerain: LinkedIn recommended YOUR ActiveRain post... - 03/22/12 09:58 PM
LinkedIn recommended YOUR ActiveRain post...
This morning in my mail LinkedIn recommended an ActiveRain post written by Angie Nwanodi  because the post is hot with Microsoft and IBM:

The five articles in the weekly email were all trending with Microsoft and IBM.   "The week's top news, tailored for you"  from LinkedIn is all real estate and Angie and ActiveRain are in good company... - > Angie Nwanodi  

activerain: Don't Forget to set up Hit Router for FREE : New Members... - 03/05/12 11:09 PM
New members and old members....  Don't Forget to set up Hit Router on your ActiveRain account
If you are a real estate agent don't forget to set up Hit Router, especially the FREE part.... stagers etc. not something that affects you. 
Hit Router says:
"Route consumers to your sites for free when they search for home listings in your markets while viewing your profile, blog, or individual blog posts."
Even if you are NOT a RainMaker I would do it so any traffic on my killer profile (you have a killer profile don't you?)
Where do you set up Hit Router?

activerain: Cereal Re-Bloggers: change the title - 01/25/12 02:57 AM

You  know the Cereal Re-Bloggers on ActiveRain?  You know Fruit Loops, CoCo Puffs, Wheaties, Sugar Pops, Fruity Pebbles,  "Soggy Cereals Major Flake with Sparkles" and  "Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs?" Members who use the Re-Blog feature on content that makes you scratch your head....
Why?  Why?  Why?  Re-Blog that? 
You post content for the general public.  It's got local street names in it.  The post refers to local businesses.  Your geographic area is in the title... theirs is NOT.  You post content in a consumer channel on ActiveRain and a Cereal Re-Blogger from a couple hundred or even thousands of  miles … (16 comments)

activerain: Real Name Policy - What's the point - 01/16/12 01:26 AM

Google+ has a real name policy.
Does Facebook have a real name policy?  I believe Facebook has a policy of one profile per person, don't they? Rather than creating a business profile and a personal profile you are supposed to have a business page?  I know people who have more than one Facebook profile.  One for business, one for personal.  I am not sure whether they have a real name policy.
Twitter does not have a real name policy.
The Internet does not have a real name policy. Fake Steve Jobs was entertaining. Perhaps it was creepy to Steve Jobs.  … (43 comments)

activerain: December 2011: ActiveRain Software Platform Upgrade - 12/21/11 07:52 AM
Hooray.  Thank YOU ActiveRain and Merry Christmas.
Does this mean testers are done?  I am on: now. 
I turned in two things... with screen shots... I can not remember what they were.  The most devastating thing was a blog post I had started b4 using the beta and then updated on the beta version, I could see the orginal unfinished version on my laptop so I deleted it.  That deleted the published version.   There were no screen shots to turn in.  Not much to do but put the post together again.  I had the photos saved.  Most of the post … (4 comments)

activerain: Reading useless blog posts: Move along... - 12/06/11 12:29 AM
When you find yourself reading "useless blog posts" move along and read something else.

Usefull?  Useless you decide as the reader, just like anyone else reading blog posts.
If the content you are reading does not satisfy, move along and read something else. There is plenty to read.  There is a lot to read on ActiveRain outside ActiveRain.....  Don't like reading Localism posts?  Don't.  It is not going to bother the writer.  The writer is not talking about ice cream, neighborhoods or the local economy for your benefit.  They are talking to the locals. Or people looking to become locals, … (68 comments)

activerain: Master of YOUR Domain: ActiveRain Outside Blogs - 11/18/11 05:58 PM
Master YOUR Domain Is YOUR ActiveRain Outside Blog's domain branding your business?
When you set up your ActiveRain Outside blog did you finish the process?  Did you add a unique domain that brands your business? Do you promote your content with that domain or do you use the ActiveRain link with your id as a subdomain?

Your ActiveRain Outside Blog's Domain brands your business
Recently I tweeted a great post from a stager on ActiveRain.  I used the  outside blog url (the "Originally posted at" url at the bottom of the post) but her outside blog is NOT going to … (16 comments)

activerain: ActiveRain showing up in Google - Amazing Information!!! - 11/16/11 01:17 AM
Gita Bantwal a Bucks County. Pennsylvannia real estate agent wrote a post titled:
"Consumers do not search us by looking up the terms ' featured posts' or 'AR points'. Here is some amazing information I just discovered."
Gita's post is Members Only so other than the title I can not tell you what she said, or I'd have to kill you. If you are a member of ActiveRain you can read what Gita discovered. 
Gita Bantal did an experiment.  I carried on that experiment.

I believe I  can tell you what I commented on Gita's post: here's the link if … (47 comments)

activerain: email spam from ActiveRain - 10/12/11 08:05 AM

I unsubscribed from the ActiveRain Daily Drop  twice...
I hope this email spam is unrelated to the ActiveRain Daily Dump.  Just a one time spam email to encourage comments.  That word newsletter makes me nervous....
ActiveRain via to maureen
All three links in the email are to one post on ActiveRain,  a "step-by-step how to comment"  
Really?  Members need help with commenting?
Traffic down?  I don't think spamming members is the answer...

activerain: Step away from my points... - 08/28/11 05:23 AM
ActiveRain points...
I think we should start spending our ActiveRain points.  I am not sure what we would buy with ActiveRain points... but  I've  wanted  to spend my Active Rain points since day one.
Of course Kristal told me I could buy shoes with ActiveRain points.
Niki, Bob Stewart, Kerrie, etc.  here's  an invite to Empire Ave. 
Empire Avenue's got points, you can spend the points.  The points are called Eaves. 
You earn Eaves. 
You spend Eaves.
You earn more Eaves.

Empire Avenue is the Social Media Stock Market.  I earn Eaves when I post local content on ActiveRain (my … (18 comments)

activerain: SHOULD ActiveRain delete UN "REAL" Professionals? - 08/03/11 08:41 AM
SHOULD ActiveRain delete members?  those UN REAL members? 
How soon we forget.  Should ActiveRain delete old accounts? Inactive members?  How is Larry Bettag's "SHOULD Only REAL Professionals Participate with Active Rain?"  proposal different than 2010?  How did that work out for ActiveRain?
Bob Stewart's 2010 post:
Grandfathered RainMaker Accounts: Rewarding Members Who Continue to Participate
"Starting June 24th, grandfathered RainMakers who have not posted a public blog post in the previous 90 days will lose their grandfathered RainMaker status. You will be notified when your account has gone 60 days without a blog post. This will give you 30 days … (0 comments)

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