branding: YouTube Thursdays - The "Just Right" Factor - 06/20/19 07:17 AM
YouTube Thursdays - What it takes to get it right. 
We both really enjoyed this video from Ron and Alexandra Seigel. While the three minute length is longer than what we often suggest, we think the subject matter and quality of the video warrants the longer time.
The graphics, photos, and video were pleasant to watch and Ron's narration is clear and easy to follow. Plus, you can pick up a hint of his personality in the inflection of his voice and when he chuckles. 
Did you notice the video has a story? That's a big part of its success. We are compelled to learn how Alberto creates remarkable customer service. … (37 comments)

branding: YouTube Thursday - Stay True to Your Brand - 01/17/19 11:56 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Branding Consistency 
In all of our marketing efforts, we carefully consider if the message we convey stays true to our brand. Print media, blogging, emails, direct mail, and videos all need to target our demographics and reflect our brand identity. If not, we risk confusing our data base and any potential future customers. 
We think of our brand as the personality of our business, and it truly reflects who we are as people. Our goal as REALTORS® is to connect with people who share our basic philosophy about life and who choose to live a similar lifestyle. Most of the time it works well. We not only … (31 comments)

branding: Vanity Plates - What Would Your Brand Say? - 11/28/17 03:48 PM

We love our new license plate and get a lot of compliments. You could say it opens the door for conversation. When queried, its easy to say we sell View homes on acreage with nature as neighbors. It's a natural way to introduce our real estate niche - without being pushy, or awkward. 
Branding is important, and for us, subtle messages work best. They better suit our personalities - and therefore our brand. After all, a niche should reflect you - your values, your passions, your expertise. That's what makes it unique. And nearly impossible for a competitor to duplicate. 
In addition, part of the proceeds from our special-edition plate … (21 comments)

branding: DocuSign - We're Now DocuBranding Too! - 07/08/17 08:24 AM
Our mentors, Ron and Alexandra Seigel have taught us the devils in the details when it comes to branding. They often remind us of the importance of excellence and consistency in all of our presentations.  At ViewHomes of Clark County with Nature As Neighbors, our brand is our life, our passion. Therefore, we are proud to reflect it in all we do personally, and professionally.  
Recently, while updating some of the Admin details in DocuSign, we discovered a section for custom branding. Our clients all love the ease and convenience of signing documents through email. Therefore, since we use DocuSign so frequently, it makes sense to ensure our brand … (33 comments)

branding: YouTube Thursdays - Boost Your Subscribers - 05/12/16 02:01 AM
Branding Opportunity - YouTube Videos
Admittedly, I love Vimeo, it's clean ad-free platform for videos is tough to beat - aesthetically. However, for SEO, YouTube still has the upper hand - after all, Google owns the site. Therefore, I'm using both hosting platforms for my videos.
Recently, I was checking out some of the features on my YouTube Channel and accidently stumbled upon the option to add a watermark to my videos. Now, all of my videos have a small watermark of our Nature As Neighbors logo in the right hand corner. The best part, when viewer hovers over the watermark, he/she can … (42 comments)

branding: Lonesomeville Studios - A Follow-up and Lesson in Branding - 09/15/15 12:17 PM
Consistent Colors and Style in Your Message 
I wanted to follow up on my article about Lonesomeville Studios in Portland Oregon, just across the river from Camas WA.  Certainly, I am thrilled with the beautiful pieces that arrived today, but I also received a valuable reminder of how important color and style is in marketing and branding.   My husband and I have learned a lot lately about how to identify and embrace our personal brand - the colors, typeface, and logos that portray our lifestyle and our business.  These things cannot be established by going online and looking at typefaces and colors.  We are learning you need to define your personal motivations … (25 comments)

branding: The 2015 Pantone Color of the Year...A Good Reminder. - 12/17/14 10:46 PM
And the Pantone Color of 2015 is...
 Marsala. The folks at Pantone describe the color as a naturally robust and earthy wine red, "Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls."  You've got to hand it to them, they make it sounds pretty irresistible. I'll take a bath in the Marsala, please. 
"Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness. This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors."
The … (41 comments)

branding: YouTube Thursdays - Branding Your YouTube Channel - 06/26/14 12:59 AM
YouTube Channel Branding
Today, YouTube Thursdays reminds you to create continuity on your social media sites, including YouTube. What do you represent - or what's your niche?  Does your YouTube Channel reflect your marketing goals? In my opinion, it's nice to see an image that immediately transports a visitor to your marketplace. It literally sets the scene.
You can also create a logo, a title, or message on your YouTube Channel landing page. Front and center, you'll be reinforcing your message. This is an important way to showcase your uniqueness - the qualities that set you apart from all the other agents … (40 comments)

branding: YouTube Thursdays - November 10, 2011 - 11/10/11 03:15 AM
YouTube Thursdays continues after a wonderful debut week of new subscribers linking to one another's YouTube Channels. Don't you love it when a plan comes together?
 This week, we have three more VBloggers to subscribe to (if you haven't already). Each one offers a unique style and perspective, which to me is the hallmark of video branding. What makes you different?
Remember to join VBloggers, it will help me find you and increase your chances of getting featured sooner. Plus, you can learn and share.  Update - YouTube Thursdays Group is now open for membership. Please join.
 Want to … (37 comments)

branding: How to Customize your YouTube Channel - Branding - 11/08/11 04:52 AM
How to Customize your YouTube Channel - Branding.
YouTube Thursdays is a weekly post designed to drive traffic to your channel and increase your subscriber membership. If you're considering promoting your channel, have you considered whether it's ready for company? Is your "YouTube"  branding consistent with your other marketing?
Recently, I gave my YouTube channel a makeover. As an EcoBroker, it's important for me to convey my love of nature, but also my affinity for beautiful surroundings and selling homes. Therefore, I created a custom theme to help reflect my focus. Let me know if you think it conveys … (111 comments)

branding: Music - How to set the stage for your videos. Part 7. Final Notes - 08/23/11 08:24 AM
 Music - How to set the stage for your videos. Part 7. Final Notes

"Who are you...who, who, who, who? " Sure those are the lyrics to The Who's popular song, "Who are you."  But really, "Who are you?" 
It's important for your marketing efforts to reach specific targets, or niche audiences.  And, since most of us can agree that online marketing is a must - today, one of the best tools you can use to enhance your online presence is videos.
When creating videos, your music (and sound) choices can be as critical as your images. Personally, … (19 comments)

branding: Music - How to set the stage for your videos. Part 6. Helpful Notes - 08/17/11 11:37 AM
Music - How to set the stage for your videos. Part 6. (Helpful Notes)

Humans are universally drawn to music. Research shows that what we feel when we hear a certain piece of music is remarkably similar to what everybody else in the room is experiencing.  It literally has the ability to facilitate emotional bonding.
It's my hope that this series helps you discover how the thoughtful use of music can enhance your videos and give you the chance to connect with like-minded individuals.

One of my favorite folks in Active Rain is Richard Yates. He's … (15 comments)

branding: Music - How to set the stage for your videos. Part 5. Artistic Notes - 08/13/11 05:18 AM
Music - How to set the stage for your videos. Part 5. Artistic Notes.

Music is a great conduit. It has the power to create connections. If you're going to use videos as part of your marketing efforts, and I certainly hope you are, music is one of the best tools to use if you hope to entertain and entice your audience.

The thoughtful choice of music selections can help smooth over some basic filming problems (remember most of us are not professionals behind a camera) and enhance your videos, literally bringing them to life.  Over … (49 comments)

branding: Music - How to set the stage for your videos. Part 2. Rock n' Roll Notes - 08/09/11 10:15 AM
Here's another installment in my 7 Part series about Music - How to set the stage for your videos. Part 2. (Rock n'  Roll Notes)

It's my hope that the thoughtul use of music will give you the ability to add, not only entertainment value to your videos, but make them more effective. 

David Ames is a cool guy. At least he appears to be pretty cool judging by his videos. You get a sense that he'd be fun to hang out with - and he obviously loves and appreciates his gorgeous city.

His videos set … (28 comments)

branding: Boxers or briefs and Anna Banana. - 06/15/11 08:59 AM
Boxer or briefs and Anna Banana. Say what? Don't worry it's all going to come together "shortly" - I hope.
Nearly ten years ago when I transitioned from a career in radio broadcasting to Real Estate, I needed to re-brand my name and associate it with something other than, Donovan and Debb in the Morning on KISN FM. However, I did want to capitalize on my name familiarity quickly (fame is fleeting) and “use” it as a benefit in my career change.
Since the morning show had been quite popular, I recycled one of the station's most successful … (6 comments)

branding: Apps to Save you Gas $$ - 05/31/11 04:46 AM
Cell Phone apps to save you gas money.

It's a sign of the times. Cell phone apps that can save you some headaches from high gas prices, and "driving in general," are hitting the market. However, one app, that can actually save you some green at the pump, has instead fueled controversy.
The Driver Feedback app not only monitors your gas mileage as you drive, but alerts you when you're accelerating too much or taking corners too quickly. Sound familiar? Yes, apparently it reminds too many people of the stereotypical and annoying backseat driver in their lives. … (7 comments)

branding: Copper River Salmon, We Took the Bait - 05/26/11 05:28 AM
Copper River Salmon, We Sure Took The Bait

As a young girl, my family lived in Washington and Alaska. During the Alaska years, we became accustomed to the concept of “free salmon,” and halibut, and King crab. You get the idea. Fresh seafood often came from the family boat, or a neighbor, and rarely did we buy it in a store. So after a move to the lower 48,  we suffered sticker shock when forced to BUY fresh fish at the seafood counters. It’s amazing what a bit of distance and shipping fees can do to the price of … (6 comments)

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