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A serious Atlanta Real Estate Seller is one that is motivated to sell, perhaps the seller downsizing or been offered a promotion in another city. If you are a motivated seller, then don’t expect your house to attract buyers if you don’t take the trouble to present it well enough. OUTSIDE: Take a...
    We are Atlanta Real Estate Doctors. We can diagnose and solve your problem now. Unless you prefer to have stress…   And who wants that? The people we work with hire us to solve their Atlanta Real Estate challenges whether large or small.  We don’t want their challenges to create continual hea...
Just about every occupation has had at least one pariah who spoiled their professional reputation through dastardly and despicable deeds.   For example a politician who uses his position to influence contractors to quote for civil construction jobs with a kickback of wads of cash under the table...
    Ever thought of a checklist before buying a new house in Atlanta?     Each Atlanta Home Buyer should prepare a realistic checklist before purchasing a new house in Atlanta. We have to understand that some Home Buyers land into trouble when making emotional decisions in purchasing a new house ...


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