I just got a bank owned / REO property under contract. Was previously $800k, and it was now listed for $400k. We had to bid on 6 properties before finally "winning" one (ask how we "won" without having the highest offer too!). Wow was that a pain. And people say it is a "buyers market" with to...
Repost: I finally got to meet Missy Caulk at INMAN connect and she was telling me about her favorite post of mine. Somehow it got lost by ActiveRain, but I was able to resurrect it! Here it goes... (feel free to REBLOG this one, this is really something that should be spread around) Only 5% of Re...
(Warning long a** post, but my best of the year.) FranklyCRA: A Comparative REALTOR Analysis. Unleashed. Imagine legally eavesdropping onto the conversation of the listing agent, with buyer in tow. You know, the one that goes like this, "Well, in my experience I think you should..." Well what if...
Attn. NVAR members, Want to bring NVAR into the 2000s?! I need your help! This is Frank LLosa, the Northern Virginia Agents Facebook Group Moderator. So I recently rejected by the NVAR's nomination committee for the 3rd year in a row! Don't worry, 3 other people were rejected... out of 15! Blog p...
Just an update on the First Wiki MLS, (launch post) . First, because of the innovative site, I was invited to speak at INMAN in San Francisco next week for the Future of the MLS panel. I hope you will join me if you are out there. Secondly, today we hit a new milestone for the site...
So a few of you might know that I lost in my race to get onto the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors Board of Directors last year. Lost by 200 votes (out of 1200). Anyhow, this year I am trying again. Step 1 is to go in front of a nomination committee. A short cut, if you will, to the ball...
The MRIS has a rule. A listing agent is not allowed to put their contact information in the public remarks. I have reported via over 200 violations in the last 2 years. I have begged them to do a minimal amount of scrubbing to block this in the first place. They current block ...
In case you missed it, MSNBC's front page linked to their RedTape blog which ran a little piece on bogus Admin fees. My 2007 admin fee post fueled part of the article. So far there are 515 comments.  I hate admin fees. Never charged them, never will. (kinda like Sprint) Just a couple of correctio...

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