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Cherry Creek Mortgage Company announced on February 20, 2009 that they are now requiring minimum credit scores of 620 or higher for most FHA and VA loans. This comes as no surprise since most industry standards with investors have already moved in this direction. These new credit score requireme...
 I think about this old man from time to time that had everything and nothing to live for. This was back in the day when I was not a peddler of mortgage products but an escrow closer for property.  I had this client who was 93 years of age and just the happiest of people.  To be honest he was the...
Every time I turn on the television or listen to the radio I hear another media talking head share with the public that banks are not making mortgage loans for buyers with credit scores less than 680, 720 or 740. Well I want to first set the record straight that this is not entirely true. Now Let...
The Housing and Urban Development better known as HUD has finally halted abusive practices by home-builders in which they would revoke huge buyer incentives for not using their preferred/affiliated mortgage company. When a colleague of mine Tom Burris shared this with me, I was jumping up and dow...
I guess if life has taught me anything is that expect the unexpected.  Well this year our choice for our "adopt a family" has lived up to the unexpected.  Every year my wife's whole family and I adopt a family for Christmas.  Instead of buying ourselves gifts we seek out a needy family each year ...
Normally I am not one to predict the market when it comes to mortgage rates, home values, good deals, tax incentives or tax rebates, but the writing on the wall is extremely clear to me that we have entered into what I want to phrase "The Perfect Home Buyer Storm". I have not known a better time ...
Almost everyone I know who lives in Arizona is not a native of this state.  Some of us were transplanted here many years ago and some are just arriving.  To be an actual native (Arizona Born) is very rare.  We folks who have lived in this state of any period of time joke with each other that if y...
Attention Police Officers, Firefighters, Teachers and EMT's.  If you are in the market for a home you need to be aware of this specialized FHA loan program through HUD called the Good Neighbor Next Door Program.  I am helping a couple of teachers right now with this loan and the outcome has been ...
 Yesterday Callie Waterhouse and I taught a blogging class that was sponsored by the groovytitlechick at Land America.  It is so fascinating how many people want to start using a blog to attract more clients their business and sometimes getting a blog started is the hardest part.  This class was ...
I just got off of a webinar training on Mortgage Coach about Mortgage Loan Modifications.  What was so fascinating about the training beyond the sales pitch was the idea of another way for mortgage originators to help distressed homeowners in this time to need. Arizona is one of states that has b...

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