master certified coach: Surprising Habits To Boost Productivity! - 07/09/14 10:42 AM
In 2004, Arianna Huffington woke up on her office floor in a pool of blood. She'd been working 16 hours days and nodded off, fracturing her cheek and injuring eye on the corner of her desk as she fell. It was her wake up call!
Thankfully, our society has been shifting away from idolizing the workaholics to realizing there is more to success than power and money. However, many of us are still trying to be the Superwoman or Superman doing it all!
The fact is busy doesn't automatically equate to productive! Even high levels of production without self-care leaves us tottering on … (14 comments)

master certified coach: Time To Start Spring Cleaning??? Start With Yourself!!! - 03/10/14 10:54 AM
Want to be a Magnet and Attract Money and Clients?
Clean up your act!
I mean this literally and figuratively. When we are operating with many incomplete tasks, projects and goals, in clutter and chaos, we don’t have the focus, good execution or results. As a coach, I know that often, it isn’t about doing more, but doing things more effectively. In many cases, you can actually do less and be more successful because you have clarity and energy, but key to this is getting the things that don’t support you out of the way so you can be the best … (3 comments)

master certified coach: Outside My Comfort Zone...On The Road - 09/20/13 04:10 AM
In the last month, I have spent 3 weeks on the road and travelled to 5 countries and Florida!
I was privileged to be invited to speak at the Florida REALTORS State Convention this year, and I was so impressed with their commitment to their agents and the tools they have made available. There were 1200 REALTORS in attendance, soaking up the education and expo! It was nice to hear about the market strength there after these past tough years. It is a testimony to the fact that there are opportunities in all markets and flexibility and creativity are hallmarks of the basic tools … (1 comments)

master certified coach: Personal Effectiveness Tip for being grounded! - 09/18/13 02:33 AM
I often use this exercise before I speak at an engagement or teach a class. It works well, anytime you need your right and left brain to work together (which, I guess, is really most of the time!) A great grounding exercise to use when you feel really stressed… breathing can do wonders for us! 12 Great Reasons To Do Alternate Nostril Breathing Today!

master certified coach: Do They Like You? Tell the World! - 06/11/13 03:54 AM
Build your business and your credibility with good testimonials! 
Testimonials from clients are one of the best ways for you to communicate your value. A third party endorsement always carries more weight and just is nicer than you bragging about your accomplishments (even if they are noteworthy!). A recent study showed only 14% of consumers trusted advertising, while 86% trusted   recommendations from friends. Social media has expanded this greatly. The Gen X and Gen Y clients are influenced by friends enormously.  Testimonials from people they know give you the instant credibility and trust! According to the 2012 Home Buyer and Seller Profile from NAR, over … (2 comments)

master certified coach: Would you rather be Right or Happy? - 05/30/13 06:07 AM
   When I ask people this question they usually say ,"Well, BOTH, of course!!!!"   I still vividly remember 30+ years ago when I was in a self improvement seminar and the presenter was talking with a man about some issues that he had with his mother. He and his mother had stopped speaking to each other. The trainer asked the man if he would rather be right or have a mother. BANGO!!!!! I immediately thought about my relationship with my previous two husbands…For me, it had been all about being right and I lost both relationships. I was ready … (26 comments)

master certified coach: Maybe You Should Procrastinate More Often! - 05/24/13 08:53 AM
Procrastination? Or More, Harder, Faster?
Which option do you think you should choose?
The conventional wisdom purveyors tell us being in action is best the answer to creating results. They say procrastination is a BAD thing! Under many circumstances, that is true -- however, there are times when procrastination is the better tactic. I know too many tired people who are trying to increase their business doing more, by working harder and trying to outwit the time they have by multitasking! They don't work at peak proficiency or with focus… they are just doing everything that gets tossed at them trying … (5 comments)

master certified coach: What's Culture got to do with it? - 06/09/12 05:49 AM
The Culture of Your Business
One of the foundational parts of the business planning process is the creation of the core values you will honor in running your business. At a recent coach's conference, Robbe Richman, of Zappos Insights, heightened my awareness by offering a free book called 2011 Culture Book.

There are wonderful examples with employees sharing around the 10 Family Core Values of Zappos:
#1 Deliver WOW Services#2 Embrace and Drive Change#3 Create Fun & a Little Weirdness# 4 Be Adventerous & Open-Minded#5 Pursue Growth & Learning#6 Build Opoen, Honest Relationships with Communication#7 Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit#8 … (0 comments)

master certified coach: 2011 December Blogging Challenge:Make This December The BEST Month of Your Life!!! - 12/03/11 08:02 AM
I have started December by PLANNING What I want in 2012!
I've shared with you often that I believe visualization is the first step to getting what you want. The most successful people indicate they spend a little time (and 5 or 10 minutes IS enough!) each day visualizing their perfect outcomes. When you do this, you are programming your subconscious mind to look for the synchronicities and opportunities to take you closer to your vision. For me, it's worked in many little ways...just visualizing before a speech or class that people were happy and got value or visualizing my day as wonderful … (4 comments)

master certified coach: How To Get The Most Out of The NAR Convention 2011 - 11/08/11 12:20 PM
The Fun and Excitement are about to begin in Anaheim as 20,000 real estate professionals converge for the annual convention!
This will be a week for me to see friends, old and new! It'll be time to network, learn, laugh and look at all the new tech stuff at the meetings and the EXPO. I have attended every Convention since 1988 and it is one of the highlights of my year. I find it helps me understanding the BIG picture and get a chance to hear from people what IS working.
Here are a some tips that have helped me and … (4 comments)

master certified coach: I Need A Volunteer! - 11/01/11 03:55 PM
When did we stop volunteering?
I saw an extraordinary interlude last week when I visited St Paul’s School for Girls for high school reunion. One of the wonderful activities they planned for our Class of ‘66 was to pair each of us with someone from the 5th grade. The 5th graders wrote us a letter a couple of weeks before the Alumnae Weekend and then we met with them briefly on our school visit. What fun to compare notes! Each 5th grader has their own email address through the school and I am continuing to correspond with my buddy, Emmy Shields, … (5 comments)

master certified coach: Time Traveling! - 10/19/11 12:04 PM
Going Back in Time!
Last week, I went to my 45th High School Reunion at St. Paul’s School for Girls in Baltimore. I realize now that I was clearly privileged to get the opportunity to attend this school where their mission is: St. Paul's School for Girls educates the minds and hearts of girls in a supportive and intellectually challenging community that encourages respect, integrity, creativity, and spiritual growth, preparing them as independent and confident young women to embrace the extraordinary opportunities of our complex world.
What a cool example of a great Mission Statement (HINT, HINT for those of you working on your … (2 comments)

master certified coach: October Freebies! - 10/19/11 11:49 AM
Joeann's October Freebies
1. With 3 months left in the year, do you know where your production is based on your business plan for this year? Have you created some goals for the next 90 days to kick it up a notch and finish strong? I use this tracking sheet with my clients each quarter. Set aside a little time to position yourself for a great 4th Quarter!
2. Think & Grow Rich - I’ve offered this before but you can get a paperback copy for only the shipping costs! If you already have one, get one as a present to someone. Napoleon Hill shares the secrets of … (0 comments)

master certified coach: Taking Care of Each Other! - 10/10/10 10:28 AM
“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead
Think about this....
"Coma…a medically induced coma…  Pat was in a coma… Put yourself in Pat’s Place… You are Pat.
You fall.  You are paralyzed, lying on the floor all night  until being found by your neighbor’s son who has come to walk your Labrador Retriever.
At the hospital, a coma is medically induced.  The coma continues for over a month.  It is impossible for  you to do anything…  make decisions, conduct business, pay bills and … (19 comments)

master certified coach: Do You Like Freebies? - 10/14/09 03:30 PM
Deal Of the Week: Giveaway of the Day
My friend, Yvonne Coelet from Monument Properties in the White Mountains of AZ, loves bargains as much as I do. She turned me on to this cool site, where every day there is a link to something that you might need (or not even know you needed!) This handy-dandy site has all kinds of free software that they give away each day. The types of software vary: games, how to create flyers, online radio, skype skins, banner software and more. Just click on the logo below to get your FREE software giveaway.


master certified coach: The 4 Hour Workweek - 08/05/08 12:47 AM
I 've been attending the National Speaker's Association(NSA) this week in New York City. I haven't read the book yet, but got a chance to attend a live session with author and blogger, Tim Ferris.
Wow! It was a packed session and I took lots of notes that I will share in the next few days.
One of the tips that fits well with my Summer vacation. Tim suggests we stop doing things that we aren't sure about the difference they make for 2 weeks and then assess if you want to add it back in. This is exactly my idea … (9 comments)

master certified coach: My Two Best Take aways from Inman Connect 2008 - 07/28/08 01:22 AM
During the Blogger Connect, Linda Davis said,"If your business is crappy (referring to how you serviced your clients), blogging won't help!" What a profound statement!!!!
During the Savvy Agent Technology breakout, Konstantin Guericke, CEO of jaxtr, Inc. shared his brilliant system of creating passwords that can be remembered:
Combine these 3 times to make an 8 character password:
the last 2-3 (pick one for consistency) letters of the URL prompting you to create the password some number (use the same for everything) some other word or letters you'll remember Wow! I can do that. I'm going to go … (9 comments)

master certified coach: A great deal on Tablet Computers - 07/25/08 10:06 AM
This just came to my inbox from the Real Estate Dashboard  If you are interested, I have more information with specs, just email me.
>>>Since we have been asked about less expensive alternative choices for a tablet pc, we have responded by making available to you only, pre-owned RED Tablets. These are not refurbished, but pre-owned, cleaned up, formatted and upgraded to the specs below. We are offering up to a 3 year warranty and we will support these tablets in-house so you don't have to worry about who to contact when you have a question.
If you would … (6 comments)

master certified coach: Summer Vacation Reading - 07/16/08 01:36 AM
One of my summer vacation goals is to read. I have a pile of books that have come highly recommended or that I have been meaning to get around to. I don't know about you, but I still love to read and had not been making the time to do it. Or leaving it to before bed when I could read about 5-10 pages and then got too sleepy to read more.
While in Florida a couple of weeks ago, I read a couple novels. It is almost like going on vacation to be entirely sucked into a story and time … (6 comments)

master certified coach: How Selfish Are You? - 07/14/08 02:16 PM
In my keynotes and seminars, I often relate the story of the airplane announcement about putting on your oxygen mask first, in the event of decompression, before helping the child (or person acting like a child screaming beside you). I ask "why" and, of course, the audience can't help anyone if you don't have oxygen going to your brain!There are, it seems, many agents working today without oxygen going to their brains......Have you met them?
Today, I went to my first Yoga class in a few years. I am on summer vacation. I have made a committment to take care … (13 comments)

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