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It is the very end of April and high time to me to look at the condo-hotel market in Daytona Beach area.We have the total of 2, 448 condo-hotel units in 14 condo-hotel buildings. 158 condo-hotel units are for sale. This is a low number. It is 6.45% of all condo-hotel units in Daytona Beach area. ...
27 units for sale in Daytona Beach resort & Conference Center at the very end of April. For a 315-room resort this 8.6% of units for sale is not a killer. It is just slightly above the “healthy” 7 %, so no worry here. Actually, developer is still holding close to 60 units, so the true ratio of un...
Real Estate market changes constantly. Those who watch it on regional scale see the trends and can make some predictions. We are watching it on local scale, and are hardly able to see the trends, but while it is good to understand the trend and know where you are going to be in the near or not so...
- It’s a losing battle …I received this in the email today. The owners of a unit in The Plaza Resort & Spa think “the biggest issue is that room rates are extremely low plus the number of nights rented per month is also low. Add these together and it’s a recipe for a huge ongoing loss. The monthl...
Valorie Ford posted about the upcoming match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.I was a bit surprised that it came from a woman, but there are bigger surprises in life :).  Actually, this was a very pleasant surprise. I first started writing a comment, but it quickly got so long, that I ...
 Russian President Vladimir Putting was communicating with people. He does it every year. It is already a ritual. People ask questions, someone figures what he would be answering and he answers.In a 4-hour show, of course, there was a question about Russia’s military involvement in the conflict i...
My friend asked me to put together the list of condos for her distant relatives. She was vague about the price, said “reasonable”, which could stretch quite a bit, but I like when I do it, because this is when I notice changes in the market. I compiled a list of 169 beachside condos, and then sta...
As I grow older, it is more and more tricky to look into the future. There was a moment, probably, a decade ago, when I first thought, that my grandchildren might have a dangerous and unpredictable life.Before that there was a wonderful feeling that life was only getting better. More of everythin...
I received the email from Active Rain today. It was a pleasant one. After all 10,000 points is Holy moly... I am now in the 5-digit club. Wow...Can't figure what to do with nearly 1.4 Mil points, that I thought I had before I reached 10,000 points. I need to ask Patricia Kennedy and Lenn Harley, ...
Knowledge is our best weapon. How many times in your life you thought that if you were an attorney, these (or those) people would have to pay for what they say, or what they did. Of course, sometimes, you not only have to have the knowledge, but also be licensed, but I digress.In Daytona condo-ho...

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