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Today is Sunday and I like to share with you a couple of thoughts before the week begins and it is back to the Short Sale rat race. It seems that many of the calls I have been receiving are from potential clients who have already tried a short sale or are in the process of a short sale and are ge...
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FACING FORECLOSURE?        STOP FORECLOSURE AND SHORT SALE YOUR HOUSE! Attorney: KB Collins Esq.. Lic Real Estate Associate Broker will List your home for sale on Multiple Listings and get your home sold fast. KB an Associate Broker with Keller Williams, one of the largest Real Estate Firms in th...
As time passes and the truth starts to come out we will see more statements like the one above come to light.  It seems that the passion all the short sale negotiators muster up to close a short sale is only met with stalling tactics and institutional red tape. It is no wonder that articles like ...
As I do my daily web browsing I come across many help me get out of foreclosure or help with short sale websites all trying to charge people.  I am glad to see that some sites still give free information.  One such site is http://short-sale-foreclosure-help.com  another site and http://hud.gov/fo...
Dear Active Rain Family,For all t hose interested in Short Sale news,  the Associated Press just released the following - Gov't unveils rules to speed up 'short sales' By J.W. ELPHINSTONE (AP) - 18 hours ago http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5iz9DAO_pshNUj4ao46xmDraE-vSQD9CAPES00So...
News Keeps Coming In!  "The World Is Still Turning But Mortgage Companies Are Hurting Everyone!" Right before I placed my head down on my pillow last night around 2:30 AM I heard a couple won a Verdict against a Mortgage Company which purportedly caused them much heart ache.  The Judge in that ca...
As of the past month or so I have been called on a daily basis about Commercial Short Sales and the possibility of getting them approved.  As with all short sales, I stand on the premise that lets ask and let them say no, then we ask again and again until we get a yes. Commercial Short Sales are ...
I have received many calls this past week asking me of my opinion of Bank Loss mitigators and their what one Realtor called, "slow down tactics".  Well I don't really like to point fingers or blame an entire industry for the ills of society, but when I hear people in the industry complain about t...
With all the negotiations and the myriad of phone calls each day, I feel we need to petition to make a day 48 hours!  Yes pardon the poor sense of humor, but truth be told with the time banks keep negotiators on the phone, the time spent getting the right person on the phone without having to exp...

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