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Our school has been trying to find someone to handle our website.  We’ve been looking for a while, and although we are able to maintain most of it ourselves, there are changes that must be made periodically and class schedules that must be updated.  It seems to be a continual battle.  In our ques...
As children, we learned about the ant and the grasshopper, one storing and one having fun.  There were also many stories about squirrels scurrying around in the fall of the year to get food for the winter scarcity.  We’ve been told time and time again as adults that we should save for a rainy day...
Like the change of seasons from autumn to winter and the change of time from light to dark at 5:00 PM, change may be coming to the practice of real estate.  Every real estate agent should be making plans to accommodate this change. Change may be coming in the form of buyers’ market to sellers’ ma...
Before the time of technology, real estate was practiced out of thick MLS books, photocopying listings to mail prospects and physically visiting the recording office to track down potential clouds on a certain title.  Lifting huge plat books onto a table to get a good look at a parcel of land was...
I’ve noticed recently that time is moving quickly.  Maybe as I get older, it appears to move faster, but nevertheless it seems as if we go through a year without even blinking.  Just yesterday it seems as if we were celebrating a new year, and now we are looking toward yet another one. Time is mo...
Have you noticed it getting darker earlier?  That’s because in a couple days we’ll be changing seasons.  Goodbye summer, hello autumn.  If you live in Florida, you may not notice it so much during the day as we continue to enjoy warm weather.  We recently visited Illinois, and although the days w...
We do what we do because we want to do what we do.  There are many miserable people in today’s workforce.  Every time I go into a department store, some cashiers are less than friendly, they appear to be beaten down by life, and there is no joy in their demeanor.  Grocery store employees are some...
Most professionals operate under a set of goals.  This holiday season is well known for giving, and as I was thinking of year-end goals, it occurred to me that there is a gift that keeps on giving.A gift that keeps on giving would be the completion of one of your goals.  Many people tell me they ...
We’ve come to realize that all students learn differently.  Depending on their age and where they received their education, TEAM Hughes attempts to adjust its teaching techniques to meet each student’s needs. Because students learn differently, it is important to us to reach each student on the l...
How do you take time off in the real estate industry?  I remember the days of practicing real estate, and sellers and buyers were always in my life.  Transactions were always pending, and I had two small children who needed some quality time with their single mother.  I managed to block time when...


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