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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.



Apart from my thumb throbbing this morning -- I have iPhone thumb from pushing my home button too much, if you canĀ  believe that; it is really sore -- the other nagging pain is the fact our purchase contracts tuck data on page 4 that should be on the front page. That data is whether the buyer wil...
Ductless AC or mini-split systems have been around for a while but I haven't really heard much about them until recently. Which is odd given the fact I live in a city like Sacramento where temperatures climb to 115 in the summer. Homeowners in some lower-income neighborhoods don't even have a win...
Sometimes, you just can't win by trying, but it does help to keep your priorities in focus. I do this by looking at the big picture and reassessing situations, especially when encountering out of area agents. It can be tough when that agent is representing the buyer because the agent does not kno...
Do you point out potential violations to other agents or do you just report them? That's a dilemma faced by many. I reason people don't like confrontation. It makes them uncomfortable and, for some reason, they often do not want to take the time to reach out to another agent and say, did you know...
Being a Sacramento Realtor, I cannot stop looking at houses. Which is a good thing given my profession. Doesn't matter where I am in the world, I can't walk past a real estate brokerage without stopping to look at homes in the window. It's kind of like an obsession. Even while I am in Hawaii and ...
You've gotta admit, it is generally not the workers at the DMV who are the problem. It is the sysem established for handling the volume. I would think they would hire an efficiency expert or team to analzye the work-flow and to devise a system that better works.Up until the RealID situation in Ca...
OK, I raise my hand. When I had dogs a long, long time ago, in another life, dog parks did not exist. But, whoa, let me tell you what I discovered. Not that I'm in the market for a date because I am NOT, but if I were looking to pick up a guy, you can score no better than at a dog park. I mean, f...
My friend who lives down the street from us at our house in Hawaii just sold her home in Roseville last year. She went through a couple of Realtors at the time (because I did not know her then), and she had also had more than 2 price reductions. Her comment to me was wow, too bad I sold my home i...
Seems like all the bad things that could possibly happen to me have been on hold for the year and they all exploded yesterday. My sister is fond of saying I live a charmed life. She says it's like I walk around oblivious to the world around me because, I dunno, like I have guardian angels or some...
One of the drawbacks for me with the way Zillow imports data from MLS is my name needs to be first on the listing. I really prefer my team member's name to be first so he or she can directly manage the buyer calls. However, with my name first in MLS, I get hit with all the drama, spammers, can-I-...

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