helping agents create loyal clients: What is Your #1 Marketing Tool? - 11/03/08 12:59 PM
The answer should be Email.  Why?  Because Sellers and Buyers want someone they can trust and Emails are great for building client loyalty and generating more referrals.  Who knows you better than your past clients?
Email marketing is something I rely upon for my repeat and referral business.  It's an amazing way to maximize your business.  Many Real Estate Professionals just do not excel in this area.  Typically, it’s due to purchasing software that is too complicated to use, trying the wrong approach, or they just aren’t sure how to get started.
Truth is, it does not have to be that way.  When … (23 comments)

helping agents create loyal clients: Improve Your Rainmaking - 10/21/08 01:29 PM
Improve Your Rainmaking
Do you have the exceptional ability to attract loads of clients?  In such a highly competitive business compounded with a slumping housing market, there are lots of Realtors competing for the same clients. What separates top producers from average ones is the ability to generate clients with less time & effort and less money.
There are plenty of good marketing strategies that can help you produce clients. What's important though is you find ways to differentiate from competitors and get prospects to trust you quicker. For a prospect, selling or buying a home is their most important decision. You have … (21 comments)

helping agents create loyal clients: Testimonials... Ideas that Boost Sales - 10/10/08 04:23 PM
Testimonials... Ideas that Boost Sales
A Testimonial comes from a person that was happy with the level of service you provided.  They are not just happy, but so happy that they took the time to provide you with something that will help boost your business.  The testimonial shows other prospects how your business can do a better job than your competitor and establishes trust with your clients.

Here are a few ideas to get a testimonial that will "WOW" your next prospect:
Feature an Illustration - Unless you have professional photos, illustrations work just as well Use a … (9 comments)

helping agents create loyal clients: Become A Leader and Standout - 09/18/08 02:37 PM
Most top producing listing agents absolutely dominate a particular geographic area, which is typically referred to as their "Farming Area."  Though it is not unusual for the agent to "farm" or blanket this area through direct mail - they are more likely to become dominate listing agents because they are leaders.
Not quite like this leader... 

If the agent lives in a subdivision that has an organized condominium or homeowner's association, the agent is not just a participant in the association, they become the leader by running for the board of directors.  Become actively involved in the committees, events, and/or … (3 comments)

helping agents create loyal clients: Pre-Approvals for More Listings - 09/15/08 01:10 PM
In my previous posts of FSBO Marketing, I mentioned that providing pre-approvals would help obtain more listings.  How can a pre-approval help you obtain listings?  When a homeowner is considering selling their home, anything that adds security and peace of mind helps the decision-making process.  Is your competition adding value in the form of security and peace of mind?  If they are pre-approved for their next mortgage there is no doubt that they will be able to afford their next home if their present home sells.  This pre-approval also helps wed them to you as the listing agent on their transaction. … (9 comments)

helping agents create loyal clients: Use Synergy Partnerships to Leverage FSBO Synergy - 09/09/08 02:53 PM
In my last post I commented that the referrals you might receive from homeowners selling their homes themselves could actually far exceed the value of the listings missed out by not listing the home they are attempting to sell.  You are more likely to receive value from these referrals if you leverage your resources through a system.  Such a system for leveraging FSBO referral relationships would involve putting together packages of vendors for the homeowners in such a way that you are solidifying your own synergy partnerships.
Every real estate sales professional should have partner relationships comprised of vendors of the … (14 comments)

helping agents create loyal clients: Help Sell FSBOs - 09/05/08 12:08 PM
Well, for the past few posts I have written some fun things and did not go back to my series.  To be honest, I just overlooked the fact that I had just stopped in mid though.  Anyway, here is a link to the previous posts regarding 'Obtaining More Listings'.
The next stage of FSBO capture is to become one with the enemy (I know that sounds cheezy).  What I am suggesting here is that you need to help owners sell their homes - to a point.  If your FSBO approach is merely trying to overcome their objection regarding listing their home … (16 comments)

helping agents create loyal clients: Get Them Talking... Without Saying a Word - 08/26/08 05:22 AM
Most agents have one question on their minds: How can I spend less time prospecting and more time closing deals?  Prospecting costs you time and money, and to be honest, most agents just don't like doing it.
What is I told you there was a fun way to spend more time working and less time scrounging for work.  How would that impact you?  More money, less stress, fewer hours, higher quality of life...perhaps all of the above.  But is it really possible, and if so, how do you get there?  You get there through client referrals.  Now, I'm not talking about … (14 comments)

helping agents create loyal clients: Approaching Potential FSBOs Early - 08/22/08 09:21 AM
Good Afternoon Rainers!  This is the 4th part of my series.  You can always start reading at this point and still pick up a few tips.  Here is the link to all thus far if you want to go back and read the first 3 parts - Obtaining More Listings

The real estate market has changed, as you are all aware.  In the late 1990s we went through a period in which just about anyone could hang out a sign and sell a home.  Or that is what the average consumer thought.  With the proliferation of technology there arose a host of … (11 comments)

helping agents create loyal clients: How To Obtain More Listings - Part 3 - Value in Education - 08/18/08 02:34 PM
If you have not been following along - here are the other parts on How To Obtain More Listings
My last post spoke about the value of a unique offer.  The offer must add value rather than discounting your services in order to be unique.  There is one area in which we can always add value to the process and that is education.  Many homeowners do not understand the real estate sales process and educating them gives you several advantages. (quick note - Be careful not to give TOO MUCH information. That can work against you because the homeowner may become … (8 comments)

helping agents create loyal clients: How To Obtain More Listings - Part 2 - Make Your Offer Valuable - 08/18/08 02:06 PM
There are thousands of real estate agents out there looking for listings.  They all claim the same thing - that they will give owners great service (sounds like some mortgage guys/gals I know... what for that post shortly).  It becomes a challenge to differentiate yourself from the competition because of the large numbers of competing agents.  Actually, it is not as much of a challenge as it may seem.  How much of the competition seems to stand out from each other?  If you have not seen them before, Greg Nino from Houston, TX offers some excellent examples of what NOT to do … (10 comments)

helping agents create loyal clients: How to Obtain More Listings - Part 1 - 08/14/08 08:08 AM
Over the years of talking with agents, reading blogs, and just gathering tips from top producers, I have put together some basics of gathering listings.  I'll focus on attracting buyers in a future series.  I'm still gathering some data on that topic.
If you are a listing agent, you have learned the secret that top real estate agents have known for years.  Rather than focusing upon the selling side of the business, true top producers rely on listings for a majority of their real estate commissions.  It is possible to sell many more listings in a month than it is to show … (18 comments)

helping agents create loyal clients: Success with Open Houses - Final Installment - 08/05/08 01:30 PM
When I started the series of posts on the topic of Open Houses, I started with the number one key to sales - attitude.  Of course, there are other keys to being a successful sales person (such as planning and preparation), but one of the most important keys is listening.  It is no accident that the famous Xerox sales course was aptly named - The Art of Listening.
Well, if the key to sales is listening, then another key is to get the prospect to talk.  You do not get them to talk by talking yourself - you get them to … (7 comments)

helping agents create loyal clients: Success with Open Houses - Part 6 - Be Different - 08/02/08 07:32 PM
I am sure you have heard the term "value-added" a multitude of times with regard to sales.  The more value you add to the process, the more successful you will be in sales.  Open houses are no different in this regard.  The offer of value gets more people to the house and tends to help them become long-term customers.
Not that offering $10,000 off the selling price will not bring people in the door, but adding value really is a matter of giving something extra instead of discounting.  Besides, your extra traffic is more likely to be presented by those looking … (13 comments)

helping agents create loyal clients: Success with Open Houses - Part 5 - Get the Word Out - 07/31/08 05:00 AM
As usual, I have attached the previous 4 parts to this series.  I'd love to hear your feedback and your ideas.
Success with Open Houses Part 1 - Attitude Success with Open Houses Part 2 - Know the Goal Success with Open Houses Part 3 - Planning Success with Open Houses Part 4 - Preparation  
If you have read my previous posts and have followed along, the following should be true:  You have the right attitude.  You are fully prepared.  The material is set.  Your objections responses are ready.  The place looks great.  The stage is set for a … (10 comments)

helping agents create loyal clients: Success with Open Houses - Part 4 - Preparation - 07/29/08 10:59 AM
As always, I am attaching the links to the previous blogs - parts 1 to 3:
Success with Open Houses - Part 1 Success with Open Houses - Part 2 Success with Open Houses - Part 3 (Planning) As we learned in the last blog, it is important to hold the open house at the right time, on the right date, and in the right location for the circumstances.  It is also just as important not to facilitate a disaster once your guests arrive.
The owners - You have herad thie time and time again - make sure they are not present.  … (4 comments)

helping agents create loyal clients: Success with Open Houses - Part 3 - Planning is Key - 07/28/08 12:43 PM
Good Evening ActiveRainers!
I took this weekend off to celebrate my 10,000 points.  Okay not really.  I just have not posted anything new, but took some time to comment on other blogs.  As usual, I have attached the links to part 1 & 2 for your convenience.
Success with Open Houses - Part 1
Success with Open Houses - Part 2
This blog will be short and sweet.  I wanted to talk about planning your open house and addressing possible obstacles.  Many agents have found this to task to be more for 'the client', but if handled correctly can really be … (2 comments)

helping agents create loyal clients: Success with Open Houses - Part 2 - You can't arrive unless you know where you are going - 07/23/08 07:02 AM
Based on how I write my posts, this will probably end up being a 4 or 5 separate blogs.  As I mention in my previous series, I could try to sum it up in one log post, but no one would read them.  So, if I break it up into sections, the chances of someone reading the post and enjoying the post is greater.
If you have missed the first part, follow this link - Success with Open Houses Part 1.
Would you like to reap the benefits from an open house?  First you will have to determine what benefits are … (10 comments)

helping agents create loyal clients: Success with Open Houses - Part 1 - 07/22/08 05:19 AM
Before you read this blog and think I am sharing my success story, I want to clarify that I am actually writing about how to succeed with Open Houses.  Over the next few posts (not sure how many yet), I'll discuss some tips that help make Open Houses successful.  If you have a different opinion from what I am posting, please do share it with me. 
With my previous group of posts, I received a lot of feedback and truly appreciated reading all of them.  That's the purpose, right?  To share your thoughts and get feedback on scenarios, suggestions, marketing tips, etc.
If … (9 comments)

helping agents create loyal clients: Don't Forget the Magic Word... - 07/21/08 01:46 PM
Over the past few weeks I have blogged about Phone Conversations and Sales.  Not just phone sales, but sales in general.  Some material could have even applied to many other careers today.  For more information about my previous blogs, go to MY BLOGS.
I can think of no better way to end a series on sales than by asking to go back to our childhood.  I believe one area our society has forgotten is the feature of common courtesy.  We say we understand that we are there to serve our customers -- but do we show that appreciation outwardly?
After a … (5 comments)

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