photography: An Almost Wordless Wednesday: When what you do just isn't good enough - 09/01/10 07:21 PM
In any job or any activity we try to do the best we can.  But what happens when we mess up?
I love photography, looking through a lens and trying to capture just the right moment, or just the right scene. There are so many variables in choosing what is good, what is best or what we will settle for. Photography can teach this lesson, the lesson that things don't have to be perfect to be enjoyable or acceptable.
The picture here was supposed to be of a wild raspberry.  But as you can see the raspberry didn't turn out … (18 comments)

photography: An Almost Wordless Wednesday - 08/04/10 01:40 PM
I have never been able to not say anything on these Wordless Wednesday Blog Posts.  This time I am sharing a photo taken during my most recent trip to the most northwest part of the lower 48 states- Neah Bay in the state of Washington.


photography: Almost Wordless Wednesday Kathy Style #6 - 09/30/09 02:23 AM
Busy people often times rush through life without taking time to see the little things in life.  A quote by Throeau is on my desktop to remind me every day, "It is not what you look at that matters, but what you see". And this is what I saw one morning. I am reposting it here, as originially I put it on Rocket Moms, a group of Women Writers in their Photography Group.
Yesterday I got to San Diego about 9 am and it was foggy out. My daughter told me to look at something out the window, and here was … (24 comments)

photography: Almost Wordless Wednesday Kathy Style #5 - 09/22/09 06:54 PM
  I was making a Word Press Blog to practice some of the things I learned and found a great theme for Photos called Monotone.  Since the name of the Blog is called Sunset Art Works  of course I had to upload some Sunset Pictures.  This is one I got a real kick out of, and had fun with it on Twitter.  Hope you get a smile out of it.  Some things don't really need an explanation, and if you live in North County, San Diego you've probably seen it along Highway 101.


photography: An Almost Wordless Wednesday- Neighbors having their say CA style - 06/02/09 04:52 PM
Some people hem and haw when they have something to say, and some people just come right out and say what they mean.  We've gotten to be such a diverse society, and are expected to accept different groups, and different lifestyles....but there are times that no matter what...some people aren't wanted in the neighborhood.


photography: Almost Wordless Wednesday Kathy Style after Roadtrip - 04/29/09 09:18 AM
Apparently Wordless Wednesday is for something that tells it's own story, something that we can just look at and without anyone telling us anything get some sort of feeling.  Is this it?  I'm not sure since I never read the rules, but after just coming back from a trip to Oregon I had several Wordless moments.  There are places and times that just take our breath away with their beauty, mystic or sometimes something just feels right for that particular moment.  It can't be explained, and many times someone had to be there to truly grasp the experience.  There is so … (26 comments)

photography: Another almost Wordless Wednesday Kathy style - 04/15/09 05:54 AM
As I sit here typing these words I can see my China Berry Tree blowing in the wind.  If I look to the left I see the tree, if I look straight ahead I see my monitor.  What is the most important thing in the world to me, and do I spend enough time appreciating it? The key to everything is Balance...if we spend all day on the computer we miss some of the other things in life, the small things.......
If we spend all day with the fun things, and don't do the work we need to do again we miss out, … (20 comments)

photography: Learning how to play with photos, but need help :) - 03/26/09 03:22 PM
I love technology and photo programs even though I don't know how to use all the stuff in them.  I tried to do something new tonight, and Oops, it was supposed to be a Flash puzzle.  Looked good until I saved it. I got the HTML code and everything, but it didn't work.  I'm not sure as it saved as a jpg.  Not sure why, because I could see the HTML code, and on my program it said there were 2 images, but it saved as one.  I tried to save it as an HTML but that didn't work either.  I liked this puzzle and … (22 comments)

photography: Flickr: Who is looking at your Photos? - 12/30/08 02:57 PM
You just never know what may happen on the Internet.  I found this out when I received an email on Flickr about a photo I had uploaded the other day. The email said they found the photo (must have been because of the tags) and it was perfect for a story that they were writing, and could they use it. 

There was a link to the site with the story, which turned out to be a snippet of a story.  Regardless though, my photo did indeed fit with the theme, and so I agreed to let them use it.  … (39 comments)

photography: Blog Photos: How to use images from the Internet and not get sued - 11/13/08 09:46 AM
The other day I had an idea, and decided to open a Group where we could share some pictures with each other, and not have to worry about all the Copyright stuff. The Flickr Group is  called:  Foto Share Shop for Bloggers .  Any Active Rain Member, or other Blogger is welcome to join, and use the Photos in the Group for your Blogs. 

Each of these Photos, and more, are available for you to use if you are a Blogger.  They are available for WEB use, but the person who took the photo did not give permission to use … (81 comments)

photography: Monday Morning Gifts..........Stop and Smell the Roses - 09/22/08 05:00 AM
 I don't know about any of you but this Monday morning I don't feel like writing.  Reading yes, but just a little, as I spent so much time on the computer this week-end.  So today I am just sharing that proverbial "Stop and smell the Roses."

Nothing better for the day then to find something to enjoy.  For me it is always Photography, a child's laugh, or just time to sit and watch the world that is living around me every minute. 

photography: Monday Morning Gifts.....The Caterpillar Tree - 08/10/08 06:18 PM
Each Monday is a new start for our business's and our lives.  As Sunday winds down, I am reminded that Monday is a new beginning.  Life is full of new beginnings, and so many times if we've had a rough week that new beginning is just what we need.  Last week all of us on AR had 2 big things...the Land Rush and then the new Re-Blogging Feature. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a new week :)  So as one week ends another begins.........


photography: Monday Morning Gifts... Seagulls and Seals..... :) - 05/11/08 09:46 PM
Monday...Happy Monday....and for me today is very happy.  I get to play with my new camera, the one my daughter bought me for Mothers Day :) This was after I spent 2 days looking for one. There are so many's unbelievable.  I kept trying to remember the new camera Jeff Turner told us about, the one with the nice wide angle lens. I tried to remember, but I couldn't.
I remembered he said it took great pictures, and that was about it, and  that it was either a 23mm or a 28mm wide angle.....but even that I wasn't sure.  So you can imagine how hard it … (39 comments)

photography: Marketing Yourself....Holiday Gifts - 12/09/07 07:40 PM
Life is full of surprises, and it is full of the unexpected.  This is supposed to be the slow time in our Real Estate Market- the Holiday Season. This is supposed to be the time we spend more time with our family and friends....time to give thanks, and time to reflect and plan for the coming year.
While times are slower, and some people's financial situations might be a little uncertain, Nature has some Wonderful Gifts for all of us. If you need to give a gift......Photography can be a great gift.
Photos make great Holiday (or anytime) Gifts, and Great Marketing … (45 comments)

photography: Vacationing in Hawaii....New Friends and Photos - 12/03/07 07:35 PM
Vacations are a great thing, they revitalize us, and renew our energy. As a Broker it was hard to get everything organized in order to take off for a couple weeks, and by the time I left I was really ready for my annual vacation.  It still took me several days to just enjoy the time and not think of work, let alone wonder what to do with my time since I had no computer. 
Although I was having computer withdrawals I did have a great time in Hawaii. Most of you already know that I met up with Sally, Randy, and Linda. I … (48 comments)

photography: Meme...Real Estate with Intensity and Integrity - 07/21/07 04:06 PM
 Many agents come into this business for the money.....other than the education for the exam, what do they bring to be successful.  The that all we're made up of, our desire for a profit?
 I was Meme'd by Rey "Steak Dinner" Gallegos: Loan Officer Las Vegas, NV, and have been neglecting to get this done, so finally here it is. 
Here are the 5 things that come to mind, and all that have helped me not be a stastic when I started in this business, well, except for the cookies :)
1)  When I was younger I wanted to grow up to be … (19 comments)

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