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COUNTDOWN: 9 WEEKS UNTIL 2015 Are your answers to the following questions discouraging? The scary fact is that when you are forgotten,you lose listings and referrals. With only 9 weeks left of 2014 -NOW is the perfect time to take action. 1) How many of my clients do not know how much their home ...
Did you know: In New York it’s a legal requirement for a seller to disclose if a property under inspection is believedto be haunted by ghosts?Speaking of ghosts - your clients don't have to be things -er- ghosts of the past...Our FREE November webinars will help you get the most out of your Accel...
We’d like you to "meet" Tawd Frensley, our Marketing Director, next week. He’ll be granting unprecedented access to our winning strategy in a one-hour webinar.  Our reputation is in the details: Our customers produce 4.6 more transactions per year than their competitors.    The webinar will cover...
         94 Days Until 2016...MwahahahahaWe didn't mean to scare you.But seriously - the New Year will be here before you know it.Not sure how to nurture new relationships and strengthen your existing pipeline?We’'ve made it simple for you:20 Minutes a Day, PAYSIn the mood to learn something spoo...
Here are 4 reasons why having a CRM is extremely important to any real estate agent's business. There are MANY more- but we hope these will motivate you to hop on tomorrow's webinar, so you can spend a small amount of time investing into your business, to build momentum for 2015 (which is only 72...
Have you heard of Zillow Tech Connect? Zillow is now providing the ability for purchased leads to be automatically routed to the CRM of your choice. We are announcing that we have been added as one of the CRMs for Zillow Tech Connect. You can now connect your PropertyMinder CRM to Zillow, creatin...
MLS Searches Webinar isToday, October 16th3:00 PM PST/5:00 PM CST/6:00 PM EST REGISTER HERE      Three reasons why the MLS Searches webinar is worth your time. You can learn how you can get contacted for listings that are not even yours. Learn how our system brands you to every listing. You will ...
        How much does a pirate charge for body piercings?A Buccaneer.Speaking of bucks, –we're in the business of extracting more dubloons –- er, money - from your current database!2016 is 90 days away.What are you doing TODAY to map out FUTURE FORTUNES?Avast ye fortune hunters!We want you to do ...
Trust us: The time you invest in your contacts’ details will be worth it. Today's FREE Client Relationship Manager Webinar launches at 3 pm PST (4 pm CST, 6 pm EST)!  Just one hour this week, can save you dozens of hours next month. Each contact record will allow you to add Confidential Notes. Th...
      We’'re officially in the home stretch: The COUNTDOWN TO THE NEW YEAR has officially begun!NOW is the time to act on resolutions and prepare the pipeline. Why wait until December 31st? Incremental time and energy spent TODAY will pave the way to a successful tomorrow. Remember: “Baby steps” ...

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