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This market is a lot like deja vu.  It's happened before and it will happen again.  I mean when you go to the beach and you walk along the water's edge when the wave goes out you don't forget that it's going to come back.  You aren't shocked when your toes get wet.  It is the same with this marke...
This market has been truly wonderful.  In a down market it gets rid of all Realtors who are not serious.  It also gets rid of a lot of time wasters.  You simply can not last in this market if you are not purposeful, educated, and efficient. I do feel for the folks who are losing their homes it is...
Ladies and gentleman it is always a powerful thing when someone goes the extra mile for you.  I am a Realtor, and a handsome one at that.  When a client needs my help I go out of my way to help.  Which is why one of my client's needs me right now so I am jumping into the fray for my client.  Why ...
Milk Shakes.  I love them!  I have had many a milkshake and one of my favorite milkshake flavors is chocolate.  Many places make them, but a certain fast food chain with Golden arches makes one of my favorites.  I mean if you order their thick chocolaty milkshake you are transported away from you...
Just watched a pretty intense documentary about corporations.  To sum up in this documentary corporations were painted as these horrible entities simply leaching off the world and not able to do anything but destroy and build profits because of heir design.  I recommend it (it's called 'Corporati...
Never be lied to ever again! It is always upsetting when you hear headlines that speak about mortgage brokers, or real estate professionals that 'LIED' to their clients. I hate it for two reasons. One it is always unsettling to hear negative things said about your profession. Two, it is more upse...
Well Mr and Mrs For Sale By Owner, All this ruckus about the real estate market and then new mortgage hoops to jump through mean that right now there's a 5000% chance that you've improperly priced your home.  Oh yeah.  That means that your home that you are selling because the mortgage is too hig...
Everyone is very very frightened now with the changes in the mortgage industry and the news media with their constant egging on of the chicken Little's (help the sky is falling th world is ending...and all that blah blah blah).  The truth of the matter folks is that the world is not ending.  The ...
A Word about Scheduling.Scheduling is a God-send for me nowadays.  I utilize Top Producer and by paying close attention I'm able to keep up with all of my contacts and clients rather seemlessly.  I mean we should all have assistants, but in lieu of an assistant some sort of scheduling methodology...
Keep Folks in your Pipeline Sometimes we forget as Realtor's that it's all about our pipeline.  The bottom line is that we are not in the real estate business, we are in the contact and networking business.  I read a blog the other day where the Realtor asked a question along the lines of 'how lo...

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