sales tactics: Wishy-Washy Clients Wasting Your Time? - 07/20/11 05:16 AM
Some people just can’t keep an appointment. When you’re in a service-based business such as real estate or home staging, if you are dealing with The Wishy-Washy Client, you will receive voice mails full of excuses.
One day they might call to tell you they aren’t quite ready to have the house staged or for you to take your listing photos so they want to reschedule. Then when that appointment rolls around, they call saying they double booked and have a meeting with their lawyer, their child’s soccer game or a dentist appointment.
A client like this who schedules and reschedules … (4 comments)

sales tactics: Recession-era marketing for real estate agents - 12/02/09 05:05 AM
This recession has a bright spot. One of the things I really appreciate is that I'm not getting deluged with real estate agents' calendars for 2010. You know the kind, filled with stunning homes that only a millionaire could afford and imprinted with the agent's contact information. I got one from my mortgage broker but that was it. Thank goodness!
These calendars always go straight into the recycling bin and I've never understood why so many agents normally send them out.
If I've bought or sold a house with you, then a calendar is kind of an insulting gift. Kind … (10 comments)

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