I'm looking for Agents and Brokers who want to take their real estate business to over Six Figures, and build a Real Estate Business which can Finance their Retirement when it's all over!   This is not just for over 50+ agents but for any agent/broker who after receiving the facts can make a educated decision about where they are with their current production and brokerage.   You owe it to yourself and family to receive all you can with your RE Business and I have found the Mother Lode with EXP Realty.
I have heard all the Excuses.  Here are some of … (0 comments)

probate agent: "THE I.A.E.A" How It Changes the World of Probate Real Estate. - 01/23/17 02:18 PM
  What the IAEA does in regard to our interest (probate real estate investing and sales) is allow the executor of the estate to sell the property with limited court supervision and approving the sale. 
This is so powerful for us Probate Agents! 
The executor can file with the court through their attorney a request for authorization to administer the estate under the IAEA.  The Executor receives a document called the Letters of Testamentary (very important for title).  These letters authorize the title company to allow the executor, who is not on title to sign the grant deed over to the buyer when escrow is ready to close. 
     What does this … (0 comments)

probate agent: 7 Pendings (Probates/Trust) Going Into 2017 - 12/29/16 09:34 AM
Happy New Year!  Just want to spread the word what Probate/Trust Real Estate does for my business. We are rolling in 2017 with 7 Probate/Trust Pendings from the work we did in Nov/Dec this year.  If you haven't considered adding probate/trust Off Market Homes to your Real Estate you might do so.   This Niche keeps me in Grand Master Status with my local MLS Board,  TAN (Top Agent Network) Qualified (Top 20% of Agents SF Bay Area) and Multi Six Figure Earnings.  Maybe it's time to look into this for your biz.
GaryD Probate Team Pendings all Closing over the next 30 days. … (0 comments)

probate agent: ROLLING INTO 2017 WITH $2.50M 2016 PROBATE/TRUST LISTINGS AND PENDINGS - 12/26/16 09:29 AM
Happy Xmas to all and I really hope yours was as Great as ours.  The difference is this.  Have you been working Nov/Dec to set up your Jan 2017.  I have always worked hard during the last two months of the year so I would roll into the new year with biz closing in Jan.   when I use to take off most of the last two months of the year I would start over in Jan and not be closing until late Feb and March so 1/4 of the year gone by.  And I still found time off or a … (0 comments)

probate agent: PROBATES: End Of Year Promotion! Don't Miss Out! - 12/16/16 04:55 AM
Learning Probate Real Estate in today's world an fabricated markets could save your business. 
Hi, it's Gary D again, aka Mr. Probate and I want to open up to you a 1st Time promo we at the Diamond Farming Probate Real Estate System are offering to Agents and Investors like yourself. 
So you want to learn probates or are interested to learn more. 
For $199 You're going to receive a LIVE ONLINE TRAINING with Gary D SR detailing the 5 different income opportunities with Probate Real Estate. Here is a short video from Gary D explaining in a nutshell his 5 … (1 comments)

probate agent: PROBATE R/E: Why an Executor Would Take a Wholesale Offer - 11/28/16 09:30 AM
In my Probate Real Estate Business of the last 30+ years I have been often asked why would an Executor take a wholesale offer when they don't receive the money once escrow closes, so what is the motivation.  
This is a great question and makes sense to ask so let's try to answer this based on my experience.
As I track all new probate files weekly,  I always start my approach the same way.  I contact the estate and ask if they will be selling the estate property.  
I have several answers which keep coming up.  
"No we are not"  (what they really mean is Not right … (0 comments)

probate agent: Probate Real Estate Tracking: Part II - 11/27/16 08:07 AM
Probate Tracking Sheet...Where we find and keep all our Probate Real Estate pertinent information.. (Continued)... 
As a Probate Agent we will need to know whether the estate has a will.  The will gives the executor power to sell property, so we can find the info two ways in the file.  First, on the back of the "Petition to Probate", you will see a statement with boxes asking if the estate had a will or no will.  If there is a will, note it on your tracking sheet under Will Information.  You will concentrate your  "LEVEL 1" searches on property where the deceased has left … (0 comments)

probate agent: Probate Real Estate -- Assigning your Contract - 11/26/16 08:48 AM
Probate Real Estate is a unique niche I have been doing for 30 of my 40 years as a real estate agent in Northern California (Bay Area).  
As a Probate Agent I have represented both investors and end user buyers wanting to purchase wholesale probates and also representing estates who wanted to receive high retail and not just offers from investors.  
There is a science to both sides of this probatet transaction you must know. Up until about 2000, I was the only agent doing Probate Real Estate full time (as far as we know).  Today many more have joined the band wagon and I don't blame them as this is a golden opportunity … (0 comments)

probate agent: The Art of Probate Real Estate Tracking - 11/25/16 11:05 PM
- RESEARCHING THE FILE (Calif. Court Houses)
In each probate file, you will find a variety of forms pertaining to the probate real estate process.  Most of these forms don’t have the pertinent information we need.  If you concentrate only on what you are looking for and don’t try to understand every detail on every form, you will have an easier time learning the system and spend a lot less time researching files.  After you have searched through a few dozen files, you will begin to master the mechanics of probate real estate as a Probate Agent or Investor.
Now, under the old system, if you're researching online … (3 comments)

probate agent: PROBATE: How I made a 6% referral fee, WITHOUT being involved in the deal - 11/25/16 10:24 AM
So these days I'm all about saving time, delegating yet still earning good.
What I have been doing lately on a few deals is I refer the entire probate home to my Investor who is a Broker and buys and sells 10+ homes per month.  These are big players BUT the key is they are Brokers and if you grasp this in your business plus learn probate real estate so you have some inventory to do this and keep the entire fee then your business can soar.
Once I meet with an estate and evaluate what their need is, (Fast Retail Offer, Exposure on the MLS, or … (0 comments)

probate agent: PROBATE REAL ESTATE: "Right To Sell" Without A Listing - 11/25/16 06:47 AM
So another technique I use in my 30 year probate real estate business, is to have a 14 Day Pre-MLS agreement where I can bring the estate home to the market place with two weekends of open houses, test the market with a “As Is” price and “Fix Up” price then report back to the owner what the market is telling us.
This last Sunday my team held a home open in NorCal where we had been talking with the state for about 2 weeks on our program.  The probate home was in need of fix up and updating but it was in an … (0 comments)

probate agent: The 411 on Probate Appraisals ...What a Joke! - 11/23/16 10:15 AM
In California, as I mentioned there are two ways to sell real estate out of Probate. 
As a Probate Agent in California you must know all the rules and regulations if you are going to represent a buyer or seller so you can make it to a successful close.   This information is hard to find and I learned it all buy going to the School of Hard Knocks over the years (30+) and developing my system each time I sold or listed a probate.  Most of our fellow agents don't have a clue how Probate Real Estate works and even more so how you can make … (0 comments)

probate agent: Real Estate Agents, Brokers & Investors: The 411 on Probate Law - 11/21/16 10:35 PM

I have been involved in probate real estate investments (flipping, listing, and buying) for over 30 yrs and it’s been nothing short of a goldmine.
What I found out over this period of time is attorney’s don’t study probate law by itself, but one of the courses they take in law school. I have heard this comment over and over. Estate Attorneys do Family law which includes Probates, and most attorneys I have spoke with consider Wills their retirement funds.
What has amazed me about Probate Law is the fee the attorney receives. What caught my attention about this fee is that it's based on the gross assets … (3 comments)

probate agent: AGNETS & INVESTORS: FREE Online Probate Real Estate Training - 11/21/16 04:51 AM
Though the obvious answer would seem to be a steady flow of sales, the reality is something different. After all, a steady flow of sales is the result of a successful system of operation working, which only happens when the proper steps have been followed.
Agents & Investors Invited
Gary D aka "Mr. Probate" - Author of the Best Selling Book "Diamond Farming", 30yr Probate Real Estate Expert/Trainer, Re/Max Hall Of Fame Probate Agent & eXp Top Producer - explains the ins and outs of Probate Real Estate, sharing the information from his probate real estate system.
The TOP RATED … (0 comments)

probate agent: HOW TO FIND PROBATE REAL ESTATE LEADS - 09/08/16 02:55 PM
Probate Home Lead short Video
This is my son who heads up my probate lead researchers.  He manages 7 Counties and multiple researchers who bring us over 150 New Monthly Probate Cases with Real Estate,  that we use to market our services each week for Probate Homes for our Investors,  Landlord Clients and Retail Buyers.  We also solicit for Probate Home Listings.  I earn between 4 to 6% commission on these and have been averaging $1M per month in probate business in 2016.   This is a Niche 97% of Agents don't work!
I have been working probate homes since 1987 and today … (3 comments)

probate agent: WHY: Working with Probate Homes = Working with Motivated Sellers - 05/09/16 02:34 AM
Gary D will never retire he says,
he says,  he loves doing the deal to much ever to stop. 
Hey, whatever kicks up the dopamine and makes you happy right?
Well, this is a GREAT thing for people like you and me, see we get to take advantage of a WEALTH of probate real estate knowledge WANTING to share with us.  
With nearly 30 years laser focused on working homes in probate what Gary learned is that you can work less hours a week than typical agents, make the same if not more money than those 40-60 hour week agents AND the fight against … (0 comments)

probate agent: Catch The REPLY is your missed this FREE PROBATE CLASS - 05/02/16 09:06 AM
The 6 Figure Opportunity Earning with Probate Real Estate , It was GREAT!
We are working with new software so Gary D can get rid of slides and talk to you face to face.
"It's like Gary is teaching me Probate one on one. It's great, thanks Gary D"   - Roger Mendes, CA

probate agent: 5 WAYS GARYD "MR PROBATE" EARNS WITH PROBATE HOMES - 03/21/16 06:46 AM
Greetings Active Rain Real Estate Agents & Investors!
The link above is a great short video from GaryD "Mr Probate" on how he earns from probate homes, OFF MARKET and how he as been doing this for over 28 years.    Come listen to this Top Producing Agent (Grand Master Bay East, TAN (Top Agent Network Member) share with you a Nitch 95% of Real Estate Agents and Investors miss every year.

probate agent: PROBATE REAL ESTATE ONE ON ONE TRAINING 2016 UPDATE - 01/28/16 12:39 AM
We are completing our first month (4 sessions) of my new Probate Real Estate Training for Agents and Investors and it has been a wonderful experience for my students and myself.   We have taken 12 hours of personal mentor-ship, dialed in for the students game plan and market with probate homes all directed personally for them.   One On One with me to jump start their probate real estate business for 2016.  This was the kick off for those with the desire and confidence to invest in themselves for a Six Figure opportunity.
My next Sessions will be fined tuned again, streamlined … (0 comments)

probate agent: DO YOU EARN OVER $100K NET IN YEARLY COMMISSIONS - 01/26/16 12:42 AM
Happy New Year!   This is my first blog for 2016 as I have been very busy the last month closing out 2015 with $12 Million in closed home only production and carrying over $3M to 2016 business.  My real estate business produced $15M in production in 2015 and why I'm telling you this is because LESS THAN 10% OF MY  CLOSED BUSINESS CAME FROM THE MLS!
Yes, I want to hammer this home because most agents I know earn most of their income chasing sales on the MLS or pitching sellers for listings while competing with many agents for the same business. … (3 comments)

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