probate agent: SAVE your Investors Inspection Costs EVEN WHEN the deal is a NO GO - 07/22/15 08:08 AM
Since my business is based around selling probate homes to my investors off the MLS market, there are steps I take to insure I'm not wasting my investors money on deals which don't close.   We make many offers and they are always "as is" subject to inspections.  My inspection costs today is about $550 for Pest, Roof, Home and Sewer Lateral.  I always have these checked to make sure my investors purchase is sound.
So if I make 6 offers during the month for 2 of my investors the inspection costs would be roughly $1650 for each investor on the properties.  Since … (0 comments)

I'm really excited about one of my new partner agents who is taking the probate real estate niche by storm.     J.M has only been with me for about 3 months but I want to address what this probate niche can do for anyone who will take the time and make the effort to do something different than the traditional way of working as a real estate agent.  Compare to what you are doing today!
J.M contacted me from San Diego, Ca with interest in learning probate.  She was planning to move back to the Bay Area (San Francisco) and dive … (0 comments)

Greetings!   I will be hosting a luncheon on July 29th (12:30) in San Leandro, Ca for NorCal Real Estate Brokers/Agents to come and hear from the Owner/Founder of EXP Realty Mr Glen Sanford on the current Opportunity for Brokers and Agents with EXP Nationwide!  
Gary DiGrazia Sr (Mr Probate R/E)  will speak on the added benefit learning Probate Real Estate (Nationwide) and for local agents being a network agent/broker with him around the SF Bay Area.   This is your chance to … (0 comments)

probate agent: AGENT MOVES UP TO THE $1M AND UP PROBATE PROPERTY - 07/06/15 06:06 AM
My probate real estate business has been a blessing over the last 26 years.  This niche has kept me active and solvent when the real estate market crashed.  It allowed me to flourish regardless if a buyers or sellers market.   Heirs who are selling are a different seller.   It's not about every net dollar most of the time but of getting through this difficult emotional process and returning to normal life.   Full service is important along with compassion but the opportunities are many as again Top Dollar is not the most important factor as is Short Sales, pre-foreclosures … (0 comments)

probate agent: GARYD'S PROBATE CLUB MEETUP STREAMED ONLINE 6/25 7PM (PST) - 06/25/15 12:10 AM
Diamond Farming Probate System 2015 2nd Quarter Probate Club Meetup Live Streamed
This link above will connect you with the Live Stream if you can't attend personally. Click and go to EVENTS PAGE TOP MENU:  Lower right corner is the button to request stream. Won't be live till June 25th at 6:30pm. GD
Greetings!  I'm having my 2nd Quarter Probate Club Meetup for Agents and Investors Thurs 6/25 at 7pm (PST).  If you would like to attend online just click on the link above which will take you to my site event pages and sign-up.   The stream won't be live until 6:30pm … (0 comments)

For California (check you state (MLS) for the correct form if any)
Anyone who has access to WINFORMS there is a Probate Purchase Contract and support documents which are a little different than the regular C.A.R Purchase Offer.    The contract will address the probate process and it's a matter of clicking a box for which of the 2 ways to handle a probate sale will go with your offer.   
1.  Court Approval (confirmation) process
If your sale is being court confirmed (only about 1 out of 100 are these days) then you will check the boxes which apply to confirmations.  This includes when con't … (0 comments)

probate agent: FREE PROBATE AGENT TRAINING - 06/19/15 11:24 AM
Ok, Yes you read the title right.  I'm giving away my full course and monthly training for agents who want to add probate real estate to their production.  Many on active rain have become involved and kudos to you for making the effort to learn something new which can add Six Figures to your Real Estate Income.  I'm adding agents to my EXP Spsonorship Nationwide!  Take advantage Today!
FREE PROBATE R/E TRAINING:  here is the deal.  I'm looking for agents nationwide to join me at EXP Realty which I left ReMax and Hall of Fame status for after 13 years there.   … (3 comments)

In California part of the probate process under the Independent Administration of Estates Act (1987) has a requirement when selling the estate real estate to notify all heirs who have an interest in the real estate that the property has been sold, the price and terms and brings a two week period where those heirs can protest the sale.  This process will be required completed by your court  & title company before they can close and insure title.  If your outside of CA your State may have a similar process. 
If any heir protests the sale for any reason then the sale … (0 comments)

probate agent: WHO IS THE LONGEST RUNING PROBATE R/E MENTOR - 06/10/15 10:37 PM
This should help those of you who are thinking about Probate Real Estate either as an Agent or Investor – make the decision to learn a new niche. 
1. Does the Diamond Farming system only work in California?   No! Since 1992 we have sold “DF” systems in just about every State in the Country along with Canada and the UK. “DF” is based on California Probate Law, which happens to be one of the hardest States to do this type of investing under. It is a matter of learning the “DF” system, then once you know what your doing, adjusting to your area’s Probate procedure. Yes! It takes … (0 comments)

probate agent: $ 13K COMMISSION AND A GMC ENVOY SUV - 06/09/15 08:36 AM
So this is one of the Perks working in the probate real estate niche.  Over the past 26 years I have and ample opportunity to pick up cars, musical equipment, furniture and jewelry from the Estates selling the real estate I was assisting on.   Of course these are usually at bargain prices and just another added benefit of selling probate homes.
This current Jewel is a townhome I double ended on the Peninsula which the Estate needed to sell.  The Probate estate attorney whom I have a working relationship with called me to handle the property so I went to work.   This was … (2 comments)

probate agent: AGENTS! How To Add Probate Real Estate to Your Production - 05/29/15 09:33 AM
As more and more Active Rain Agents are getting involved with Probate Real Estate my plan of spreading the wealth Country wide is starting to take shape.   I will start blogging more about the process and what we do in California which as mentioned before is the hardest State with the most rules and two ways to probate so you must know what to do.  For those of you out of California you simple learn the Calif Process then adjust to your State once you know what the system is.  20 years of teaching agents and investors this method has … (0 comments)

probate agent: Examples of Profit Potential from Probate Real Estate - 05/28/15 02:22 PM
Property Profit Examples
In 1992, using my Diamond Farming Probate System, an investor I flipped a lot of property with and I earned $121,350 on 6 probate buy/sells within 18 months. 
These profits where not including my commissions, but I wanted to show what can be done as a Probate Agent.
You work with Investors buying and selling probates which I call my "Level 1" Probate Opportunity.
I have been explaining what I have been doing over the last 25 years with Probate Investing and these examples are just a few. 
These are some Level 1's we did and in following posts I will list Level … (0 comments)

probate agent: To WORK PROBATES, You need to know about the I.A.E.A - 05/26/15 10:38 AM
The I.A.E.A is the law which California enacted in 1987.  For my purposes (Probate Real Estate Investing) it is providing the opportunity to bypass all the red tape and handcuffs investors and buyers had to deal with when pursuing a probate home.    This act allowed us to by pass the court confirmation process, cut down the time to close, did away with the court appraisal, 90% rule and also the 10% deposit form the Buyer.  As a Probate Agent this was the only reason I dived into this niche and it was a well kept secret until about 1998 when others … (0 comments)

probate agent: If You're Looking For PROBATE REAL ESTATE LEADS --> - 05/22/15 12:34 PM

6 Counties All Included.
ONLY $97 per month
No Commitment! Stop when you want!
Learn More About Probate Real Estate Leads

probate agent: Looking At TRADITIONAL and NON TRADITIONAL Real Estate - 05/11/15 04:07 PM
With this my 41st Year as a Real Estate Agent I have been both a traditional and a non traditional agent. I don't judge anyone or preach my way is the best way.  I have just found my niche and today I enjoy a business which I think I can work way for many more years.   You do the math.
1. Cold Call 2. Farm  3. Buy Lead Services  4. Work Weekends  5. Open Houses  6. Long Hours  7. Work the MLS same homes every other agent works  8.  Taxi Buyers around to multiple Homes  9. Sell carpet and drapes … (4 comments)

probate agent: Next Time You Work a Probate, This is how Court Confirmations Work - 05/11/15 10:53 AM
California Probate Real Estate has two ways to sell the estate property.   The court confirmation process which has been around for many years which requires 10% deposits from the buyer, “As Is” purchases, 4-6 weeks just to be placed on the court calendar, the 90% rule which states the estate can’t sell the property for less than 90% of the court appraisal and also the sale must be confirmed in court by a judge with the possibility of others being able to bid for the property.   No wonder most investors and real estate agents look down on probate sales.   Why would any … (0 comments)

probate agent: KNOW THE FACTS about Probate Appraisals - 05/07/15 08:55 AM
In California, as I mentioned there are two ways to sell real estate out of Probate. 
As a Probate Agent in California you must know all the rules and regulations if you are going to represent a buyer or seller so you can make it to a successful close.   This information is hard to find and I learned it all buy going to the School of Hard Knocks over the years (25+) and developing my system each time I sold or listed a probate. 
Most of our fellow agents don't have a clue how Probate Real Estate works and even more so how … (0 comments)

probate agent: THE SECRET to 6 figures with Probate Real Estate - 05/06/15 01:58 PM
 Like: Home > Blogs > Gary DiGrazia, Sr. > Diamond Farming Probate Real Estate Systems Secrets to 6 Figures with Probate Real Estate  By Gary DiGrazia, Sr. Real Estate Agent with EXP Realty Email Short URL Share on facebook Share on google_plusone_share Share on linkedin Share on pinterest_share Share on twitter More Sharing Services Share:July 15, 2014 06:30 AMI've spent more than half my real estate career probate focused. I'm in my early 60's now and am slowing down my lifestyle a little. Stopping to smell the roses if you will, and with that come an opportunity for you.  Agent or … (1 comments)

Greetings!  Hope your business is fantastic!   Yes, I'm looking for 10 agents nationwide who I'm going to work with personally and will give them my complete 20 year old probate real estate system for FREE.  
Well there are several reasons!   And I will explain them to you if you are interested in working outside the box, creating a retirement program the best in the industry for Real Estate Agents and are a Doer not a fence sitter.
I now can work with any agent in most States (33 soon All) and help them through their first … (0 comments)

probate agent: R/E AGENTS: EARN FROM AGENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY! - 05/04/15 12:10 PM
Ok, this is a good one as I want to explain how I have been earning income from agents all over the Country when they close deals.   Yes!  They close and I earn.   Now my earnings aren't huge per deal but 3.5% of the gross commission is not to shabby and in my area this works out to an average of $350 per closing.  As far as I'm concerned this is Free Money because I do no work on the deal, I have no compliance issues, no time management or liability in the deal.   How does that sound!
Now imagine in 3 to … (0 comments)

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