alameda real estate: Short sale in Alameda CA --- still multiple offers at above list price - 02/09/14 04:28 PM
Although the market in my neck of the woods has rebounded considerably, some clients' properties have not recovered their market value at the peak. And as such,  yes, I'm still working with short sales.
California short sale homeowners get a tax break
Fortunately for California home sellers facing short sale...
"With the Franchise Tax Board’s clarification, underwater home sellers also are assured that they are not subject to state income tax liability, rescuing tens of thousands of distressed home sellers from California tax liability for debt written off by lenders in short sales."
Short sale process --- still s-l-o-w !

alameda real estate: Should short sale sellers care how they present property for sale? - 02/04/14 03:25 PM
Unattractive house, unattractive situation
I have seen short sale listings where it seemed the sellers have given up and didn't care what the property looked. Some sellers try to get money out of the situation and rent out the property to tenants who can be uncooperative, making it impossibe to show the property.
So it's a whammy for the buyer --- unattractive house, unattractive situation, unattractive terms, unattractive waiting period. 
Should short sale sellers care how they present the property for sale? 

My newest listing is a short sale....and we are on a critical deadline to get in … (5 comments)

alameda real estate: Where do we get leads for homes buyers and home sellers? - 01/24/14 02:50 PM
One of the things we learn as salespeople is that we can't depend on leads to be handed down to us, nor can we assume the leads we get are quality leads.Several real estate trainers like Brian Buffini ,  Joe Niego, Tom Ferry, Mike Ferry as well as motivational sales speakers like Zig Ziglar have taught us that we essentially create our own leads. First we identify the opportunities, then we cultivate and nurture those opportunities.In the last few years, I tracked sources of leads that turned into actual sales for me, and then later either as repeat clients and/or sources of referrals.
Traditional methods
When I was a newbie … (8 comments)

alameda real estate: Waterfront home for sale in Brittany Landing, Alameda CA - 01/22/14 11:06 AM

Life in Alameda.....wonderful duet opens to WATERFRONT. Fabulous home by San Francisco Bay Location: Brittany Landing in Harbor Bay Living in Alameda is quite a blessing. And to live in a home with direct access to the trail along San Francisco Bay....that's glorious!
Having an extra large patio where one can entertain outdoors, enjoy views of the Bay, commune with nature, or go on the trail especially with Alameda's ever-beautiful weather....that's joy!
Fabulous home with open plan that integrates indoorwith outdoor living areas. Exceptionally spacious living room with gas burning fireplace and wet bar. Superlative master bedroom with bath en suite, its … (5 comments)

alameda real estate: Seller was not in a hurry to sell....but buyer was in hurry to buy - 07/01/13 11:47 AM
Seller was not in a hurry...but buyers were
For this short sale listing, the seller was not quite in a hurry, but decided to go ahead and put her house on the market. She hoped she'd have a lot of time to prepare to move out.
Buyers wanted to submit their offers right away.
Activated the listing on Friday.
The seller went out of town for the weekend to have uninterrupted showings. Seller also chose not to have an offer date.
Held open house Sunday, and the broker's tour the following Tuesday.
By the end of the … (34 comments)

alameda real estate: Alameda CA Victorians --- wacky, blighted and sublime - 06/07/13 02:55 AM
Alameda CA has the highest number of Victorians per capita in the world, so it's always a delight driving around looking at some of this island's Victorian treasures.
We do have an Alameda Historical Society. And we even have a Guide to Residential Design. But I am not sure what can be done to ensure that the remaining Victorians are saved and preserved, or what standards should be followed and/or enforced to ensure Victorian design remains classic.
Oversized Fountain
Just one block from the heart of downtown, and around the corner from City Hall is this Victorian whose owner installed … (5 comments)

alameda real estate: The REO bank told contractor not to bother with getting permits - 06/06/13 04:18 PM
Our offer on a bank-owned property in our fabulous island city of Alameda CA was accepted. 
In the course of our buyer investigation period, we discovered that there was extensive work done, but the only permit pulled was for the roof.
So what was done and by whom?
We were surprised at how much work was actually done. Worse, it appears there was serious mold issues. The contractor selected by the REO bank, was also a mold inspector and remediator and he supposedly took care of this.
When asked where are the permits to the extensive work they did, the contractor's representative … (55 comments)

alameda real estate: Alameda County CA ---- what's happening in real estate? - 05/08/13 10:07 AM

Real estate truly is local.
The Marketing Department of Alain Pinel Realtors provides our REALTORS as many tools as we need to educate our clients. The easiest and most popular tools are charts like these. Take a look at what's happending in Alameda County, CA, since July 2012 through mid-May 2013.
Sales price going up Days on market shows properties are in contract in fewer days after they are listed for sale Price per square feet also on the upward trend Inventory still quite low, but showing an uptick as we approach summer  



alameda real estate: Should realtors "pull" a permit? Why is the permit history important? - 05/03/13 06:20 AM
"Pull a permit" is oft used in the wrong context. Realtors get copies of the permit history. We don't "pull" the permit. Or at least, we shouldn't.
Homeowners and contractors pull -- or request/apply for a permit.
When working with a buyer or seller, realtors are likely to check the permit history of the property for different reasons. As a listing agent, if I publish the permit history, it's to prove that certain work was done. Nonetheless, I still urge the other party to do their own due diligence and delve as deeply as they wish as part of their own … (5 comments)

alameda real estate: Alameda Point in Alameda CA: Future plans for development. Mixed-use? - 04/11/13 08:24 AM
What is Alameda Point?
Alameda Point used to be the home of Alameda Naval Station (NAS) .  This station, one of the largest and most complete naval stations in the world, closed in 1997. It was turned over to the city of Alameda in 2011. Most recently, the Navy received an additional $10 million in clean-up funds.
Since it closed, there have been numerous plans for what to do with this fabulous piece of real estate that is nearly one-third of the entire land mass of the island of Alameda CA. The Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) has a dedicated site … (2 comments)

alameda real estate: Floating homes a.k.a houseboats --- oh, the romance of this lifestyle! - 04/11/13 04:58 AM
There have been three popular movies where living on a houseboat, a.k.a. floating home was romanticized. Later, I learned that folks who live in these homes prefer to call them as "floating homes" since they are berthed all the time and do not move around on their own propulsion.
Growing up, I only knew about these homes as "house boats". And my only knowledge of them is what I saw in the movie "Houseboat" with Cary Grant and Sophia Loren. In the 70s, there was the "Foul Play" with Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn. In the 90s, "Sleepless in Seattle" with Meg … (1 comments)

alameda real estate: Year 2013: Is there overbidding when buying homes in Alameda CA? - 04/08/13 10:52 AM
Someone asked if there is overbidding in our little island town of Alameda CA so she would know what to expect year 2013.
Like most Bay area cities, we are seeing our share of overbidding.  However, we should be careful on how we characterize the market because it really depends on the pricing strategy of sellers and their listing agents.

Some sellers may think that because it is a sellers' market, that they can price as high as they want. As we know and as we've seen, price is still the primary factor that drives the sale. If the property … (2 comments)

alameda real estate: Bottom Line Publications: Common Errors on Real Estate Web Sites - 03/27/13 05:19 AM

Much as I love the presence of websites like Trulia and Zillow where I can enhance my listings, answer questions, even blog.....from time to time, I get inquiries from people who "found the listing on the internet".
Oftentimes, the listing is either sold/expired, or it's not even listed (as in the case of RealtyTrac posts). 
I love the opportunity to enlighten the folks who inquire, but I also hate disappointing them if the property they are really interested in is not available. 
And then there are those who seem surprised, and even upset, that the listing is not mine. So … (1 comments)

alameda real estate: Don't be surprised if property sells for more today than a year ago - 03/24/13 09:02 AM
List price: Too low? Too high?
It was a buyer's market in 2011. And yes, back then, buyers had more opportunities to negotiate lower offers, credits, and/or repairs.
But starting in 2012.....prices started improving. Buyers started getting off the fence.
And now, in's turned into a full-fledged seller's market. Even if our CMA shows recommends a certain list price, the final value is whatever the buyer is willing to pay.
Out of area agent
A realtor from out of the area has a listing at Alameda's The Willows condominium complex where I sold a property about a year … (3 comments)

alameda real estate: Alameda CA has largest number of Victorians per capita in the world - 03/21/13 03:35 PM
Did you know that.... Alameda has the largest number of Victorians, per capita, than any city in the world. San Francisco Business Times featured Alameda CA...and pointed out that Alameda
Has the largest number of Victorian homes per capita, than any city in the world Has the second highest number of boat slips per capita of any city in the world, after Marina Del Rey Home to the oldest operating municipal electric system in California. Focusing on the subject of Victorians....
San Francisco is also famous for its many gorgeous Painted Ladies gracing the City. And to think that at … (5 comments)

alameda real estate: A very persuasive buyer during a seller’s market - 01/06/13 12:49 PM
A very persuasive buyer during a seller’s market
Years ago, I represented home buyers who, like the others, were constantly encountering multiple bidding situations, and then getting outbid.
My clients were relocating to Alameda CA and needed to be near a marina where they planned to dock their boat. That was one of their criteria among other things.
Marina Cove near the marinas
I knew of one such development that would be ideal for their needs: Marina Cove near both Fortman and Grand Marinas. We just lost a bid on one house that they liked. And there was not another one for sale.  

alameda real estate: “Home staging is a racket.” - 12/17/12 02:25 PM
“Home staging is a racket.”During a party, and among people who know that I am a REALTOR, I was asked how’s the market. Typical and most-often asked question. I responded that the market is picking up, and that we’re encountering multiple offers at over list price. However, that success still depends on price and how the property is presented, and that in many cases, home staging makes the difference.
At which point one of the guests remarked “Home staging is a racket.”Generally, people have little knowledge of how staging works, how much it would cost, and how much value it … (5 comments)

alameda real estate: Holding an open house is an opportunity to showcase Alameda CA - 12/02/12 01:30 PM
Holding an open house is an opportunity to showcase Alameda CAToday, I held an open house at my listing on 7 Rutland, Alameda CA. The forecast was rain...but happily, the sun came out and smiled.It was surprising to have so many people come today. Fortunately, most of them were friendly so I was able to strike up conversations.One gentleman drove in from Lafayette CA who said he likes to take his dogs for a walk along the beach, and thought that he may even consider moving here but he has to talk his wife into it.Alameda CA is my favorite topic. … (4 comments)

alameda real estate: Alameda CA. Feeling BEACHY? Looking for beach front condo? Here it is! - 08/10/12 03:16 PM

alameda real estate: Can't take your own listing photo in Alameda CA? Hire a photographer! - 07/22/12 11:09 AM
If you can’t take a picture of your listing in Alameda CA, hire a photographerBut don’t copy someone else’s.An out-of-city agent listed a beach front condo in Alameda CA. Good for her. She had it staged. Good for the owner.And she posted several photos. Another good move. Except....That agent found a beach photo she liked but didn’t take, and used it as the primary photo of her listing.Bad move.  
Because a local agent, moi, took that picture. I keep up with local listings and saw this listing that used MY photo. As a matter of fact, if someone finds this … (5 comments)

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