dont trust nar: NAR's Lawrence Yun Predicted in 05 "close to zero" chance of a price drop. - 11/29/07 08:59 AM
If a prognosticator expects us to listen to their fortune telling predictions, they should be held to their past predictions.
Over at the Bubble Meter, he uncovered a quote from NVAR's website where Lawrence Yun in 2005 said that there was "close to zero" chance for a price decline in DC.
Why do I bring this up?
1) I question whether Yun or NAR could be held liable for such claims. If a JP Morgan analyst said something like this about a stock, there would be a class action lawsuit against them if they were not only wrong, but so far off. 
2) I … (18 comments)

dont trust nar: NAR launches "Buy Now/Sell Now" Campaign. No Joke - 01/12/07 02:54 AM
I thought it was bad enough when NAR launched their print ad telling people to "Buy or Sell". Talk about it here: Can you trust your Realtor? New NAR ad reviewed.Now they just launch a TV campaign to "Buy Now/Sell Now".Dear Ms. Combs (NAR Pres), can I suggest a new focus for NAR? It will help everyone in the long run and help the deteriorating Realtor image.Have a campaign around: "Is Buying Right for You, Right Now?"Here is the email sent to Realtors today:The link goes to a page showing a family and reasons for it being a "Good Time to … (7 comments)

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