real estate crm: Realvolve Real Estate CRM Review - Part 3 - 11/15/15 10:58 PM
It turned out to be quite long but hey, if you’re doing your due diligence. this should help a lot.

real estate crm: Top Producer Real Estate CRM Review - Part 3 - 11/10/15 11:25 PM


real estate crm: Top Producer Real Estate CRM Review - Part 2 - 11/10/15 11:24 PM


real estate crm: Top Producer Real Estate CRM Review - Part 1 - 11/10/15 11:21 PM


real estate crm: Realvolve Real Estate CRM Review - Part 2 - 11/10/15 11:01 PM
Realvolve Real estate CRM Review – Part Two – Yesterday was Part One and here’s part two. Part Three should be coming tomorrow. I’ll post it here.

real estate crm: Realvolve Real Estate CRM Review - Part One - 11/10/15 06:37 AM
I got started on this one and it just kept getting longer. What can I say - I really like talking about Realvolve. So I'm sorry it's so long but hopefully it will be worth it.  

real estate crm: Real Estate CRM Reviews - 06/09/15 04:03 AM
Real Estate CRM reviews by other agents or by industry experts can be tricky. It’s best to bear in mind that they are opinions, not facts. One of the larger CRM software sites has an article about the Ten Most Reviewed Real Estate CRMs. It does very well in the search engines so I don’t doubt that it gets pretty good traffic from agents.
I’m writing this to raise awareness so you think to question recommendations. In this case I have to question why nine out of the ten CRMs being reviewed are not made for real estate agents. Although my personal … (2 comments)

real estate crm: Do you use the property/transaction section in your CRM? - 12/11/13 06:16 AM
Do you use your CRM for just contact related things, or do you also use the Property/Transaction section? There are many benefits to it so if you don’t already, you should consider using it.
It always amazes me how few people do. And far less use transaction management plans.  Most people think of these types of plans as being comprised of tasks that their office transaction coordinator or attorney, or title company or you name it, does. But what I mean by these plans encompass all of those tasks that they do, but then all the rest of the things you … (2 comments)

real estate crm: Before you buy a CRM, Consider the following: Part 3 - 10/28/13 11:27 PM
Things that will take time:
Start with the contacts. Make sure all of them have a first and last name and at least an e-mail address or phone number. Optimally each contact with whom you have done or hope to do business with should have a source (Homes and Living, not ad call; a referral name if applicable, a company name (use the pick list/drop down); a physical address; a note that will jog your memory about who this person is and what you talked about, keeping in mind to use key words that you will be able to search … (0 comments)

real estate crm: IXACTContact now officially offers team capability! - 08/03/13 06:25 AM
A great product just keeps getting better. You were always able to use one logon for several people, but you had to share everything including the calendar. That's fine for some small teams but not for others. Now you have a choice. Below are features that have been added.
For a specially negotiated 60 day free trial - click here.
IXACT Contact® – Teams Feature List
Calendar and task list for each team member Visibility to other team member’s calendar and task list (if authorized by team owner) Private appointments and tasks hidden from other team members Ability to create … (0 comments)

real estate crm: Busy month! Now affiliated with Tribus CRM! - 07/31/13 01:18 AM
I was a little behind and am now catching up. I have been wanting to affiliate with several companies for a while now and this is one of them.
Tribus CRM is great for a large team or brokerage. Their target market is for users doin gover $10 million in volume. I've spoken at great length with the CEO's and developers of the vast majority of the Real Estate CRMs on the market. Most of them have someone in the organization who has spent at least some time as a real estate agent. One of the two principals of this one has been a broker/owner … (0 comments)

real estate crm: Best Practices - Adding Contacts to Your CRM - Part Three - 03/24/13 01:28 AM
Different CRMs call them different things. Category, Contact Type, Classification, Group, etc. It is a field that identifies what that person’s relationship is to you. Buyer-Past, Seller-Active, Gold Partner, Title Rep, Mortgage Processor, etc. For you to truly interact with your database in an expedient, accurate, and profitable manner, being able to categorize your contacts is at the core of what you are trying to accomplish. Your CRM should at least have the ability to add as many categories as you choose, and be able to include a contact in as many categories as you need. 
Optimally there would be another … (4 comments)

real estate crm: Best Practices - Adding Contacts to Your CRM - Part Two - 03/24/13 01:21 AM
Just because your CRM’s contact screen has dozens of fields doesn’t mean you need to fill them all. That said, there are certain fields that you should always strive to complete in order to build a core database with actionable information. Rarely will you be able to get all the information at once, but you need to keep working at it until you do. Following are the fields that should be completed as soon as possible, and what you should put in them.
Without going into great detail, not having a name in every field can cause problems when doing searches, … (0 comments)

real estate crm: Best Practices- Adding Contacts to Your CRM - Part One - 03/24/13 01:09 AM
This first part of three is pretty basic, but may help some people. The next two parts are a little more meaty.
Adding Contacts to your CRM - Some suggestions when adding contacts. Part One of Three
If you have all your contacts on paper, start entering them according to the ideas suggested in this series. If you already have them in an electronic format, you have to import them. A common question is if you should clean them up in the old database first, or clean them up once you get them into the new CRM. By cleaning up, we … (4 comments)

real estate crm: Recorded CRM Webinar invitation - 02/18/13 10:01 PM
I am proud to invite you to a recorded Point2 Success Webinar I presented on Tuesday the 12th. The webinar is entitled "Tips to Better Use CRM's to Generate and Cultivate Leads".   You can view the recorded webinar by going to the link below. It is approximately 45 minutes in length and followed by participant's questions.    At the end of the  webinar a link will be provided to a Yardi eLearning tool which is also free with no obligation. In there is a review of six of my favorite CRMs entitled "Comparing CRM Tools to Find the Most Effective One for … (0 comments)

real estate crm: Exporting CRM Data – The rest of the story - 07/24/12 07:31 AM
A common misconception agents have about Real Estate CRMs is that some of them intentionally make it difficult to export your data. In interviews with over 30 Real Estate CRM developers, that does not ring true. It is true that some export more fields than others and some do it in more usable formats. However, how many different data fields your existing CRM will export is only half the equation. How many of those fields your new CRM will import is equally important and sooner or later you may decide to switch CRMs.
When you started in Real Estate, you did … (0 comments)

real estate crm: Not using all of your CRMs features. That's OK. - 02/21/12 11:22 PM
There is a common complaint with agents feeling that if they don’t use all the features of a CRM, that they are spending more money than they should for features they don’t use. Developers have to build a CRM to suit the needs of the many, so there will undoubtedly be features that not everyone wants. It’s one thing if all you want is an electronic Rolodex. If that’s the case then just use Outlook or Google and be done with it. But if you want other features, chances are you’re going to have to take a CRM that has what … (5 comments)

real estate crm: A Brief History of CRM & who will survive? - Part 2 - 02/09/12 12:18 AM
So what determines which CRMs will survive? There are certainly no hard and fast rules because there are far too many variables. Issues to take into account other than the obvious, “Is it a good CRM?” are:
How long have they been out of beta? (meaning when they finished testing and started selling it) How big is their user base? How many people are in the company? Are they part of a larger company that can support it for a while, or is it a mom and pop using personal funds? How is their support? While the length of time a … (1 comments)

real estate crm: Are you using your CRMs activity plans? - 02/02/12 04:49 AM
It's a shame so few people use their CRM for Transaction Management. Many agents use the CRMs activity plan/campaign/task series capability for following up with leads or for post closing follow-up. But very few understand the value of tracking your listings and closings with that same feature.
For those of you who have ever created a prioritized checklist of tasks for the day, you know what it feels like while you are burning through that list. It is so much easier and faster to complete your tasks for the day for a couple reasons. One is that you do not … (3 comments)

real estate crm: A Brief History of CRM & Who Will Survive? - Part 1 - 02/02/12 03:34 AM
Currently, there are about 40 Real Estate specific CRMs (Customer Relationship Managers) and they are surprisingly unique in many respects. Can the industry support them all? If not, how do you pick one that is most likely to survive?
Moving from one CRM to another is very costly in terms of loss of data and the investment of time in a new learning curve. If at all possible, you want to pick the right one the first time.
The very first Real Estate specific CRM was Howard Sanderson’s Howard & Friends in 1982. Around 1986, another came out called Real Estate … (5 comments)

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