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I have two dogs and they're just great. Anybody who owns a dog knows that they always have a great day and they never hold a grudge. You can learn a lot from your dog's optimism. Every time I grab my car keys, they think they're going out. Every time I open the refrigerator, they think they're go...
How true this is...  Thank you Robert!The New "F-word" As a consumer you need to do yourself a favor and STOP listening to the media! There isn't anything that will depress you faster than reading the paper or listening to the news. The word Foreclosure has been tossed around a little too much la...
On Sundays I usually get a Reality check as I do something that makes me ever so grateful for all that I have.  Regardless of how difficult my week has been, regardless of the problems at hand, I leave the place that puts it all in perspective with renewed appreciation for my own life.    What i...
How do you price properties in this market?    When a seller tells you:  "Make this property fly!" how exactly are you going to do that?   With absorption rates of 2 to 10 years in most of our markets, how exactly do you price property in order to sell it fast?    Say a property has been unsucce...
  If that was your original post from last year, you read the future!  That is exactly where we are today, below market value. Can you also tell us what the next phase will be?  And when we can expect it?  Pull out your crystal ball...we need encouragement now, TODAY!" My deepest thanks to Elkhar...
Waterway 3 & 4 BDR. CONDO/TOWNHOUSE - Sold Jan 1-Sept 25, 2008    CONDO/TOWNHOUSE Summary Statistics    High Low Average Median List Price: $975,000 $130,000 $408,311 $385,000 Sold Price: $957,000 $136,000 $370,057 $312,500     ADDRESS  Area  Total SQFT  DOM  LP  $/Total SQFT  SP  $/Total SQFT  ...
The Ads for Real Estate have had a dramatic "Make-over" lately.    "Hurry; this won't last long!" has been replaced with:   Priced at sacrifice level...   Seller must sacrifice...   Motivated Seller...   Seller will consider ALL offers...   Must sell...   Car in the garage goes with the house... ...
  This spring I had a short sale listing.  I had not one, but a total of four offers on the property ranging in price from $130,000 all the way to $155,000.   The $ 155,000 was a cash offer with absolutely NO contingencies, positioned to close in two weeks.  In spite of my best efforts - I was ca...
"Real Estate in Myrtle Beach NC" is a phrase I just started employing in my web optimization.  Myrtle Beach is located in SC, so why do I pay for web optimization of that erroneous phrase? A:  Because more people search the Internet for that erroneous phrase than for the correct one:  Real estate...
I wanted to continue with the Top Three Myths in the Top Ten seriesthat I will be blogging about to inform both customers and my colleagues about to help dispel some of the myths about credit. Improving and making the best of your credit rating has become increasingly important with the tighter l...


Myrtle Beach Real Estate
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