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Take moment now that we are in a forced pause and consider a few things. First, what was it like ages ago when there was no technology and life consisted of keeping the same hours as the sun i.e. from dawn till dusk and making that time count. There were no stores to visit to stock up on anything...
We are in a cause and effect mode mixed with mild-panic plus a learning curve to a subject we never really heeded but instead took two Tylenol or NyQuil and called it a day. We are all getting educated on this subject just like they would teach it in school only this is better. But there is more ...
Let me introduce to you this helpful family and their close cousins that will be eager to serve if you let them during these virus intrusion times. They remain at your beck and call, will work hard and do the job. Our part is to let them do so. Their hard work is undeniable as they leave in their...
Moderator: Well I will not welcome or thank you for this interview but instead will try to understand your point of view. So, what brings you this way? Why are you here? What do you want? How long will you be staying? You understand that you are not welcomed so let us begin this interview and end...
Checkers requires quick action followed by a re-action which in turn is re-turned by the other player. In playing, it is a close cousin of Tic Tac Toe. At some point in the game, the chance to win leans one way or the other and the players know it. By contrast, chess requires being more thought o...
This is a reminder to get hold of your self and keep it even in the midst of testing and refinement as it applies to all endeavors, efforts, planning and progress. Everything has a beginning and it is wise to seek out that source as it will provide direction as to what is to come and what to do a...
I remember when I volunteered to help out a friend who ran a successful radio program back in the 80's and played the role of a producer, call-in screener, announcer, marketer and subject prep person. I knew nothing about broadcasting, radio, recordings, sound and so much more but I was going to ...

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