Expired Listings, Real Estate Marketing, and the Zen of Success

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More leads, listings, and commissions... while having fun in the real estate business. About expired listings, open houses, marketing, communication, advertising and the zen of success.



There are only three reasons why sellers don't list with you: 1. They don't want to move 2. They can't sell 3. They don't want to do business with you There is nothing you can do to motivate someone. BUT if they don't like you or they don't trust you -- we can fix that! The secret? Change the way...
I know, this business sometimes sucks. It’s not complicated, BUT it's not EASY, either. Piles of stress, difficult transactions, overpriced listings, grueling hours, unrealistic sellers, dead deals...  A long LONG list of annoyances and irritations can squeeze you like soft orange until you have ...
I was sixteen, maybe seventeen, when it happened. My friends and I were riding on our favorite trail by the riverbank. Six big, beautiful horses, happy and eager to fly forward, loving the freedom. The air was full of summer; nothing but blue sky, majestic trees bathing their branches in the slow...
Brett from Texas sent me a note not that long ago. He was really frustrated with the business: "It sucks. Thinking about hanging it up. It may just be time to try something else." But you know, if he really wanted to just give up, he would have -- no need to write to me. So we went to work. Check...

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