jasen edwards: Favorite Clients Defined - 12/01/19 06:14 AM
Each Sunday morning, Jasen Edwards sends out an email along with a video.
And this was another thought-provoking Sunday morning read.
This week he was asking his coaching students to describe favorite clients along with a worksheet, which I skipped.
Thinking back, my favorite clients have not been easy peasy.  They were not the ones that bought and sold immediately. But they were usually exciting and fun to be around. 
My favorite and memorable clients ...
  They’ve been the ones with challenging needs. They took extremely more time to find a home or to sell their property.  There are a few buyers who have searched for a couple … (30 comments)

jasen edwards: How To Get Smart - 10/27/19 07:27 PM

The way to get smart is to try new things, new ideas, always learning from your mistakes.  
My Sunday mornings start with watching a video by my friend Jasen.
“Successful people know the only way we really learn is by doing - “which means we're going to screw something up along the way." Jasen Edwards 
Please don’t wait until everything is perfect to start doing. You can’t learn it all, you can’t take every class, read every RE article, absorb every word from gurus that you strive to emulate and also expect perfection.
It ain’t going to happen!
But you can have the confidence and a bit of chutzpah to try your … (20 comments)

jasen edwards: What If Your Stuff Was Deleted - 07/14/19 03:57 PM
   Every Sunday I look forward to an email from Jasen. This morning's message started with "What if one day you woke to discover your website was removed from Google's search index or, that your Instagram or Facebook page was taken down.''
You can read and listen here to Jasen Edward's What if...
My response back was:
Hello, my Sunday morning inspiration and stimulation. Love your message. Homeland vs. embassy!
I've always thought about something like this.
What if my print media went out of business?
What if my blog platform shut down?
What if my radio show went off the air?
What if 'for sale' … (12 comments)

jasen edwards: A Good Deed Never Goes Unpunished - 05/03/19 12:36 PM

This past Sunday Jasen Edwards was a guest on my radio show. He told us about a seller who removed an old rusted garage door opener but left a brand new one in the garage for the buyers. I thought that was a really nice thing to do...but...
We ran out of time
and I never heard how that was received.  So I checked in with Jasen and here was his response:
'Oh goodness, I forgot to tell you!
Well, the buyer let it sit there for three months then filed a complaint with TREC saying she was put in danger because she had to … (27 comments)

jasen edwards: We Ran Out Of Time - 05/02/19 07:21 PM
This past Sunday I had the pleasure of having a guest on my live radio show.
We had a great time talking about negotiations. 
 Toward the end of the show, Jasen  Edwards was describing one of his transactions ... when a seller removed an old rusty garage opener and left a brand new one, still in a box, in the garage. 
We ran out of time on the show and I didn't get to hear the outcome.
But I did get this lovely handwritten note and quote in the mail.
Thanks, Jason Edwards You were wonderful.

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